R&B Divas LA: Kelly Price’s FINISHED Monologue Show Worse Than 1st Grade Easter Play (watch)

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See, this is the type of Sh!t right here that I’m talking about.  I firmly believe Kelly Price has recently completed medical school and is about to start a career as a cardio vascular surgeon.  Every step Kelly Price has been making lately looks like career suicide.  I’m totally convinced that she is through with music and show business and is prepared to lay her career to rest.

Kelly Price, via editing (if you believe that), has displayed nothing less than a nasty spirit since R&B Divas LA premiered.  Quiet as it’s kept, The Doll had told y’all months ago that production was having major issues with Kelly and her attitude.  [R&B Divas L.A. Production Not going Well. Kelly Price Is To Blame. Production Won’t Work With Her ].  I expected things to be bad, but not this damn bad.  I can truly say, unless Kelly Price finds a way to cure world hunger, she will never get another red cent of my got damn money EVER!  No tea no shade, but judging by how much she CLEARLY likes to eat, I doubt she’ll be curing world hunger anytime soon.  Sometimes less is more.  In this instance, the less we would have known about Kelly, the more we would have liked her.  Kelly’s image is in such disrepair right now, that I don’t think any amount of singing can get her out of ‘the hole she’s dug.  To top things off, the whole premise of R&B Divas LA was for the ladies to put on this big ole monologue show.  And Kelly Price’s finished version is worse than one of those church skits that sister Debrah would make the children’s choir do at Easter!  Catch these T’s:

In addition to looking like a fool right alongside Kelly, Dawn is about to mess around and allow her loyalty to drag her a$$ right to the chitlin circuit where Kelly’s headed.  For some strange reason, Dawn thought it would be a good idea to attempt to speak on Kelly’s behalf, and attribute the ugliness we’ve seen in Kelly Price to editing.  My advice to Dawn: “Shut the hell up! You are not a publicist”.  If Kelly price is so booked, as she makes it a point to remind us on the show, then she should have enough coins to hire Olivia Pope to fix this scandal.  Here is what Dawn had to say:

“See, this is the thing; this is what’s hard. When you show a bunch a stuff, and you have all this footage, and then they just break it down to certain parts of it, and then they omit certain things that you did say, but they don’t put that part in there because they want you to look a certain way.  So this is why I was telling her, ‘Kelly, whatever we do, don’t react to people in an angry way, because they’re going to film that, and that’s what they’re gong to show.  They want to show us fighting against each other, they want to show anger, the angry Black woman, and you’re so much better than that.  Please hold your peace as much as you can, and don’t let these people take you off your greatness.  You are a queen – we don’t go there, don’t do it.’”

Chile Cheese, Dawn!  I love my friends, but I’m not going to ride on any bus headed into fire for any one of them, especially when it doesn’t have to be!I wonder what Fred has to say about Kelly’s finished product?  I wonder if Kelly’s director Torey produced this.  For his sake, I hope not!  I know Nicci Gilbert is glad she is out the hot seat and the light is on someone else.  I wish things had been different.  I sincerely wish I could go up for Kelly Price as opposed to going in on her, but I can’t, so I wont…

Gag on this! Who needs diet and exercise when you have graphic artist and airbrushing. Now they know they pulled it! They know good and got damn well somebody ain’t that damn small…


What are your thoughts on the Monologue show? What do you think about Dawn’s statement? Editing or Attitude?

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391 thoughts on “R&B Divas LA: Kelly Price’s FINISHED Monologue Show Worse Than 1st Grade Easter Play (watch)

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  2. Perhaps I should rewatch this while not also watching Iron Man 2, but I’m confused by what this was. Kelly seems to want us to know a whole lot about her…and is doing anything to get it out. Sadly, I don’t know if that’s working out for her.

  3. All I can say is the post office is always hiring, so are starbucks, target, walmart and any mall usa. “May I take your order” or “You want fries wit dat” should be in their vocabulary………………………….forever. stop acting, stop singing, stop being and please do the public a favor and stop doing.

