Rashidah GOES IN on Mandeecee’s Penis, Yandy is GAGGED – Love Hip Hop NY Reunion (watch)

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Love & Hip Hop NY Reunion Monday, April 8th at 8pm on VH1…

No tea no shade, I completely forgot that Love & Hip Hop New York had a reunion coming up. Chile, with those promos for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 floating around, who cares right? Though I did not watch LHHNY the entire season through, I’ve somewhat stayed in the loop through the rumor mill. We all know Mandeecees is currently incarcerated do to some legal issues. But did you know that he has “one of the smallest penises ever seen on a human being?” Well according Madea with red hair Rashidah, he does. Chile Rashidah tried to come for Miss Yandy on this reunion special. Catch these T’s

Love & Hip Hop NY Reunion Monday, April 8th at 8pm on VH1…

I don’t know. After watching this clip, I’m feeling some kind of way. This has actually got me looking at Mona a little sideways. Yandy is your girl and your mentee, yet you use the clip of her being dissed majorly as the lead promo for the reunion. Not to mention she is going through a world of emotions right now with her babies father being locked up. Hmmm I guess chile…

You can catch part 1 of the reunion on Monday, April 8th at 8pm on VH1…

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118 thoughts on “Rashidah GOES IN on Mandeecee’s Penis, Yandy is GAGGED – Love Hip Hop NY Reunion (watch)

  1. Kendra, Charvon & Ha’zel… Exactly! One of y’all netted me my first hardy chuckle for the day. Thanks. :-) ….whoever said that she was too BiG to be tussling in da sheets wit’ him anyway. Lol… Word!

    BiG Red was wounded by his discounting their former “togetherness” to a mere tryst. Now she gotta go below the belt. No pun. So predictable of the egonic.

    Yandy is always a lady. A rare find these days. She even remained a lady when Chrissy wuz tryin’ to GET AT DAT ASS!

    Yandy, though it’s evident that you are HIGHLY astute, and I know in the midst of BEEF, reason is debilitated. But gosh our circle over here wished you had yelled out [during said you and Chrissy encounter], “…however I responded to Jim in that text was given to the rapport we’ve developed over the years. Clearly he’s made me comfortable with speaking openly with him.”

    That’s what we couldn’t understand in our camp. How was she THAT MAD at you and your opinions about his life, if he didn’t SHARE key points about his life with you?

    Most chicks are jelly over who they man effed or possibly effed or a potential eff…it’s those PLATONIC connections they need to REALLY concern themselves with. In the platonicsphere is where he REVEALS his true inner self.

  2. Ronald Mcduck.. Girl bye you was out of order for messing wiith deces anyway you like 7ft 1000 and he come to yo belly button.. now dont get me wrong I am a tall woman.. But My men friends have to be 6’3 or better.. you just played yoself.. cuz his peepee might be small but he “HAD” U.. what typical Duck behavior..

  3. hey,Ronald (Rasheda) maybe your pocket book (cooch)is a lil bit stretched out!!!!!!!did ya ever think of that…i’m so glad Yandy kept it classy , BUT she should have said that to her ugly ass!!!!

  4. I am watching this now and Mona is just as ratched as the cast. The way she talks to these women blows my mind. Maybe she should invest more money in a higher caliber cast and she would not have to discipline like Dolemite. Can anybody on this train wreck have a conversation without saying fck, pssy, mfer or any other term thats going to be censored?

  5. my gagg was when she wanted yandy to back her up by saying right yandy? look biggest red riding hood it’s easy to say his d*** little knowing you was slobbing all over it now you trying to shame yandy you pinky porn star reject!!!

    • His penis wasn’t small when she was fucking and sucking it and I’m sure she’s done it with him more than once, she didn’t think it was small then. She messed with him back when he was running around he wasn’t with Yandy then that’s the point. Yandy made big foot look stupid she played herself with that comment. She seem desperate for attention. Whack ass.

  6. Child as lame as that show is, even talk of the one with the weird name having a penis is still not worth watching!

  7. ROTFLMAO @ Yandi looking disgusted & shocked as though she didnt know Mendecees had a pinky peter!!! #Yandi’s face is hillarious!!! Chile, Im still weak laughing at Yandi’s face!!!!