  4. Chile. SMH A mess is better than this. I mean the curtains from somebody’s General Dollar Store. The makeup, the sound, the stage, the audience. Whew! It seemed too rehearsed. THEN I don’t know if anyone saw their AD but it read: ‘Not Your Moma Logues: This is not your moma’s stories, their ours!’ No KELLY PRICE for all your ‘TEAMS’ and your ‘PEOPLE’ yall can’t spell check??????? That should have been ‘they’re ours!’. SMH. A MESS FOR NO REASON.

      • @KP, I mean, “Anonymous”. . .not only was the ad written incorrectly, your reply was written incorrectly as well. You failed to capitalize the word Queen, add the apostrophe /s/ for ownership, and add the comma before the Miss Ebonics name (which is optional as the writer’s choice depending upon the voice being expressed).
        Whatever! As if you speak the Queen’s English correctly, Miss Ebonics.

  5. one thang, no one on thisshow has the magic in their voice like Kelly, I support Kelly cuz shante is a hating bitch and she stole or tried to take over kellys idea! u all are some dumb ass hating people to think Kelly has no right to feel how she feels!!!

    • Whoa whoa whoa, who speaks like that, oh yea someone with a low vocabulary… Be on Kelly’s side without making yourself look stupid and ignorant….#TeamChante BTW lol

      • Say it again, Bianca, don’t think she (aka: Kelly in disguise) heard ya’. No need for all the profanity and negativity in her comment. Someone sounds a bit bitter to me…

  6. this was a hot ass mess I loved the one with little mo and chantae and Claudette and michelle did it was fantastic I mean faboulous congrats to them but Kelly price lawd!!!! it was terrible !!!! just tore up from the floor up

  7. If this was just the Q and A after the actual show, than they are idiots for posting it after we saw what the other 4 women did on their show.

  8. I reaaly think that Kelly and Dawn’s attempt was subpar. It goes to show how things come out when you do things in spite. Kelly clearly said she had no time to do the Monologues with the other group. But somehow felt compelled to throw something together. The thing is, she could never be mad because she had the idea. She presented it and it took life, but somehow she was upset (that was not editing) when the group proceeded without her. Instead of being happy that her friend took the reigns because she was so “busy”, she had a temper tantrum and quit. I guess she wanted everyone to sit around and wait for her. She is very self important and wants minions (Dawn).. Sorry Kelly, you are not that good. If you havent noticed there are a lot of people in this world that can sing. I never had any opinion about any members of the LA cast prior to watching, but I can say after watching this season I would never buy or support anything Kelly Price does. She is a liar, bully, combattive, self important and mean spirited person. I’m just SO glad the other women came together in love and support for each other and accomplished a great production. The other ladies are real class.

    • Ok. Just like the other atl diva show was about the ladies making
      An album, I guess. Didn’t watch it. But the shows have to have a
      Theme or direction, ok keep following, so okay I suspect that maybe
      Kelly did bring the idea to the producers and they liked it and decided
      That maybe that would be the project that divas of LA would be focused
      On because after all they do need a topic, theme, reason to gel in 8 weeks. Okay
      So we all watched Kelly completely drag her ass about getting it put together.
      So do you really think the (Show) and the producers were gonna just waste
      Valuable time week to week with nothing getting done? No they weren’t. I
      Suspect they hired Fred and would never have duped the ladies my allowing
      Them to Be in such unproven hands as Torrey’s when they all have careers to
      Protect. I do not Blame the ladies for going with the professional. Kelly is a bully
      And got mad cuz they (the show) took the idea and completed the vision that she could
      Never have accomplished. Thank God the other ladies protected thier careers except
      For empty headed dawn because Kelly wanted them all to go down in fire. What a loser!

  9. SMDH!!! WTF was that. For the person that said that was a Q&A. You do know what Q&A means right? Did you hear anyone ask a damn question or for that matter did they even answer one. Stupid as all out doors. That was horrible. LiL Mo and the rest did a great job, I loved it. That mess right there needs to be burned. Kelly I HAD always liked you but I swear watching this show made me realize you are only a diva in your own eyes hun. Everything was all fine and well until they didn’t do things your way and you acted a fool. Tell you what that BS with you got your Tims, Vaseline and straight razor your big ass would have learn today what to really do with it. Cause see you don’t announce what you got, you come with it on and commence to beating that a$$.

  10. I do apologize but this nit your mamas monologues is horrible. The music is too loud over their voices and they are not entertaining. The Divalogues was entertaining from start to finish. It was inspiring and heart warming. I feel like I’m at the alter listening to a testimony rather than a monologue. Their stories do no thing for me. Kelly is messy and Dawn is just a follower. Kelly needs to get help and sit on someone’s couch and Dawn too. I applaud Fred because he did that and Torey stick to high school acts.

  11. The one the other 4 ladies did was so much better than this “that´s what friends are for” Gladys and Dionne @ The Horseshoe in Vegas moment these chicks are giving. Damn shame she let her ego fuck her over like that….and Dawn allowing herself to be fucked like that as well. The person who needed this more than anyone was Dawn´s ass..her rep in the biz is legendary..and not in a good way! Lil Mo had me on the floor when she said “let´s invite Cindy and Terry…The real En Vouge”.

  12. I tried watching this again just now and I just can´t!! I can´t waste 8 mins of my life that I´ll never get back on this bull. Kelly´s best bet is to go on Iyanla Fix My Life like everybody else and get her life! The only way she can try to resuscitate her career is doing a gospel album entitled “God, Only You Can Help Me!”

  13. Man I really use to like Kelly, she was just so nasty…If she would have apologized to Fred I would have forgave her…still no apology, for such disrespect. She still can sing but man, I just can’t see myself getting any of her music anymore. I do not support that kind of rudeness.

  14. Remember, the wizard edited the above video to make Kelly and Dawn look so stupid. I´m sorry, this wasn´t in the show, so it couldn´t have been edited to make them sound or look any other way than what is before our eyes. Now what? I´m glad that they didn´t show this last night, so we don´t have to hear that lame old line. Next thing you know, Nicci gon start asking new Divas, “Are you here for Nicci?”

  15. Wow!!!!!! People are going in on Kelly and Dawn after viewing this video clip with not realizing this was not the real monologues but the Q & A after the show. I say put a real clip up and then get a response. SMDH at people because they come up with their own conclusions after just watching a clip. I guess it shows that people would comment on anything because they are filled with hate. What does a person weight have to do with them on a reality show? I guess it shows that there are still some immature people in the world.

  16. I couldn´t even watch more than 4 mins…FAIL!! She needs to put those timberlands on and kick the sit outta that hot mess, use the vaseline to slid right outta there and use the straight edge to cut the electrical cords to stop that from being captured…

  17. It was trash, trash & more trash I enjoyed the Divas last night & was so glad that whoever did the editing for the show made sure we did not have to see Kelly & Dawn´s mess of a logue!!!!!! Kelly played herself BIG time like her BIG hips.

  18. That “show” is garbage! Kelly need to stop being so jealous of Chante and BEG them to let her be a part of the divalogues, cuz THAT ish was Hott!!! And Dawn need to stop swinging on Kelly saggy ass titties and get her OWN life!!

  19. Kelly Price and Dawn miss the boat, she didn´t realize that the whole thing was suppose to be about empowerment, not her empowerment over everybody else, that was pitiful compared to what I saw last night.

  20. The product shown on R&B Divas (Divalogues) was more put together then this…and I think Kelly’s “busy” schedule had something to do with it, it seemed to have been no rehearsals or preparation, tho Kelly brought the idea to the table, it seems if the ladies would have stayed on this sinking ship with them there would have been 6 women taking a cold dip, cause this was a Fail… There was no organization in what I just watched of the mamalogues… As for editing I do believe that reality is set up for drama, having all the ladies singing and skipping was never the plan and everyone knows that, the ladies had to know what they was signing for, and I think Kelly chose her role as the arrogant villain, because they can only edit what u give them, her attitude with Fred, her acting like she never heard about Fred when there is scenes where they clearly had a discussion about it, he flakiness for rehearsals and appearances she had to display that to give them something to work with… Kelly and Chante both have strong personalities so their was going to be some head butting eventually, the difference is when Chante leads she leads by example and allows the the ladies to get involved and following their leads as well… Kelly I believe she felt that she was the big sister putting them back on cause she some how she feel she doing better than the ladies and didn’t need this as much as they did, but She was wrong… Oh well, should be more humble