  8. She is a hot ass mess. I would have told her so the fuck what. That’s my little ass dick bitch.

  9. The real show is the guy at the end of the clip. He was just like “NOOOO!!! THIS IS TOO MESSY!!!” lmao

  10. Smh. She’s disgusting. And, she’s too big to be tusslin’ in the sheets with that little fella anydamnway.

  11. hmmm…is he small or does she just have the black hole? Cheap shots. Hamburglar needs to have several seats


  13. This was not just shade, it was down right ugly and totally uncalled for. This did not make him look bad it made Ronald McDonald’s sister look like a pure dee FOOL. Her big ole ass could find nothing else to say, what a waste of time. Real women don’t speak of such in the presence of so called respectful company.

  14. That was classless and probably true given the look on Yandy’s face. First Rashidah denied having EVER been with him sexually and now she is putting his little thing on blast? Hmm… Well I guess the moral of the story is for dudes to quit bragging on who they have hit–esp if they are not working with anything. He put her out. She put him out. Fair trade.

  15. Omg….literally gagged at how Rasheeda gave that beautiful speech on, “Never Giving a Low Blow” and then immediately followed it with the lowest blow of the entire season of the show! She even got into ‘girlfriend honey chile mode’(tm) and looked at the panel as if they were gonna high-5 her at this point.
    Then she pulled a, “Yandy am I rite?!!”, type question on her as if Yandy was gonna say…Yeaaah chile that thing a baby carrot honey!! lol

    ….Yandy’s face = Absolutely Priceless.

    This reunion show will be reality gold.

    Mona done did it again.

  16. I beg to differ. That red mess does not look good on her. It looked way better on Riri. Rashidah is just messy. First on BBW now on L&HH. She needs to go away (and take Jen the Crybaby with her).

  17. Rashidah is a Petty Whore who loves drama. You said it right FD; she is Madea with a Red Wig on.. :P

  18. yeah she went toe to toe alright yandy don’t trip he could have said she had a dry box and the same gag would follow hating old ho!!!

  19. Suggested Reply: ” Not sure sweetie, as I haven’t seen as many penises as you CLEARLY have. But then who in this room HAS? I’m all for working walls.”

    Shade for shade.

    • Lmao. I don’t think Yandy could bounce back fast enough. She was caught totally off guard. But that woulda been the PERFECT comeback

  20. Suggested Reply: “Not sure sweetie, as I haven’t seen quite as many onesies as you clearly have. But then, who in this room HAS??? I’m all for working walls.”

    Shade for shade.

  21. Lol! Really, that was kinda of whack and really pointless! No one asked about his penis bc he mentioned her name! That seem a bit childish! He was talking about her behind her back then he is crazy in love with her! She is ugly on the inside to throw shots like that!

  22. That whole clip was wrong. Clearly she has no media training and Mona is only using Rashidah for dramatic purposes to hype that weak ass season of Love and Hip Hop…. Shame

  23. Rah, Please have a seat. I mean going for a man’s penis size is so cliche. #seat red, seat.

  24. Rah is fuckin hater…dont nobody want her Ronald McDonald bozo looking ass…and while she talking bout his dick she sure did fuck him tho

  25. I want to know why Funky Dineva hasn’t spilled Yandy’s tea yet. The world needs to know about Erika.

  26. my thing is if this was true about mendecees why didyou continue to sleep with him??? and on the show I must say yandy is one of the classiest women on reality tv because she said this is work this is business and we can discuss this later. not neces. in those words exactly but you get he idea.

  27. true, but “classy” and “love and hip hop” do not belong in the same sentence together! messy-ness is what makes this show thrive! all of them are messy as hell! Yandy was even messy last season! not so much this season tho!

  28. Furthermore the CLASSIEST way to deal with somebody saying disrespectful things is to make them look like the fool by not even responding to it. Going back and forth makes her look just as foolish

  29. @adeha.. what does having a man have to do with defending yourself against an unwarranted attack on your character? :/ she didnt start this MENDECEES did! do you even watch the show? lmao

  30. She’s a mess looks like she’s alittle jealous if you ask me! Bitch get that red ronald mcdonald weave off your head then talk! If she so called “has a man” why is she stooping down to low levels lol the bitch wants another round…tell her to slit her wrists Yandy and check her weave while she’s at it!