  21. For most of the people commenting on this where do you come from that it’s okay to take sometimes idea and run with it as if it were your own . Especially someone you called a friend that even brought your azz to it in the first place . To the one who wrote this ignorant azz column, may you too experience the same disrespect. Laughable……………..

    • I don’t think the idea was stolen from i believe she Kelly abandoned it due to her “busy” schedule. Just like she left the girls in Vegas out of nowhere. Kelly was upset that Chante picked up the slack since Kelly was so busy and couldn’t do. Chante was upfront about so I really don’t understand how the idea was stolen..

    • Nobody took Kelly’s idea. Kelly bought an idea and set a date and then provided ZERO direction for the ladies to follow. They didn’t want it to look like the pile of shit Kelly and Dawn have displayed, so they took matters into their own hands. Kelly in all her “busyness” should have been grateful someone else picked up her slack.

    • Are you serious smh Kelly Price didn’t bring them anywhere it was Faith n Nikki the same way Shaunie started the BBW but anyway yes Kelly did bring then the idea but she had no idea of how to pull it together obviously look at this crap with her n dawn horrible. She should’ve thought it about a little bit better

    • Her idea wasn’t stolen. She presented it to the group and stepped off. They kept the ball rolling, and instead of appreciating the fact that they stayed focused and began organizing while she was so “busy” she caught an attitude because she felt she was no longer in control. She wanted to run the show and expected them to not function in her absence. Her attitude and lack of gratitude were her downfall. And, all of that editing make me look bad crap is for the birds, too. Did they edit her taking timbs, a straight razor, and Vaseline out of your bag to fake threaten people into doing what she wanted? Nope. Kelly played herself.

      • Yesssssssss! You hit it right on the head! Kelly was her own worst enemy due to her super sized ego & wanting to be in control. Chante was up front with her about Fred. Kelly’s passive aggressive attitude towards the ladies was LAME! Grow up Kelly!

    • Let’s not forget where the name “Not ya mama’s monologues” came from. Chante said it during her birthday brunch at the table. So Kelly took the name and ran with it. Seems like Kelly is in to stealing too!

  22. For most of the people commenting on this where do you come from that it’s okay to take sometimes idea and run with it as if it were your own . Especially someone you called a friend that even brought your azz to it in the first place . To the one who wrote this ignorant azz column, may you too experience the same disrespect. Laughable……………..

    • It was her idea however, she stated that she was booked and couldn’t do it… in addition she asked for assistance never showed up for anything. Plz don’t get me wrong I’m the biggest Kelly fan… I bought all her albums posters and more… plan tickets to concerts in different states and all but Kelly really showed her ass on this show and I’m not on her side with this one. Kelly didn’t bring nothing but and idea to the table that she was never there for them wen she noticed it was going somewhere with or without her she fled. She really was mad cause she lost control of the situation

    • Seems like it worked out for the better in the end. I mean 6 divas sharing the same stage on a tour would be too many problems. Breaking it up into smaller groups makes sense. I don’t think Kelly is as underhanded as the show portrayed her. Seems like Kelly told all of the other divas about the monologue show, including the name of the show. The editing made it look like it was a surprise for Lil Mo but if I remember correctly Lil Mo asked the other women if they “heard” about Kelly’s show and half of the women were just silent, which indicates they had already heard something about it. Gossip and rumors spread fast and the advertisements for Kelly’s show was no secret.

    • Um…Anonymous, Will you please go on another blog where someone feels the same way as you….we’re not buying what you’re selling….

  23. Yall need to leave Kelly alone……this is reality TV a lot of stuff get edited……it was her idea and they was wrong for taking it and running with it

  24. OMG, That Not your mama’s monologuewas WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lool…. Kelly, you should of stuck with chante’s and lil mo’s,,

    • OMG…Chante, Lil Mo, Michele, and Claudette rocked the finale. I know Kelly and Dawn kicking themselves in the tush. The best monologue and mad kudos to Fred for his success in getting the ladies on the right path. They rocked it..better than this hot @zz mess.

  25. If anyone ever wondered what happened to the so-called “divas” careers, you can’t get any more proof than fake-ality television. Even though production does show all the bad, fighting, and degrading scenes for ratings; they wouldn’t have footage without the “divas” giving them something to show. From the outside looking in, I’m sure there is some truth to why record labels, producers, etc won’t work with the ladies anymore. The show is merely a plateau to what they already knew!

  26. An additional suggestion I believe it should be written like this – These aren’t stories of our mothers, they’re ours. For me I am disappointed in the show. I never thought they were Diva’s…..Diana Ross, Gladys, Patti, Cher, Tina…those are true Diva’s, but I showed my support. I even went to iTunes and downloaded their music…truly showing support….Kelly P., you should NOT have went on TV…you are a brat (and that is not the b word I really wanted to use), but my Mother taught me better….Peace !!

  27. I now see Kelly in a whole new light, not judging her at all but her attitude stink. To me she act like she is the only one who has had succeed and think she’s more important as well. Poor Dawn is she on some kinda of meds?

    • Please take you light and shine it on change coz she is a bigot! Kelly is nothing but generous and she meant well but these crazy run away with someone’s idea heifers did not stop. Kelly did not neglect this mission all this neglect stuff was editing; look at claudete she hardly came to the rehearsal and no one is mAd at her. Kelly was not going to abandon the monologues but change panicked and took matters into her own hands. She is a control freak. Seriously who runs away with someone’s idea? So wack!

      • it’s not that, it’s so much more…the main things is Kelly said ” I cannot do them as I do not have the time” so the others decided to move out….this was not true…she did them with Dawn. I hate seeing our sisters on TV not getting along….so sad

      • I don’t know what people are watching, this is not about an argument between Chante and Kelly. Kelly Price is angry because she wants the Kelly show and is a legend in her own mind. I used to love this woman and her music but she is ridiculous and would never buy or listen to anything of hers. When she came up with this idea and knew that she could not be there why didn’t she send “her people” to work with the women in her absence, she knew they were rehearsing. What were they supposed to do?Plus her rudeness with Fred was outrageous and could and should have been handled differently. The fact that she did her own show shows that she could have made time to be there with the other ladies and Dawn did not attend because she had to deal with fertility problems with her great guy she has know for 6 mos when this was an ongoing problem with her that she could have handled on her own time. Chante never said anything about them not showing up for rehearsals, she just got someone to work with them and Kelly wanted to bring someone in last minute and when they would not kiss her behind she quit and it is that simple.

  28. Most of you are unemployed and know nothing about work ethic. I support Kelly all the way! You do not runaway with someone’s idea. Change is too thirsty and she may have screwed up her career because no one in the industry likes working with people that are not loyal. Inside info for you!

    • Speaking of unemployed…who is “Change”? Why would you consider Change (whoever that is) thirsty? LOL!!! Work ethic would have made you reread your comment before you pressed post comment with yours. Support Kelly but negative comments that are confusing don’t help your cause or Kelly’s. (Laughing so hard!!!) Also, please be more specific with “who” this inside information is for? LOL!!!

      • Chante I meant to say. Kelly is right. I bet you do not have a job young lady. Probably work in some mall and do not know the industry. Go for your dinner break already! Lol

        • And you know the industry? I know that people steal in the industry all the time. I know of a specific case where a popular producer had a hit with someone else’s idea. The rule in the industry is if you don’t OWN it, it ain’t yours. The industry is not mad at Chante for honoring her commitment and putting on a good show. The industry is not here for Kelly putting on a testimony service that we can go see every Sunday. Kelly sings. I’m not Mad at her, but the production value of this is not great. She should have just done the show with the other ladies for unity’s sake, and then next season she could have explored her own thing.