    • Haven’t seen the whole clip – has it been on yet? Maybe Yandy should have suggested that it wasn’t the size of Mendeecees’ penis, it was that Ronaldasue McDonald probably has a giant CAVE instead of a slick, smooth TUNNEL…and that Mendeecees, no matter how he tried, he could not find the sides, even with his fist. That might have shut that NMFFactor female down a moment. Ronaldasue needs to call Khadi Burruss and order a set of baseball-sized Kegel balls to walk around squeezing them inside her wall-less cave.

  31. She didn’t disrespect Yandy, she disrespected the dude who wants to marry her skank ass. Sad ho…..

  32. rasheeda is getting married! i.e. she has a man also! mendecees should have never even mentioned her name! especially ON CAMERA! he asked for it! *shrug*

  33. Rasheeda didn’t want to kick him while he was down? What did he say about her that made her come for him?

    I don’t blame Mona. She’s just a Black woman getting her cut in an industry that already builds people up and destroys them. She’s simply highlighting who these people really are.

  34. He’s free of all charges…but this was a pedophile case nothing to do with drugs. His ex’s daughter accused him of engaging in sexual activities with her while he n her mom were together. Out of respect 4 Yandy(I’m guessing), Mona didn’t air it out on the show but should of cuz this season succed

  35. That’s good for Mendeecees. He was disrespecting Rashidah AND Yandy by talking about how he FUCKED her, owed him money and how she was basically just a piece of ass. Those are not things you put on display in front of people (Winter) and the woman you claim you love and respect so much (Yandy). Lastly, please shut up about her red hair. She is a very beautiful woman and it looks good on her. When Rihanna came out with her “LOUD” album and was rockin’ that red hair, y’all were all over it and even spent your little checks at the hair salon getting your hair done like that. No one had a problem with it then, so now she looks like a clown/Ronald McDonald because she has red hair. Oh please! Please stop the bullshit…

    • Well Said!! Thank you he started this bullshit and she (Rashida) stayed quiet long enough!! and I love her hair as well not everybody can rock that must be why there mad!! Just Cuz you wouldn’t wear it doesn’t mean its ugly!! Ppl hate what they Dont understand!!

  36. Haven’t we all seen this before a dude say he fucked n the girl say his thang was little…(yawn)…Yandy face showed a women who is n disgust with how this lil girl is trying to play this elementary school game on live tv bitch swerve …

  37. I would have change her hair color from Ronald McDonald red to forehead white trying put somebody penis on blast it must not have been too small she slept with more than once…

    • Donkey. You right. I’m almost sure last summer I saw Rasheeda wearing those same fugly shoes in one of those dirty side shows behind the curtains of a sloppy cantina down in Cozumel, Mexico, working it with a donkey. The donkey kept slipping out.

  38. I would have ask her where is your man, and it was enough for my son to be here bitch.

  39. the look on Yandy’s face!! lol must habe been the truth! yandy couldnt even form words! lol

  40. Yandy should of snatched that big ass Pebbles wig and wore her out all across that stage! So not cool!

  41. This reunion is going to be hilarious. How do u feel about Rashidah Ms. Dineva

    • Exactly. Everyone is acting like Rashidah is wrong, but he shouldn’t have put their business out there. Esp when he knows he was working with a mini tool.

  42. Well I hope somebody got some pictures to send you so we can confirm or make big bird look Dum. Sorry she already did that with that hair.

  43. Great minds think alike! I was so taken aback with the clip and thought the same thing. On one episode Mona contacts Yandy to have like a big sister sit down concerning the Mendecees drama to make sure Yandy was ok. I have always thought Mona was shady but after seeing that scripted scene I gave Mona props for showing compassion.
    The above clip shows my initial feelings were right. Mona is a SHADY, money driven and ratings driven monster. We all know these shows are scripted and edited like hell before they hit the air. She could and should have not aired this. That Infusion of Ronald McDonald and Madea is a hot ass mess. I felt so sorry for Yandy she looked absolutely stuck. This was humiliatn at its finest. Yandy looked like she wanted to cry.

  44. If Mona was a true mentor then she would tell Yandy that drug dealers as boyfriends is not a good look. Honey if you want any kind of life go get a man with a real job and some sense in his head. Mendecess was to seconds from being recommended for special Ed. Please ladies don’t think being about that life is the only life you deserve. What really need to ask Mona is what did Rasheeda bring to this season anyway let’s not try to secure our job at the reunion special. I guess Jim and Crissy really was the show!

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