    • You sound like kelly price. What does unemployment have to do with work ethics. And who is change? For the whole world to be Against he negativity and your for it then that just means your also a Negative nancy

    • You sound like a fool! How can you say the girls stole this from Kelly? Let Kelly tell it she’s so busy & booked up. Who brings about an idea, sets a date, but then goes M.I.A.?? Chante & Lil Mo met with Kelly and told her they met with a producer named Fred to get the ball rolling. Kelly didn’t call her “producer” until after she interrupted two rehearsals with Fred. For someone who really considered this their “masterpiece” she certainly left it hanging. She could’ve been called her “producer” had him meet with the ladies to start production and met with him in between her busy schedule. Therefore the ladies did not “steal” anything, she gave it away!

  29. 1. The whole problem is Kelly’s had a burr up her tail since Chante” broke out her Wonder Woman bathing suit in Vegas. Go back to the tape and look at Kelly’s response “Some of us ain’t able, that’s all I’m saying”. From that point on Kelly “took her ball and bat and stomped on home” like she was 9 with her hatin ass.

    2. GOd bless the dead, but Kelly is acting EXACTLY like Whitney did in her heyday. No shows, bizarre behavior, bad attitude. Kelly’s on that stuff I bet you anything. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    3.That ghetto strip-club show invitation as a title opening told me everything I needed to know about this farce of a show. This is like a kitchen-azz version of Mean Girls.

    Kelly, you reap what you sow. You pulled stunts twice on these girls, used them and did not apologize. I agree w/the person above about ” who do you think you are that these ladies are going to sit around for a show that you asked us to do, and wait until you come down from Mt. Zion with a script and director?’” Let me hand you a whole row of cabaret theater seats on that sis. Kelly is one of these people no one has ever said no to, and can’t stand being held accountable for her own trash.


    • Both of these ladies Kelly and Dawn have some screws loose in their heads. I had no idea that Kelly Price acted like the diva she thinks she is. She is so immature as she constantly states how she created the monologues and Chante stole the idea. Dummy, it’s all on tape. Everyone knows where the idea came from so why the temper tantrum? And I knew Dawn was coo-coo when she explored fertility methods with her boyfriend of 6 seconds. She has the lowest self esteem that I have witnessed in an entertainer. How the hell did she manage to be a part of two R&B groups and not be outed sooner? Truly the less we knew about these ladies, the better. Both have completely turned me off.

  31. I just cannot believe how badly Kelly Price showed her ass this season!! OMG!! She will never get another dime from me! And Dawn needs to have 10 seats! She cant seem to figure out of she’s coming or going! Ugh and I was silly enough to think that there would be little to no drama this season :/ Oh well, Chante, Mo, Claudette and Michell’e have 110% of my support!!!

  32. I wish I could write Kelly a lonnnnnggg letter about her behavior. I hope she gets some serious help because if that trick cant see how f’d up her attitude is, she has bigger issues than a train wreck of a monologue.

    • I agree, the thing that bothers me is the fact that Kelly seemed like a messy business woman in the beginning. You don’t leave your friends hanging when it comes to your charity and not call and tell them you are not going to show up at the event. This was messy from the start especially if the girls stepped in and controlled the situation (sang at her charity event for her sake) except DAWN. The monologue thing…the way I viewed it was that Chante and Lil Mo was trying to get things going when Kelly didn’t have her mess together in the beginning. When she brought the idea to the table she should have had her ducks in a row. So, therefore, she was lucky to have friends that had her back and of course she didn’t see it that way. And DAWN, that chick shouldn’t have been on the show she just didn’t fit into the equation. She can’t sing and was too chicken to do anything (tell it Lil Mo).

    • Too funny, this monologue was HORRIBLE I bet Chante, Lil Mo, Michele, and the other girl logue is way much better than that hot @zz mess. They both are DONE..Wow.

    • Oh my god! I couldn’t agree more. She needs to be the nice, quiet girl with the big voice. bad attitude, huge body do not mix. Humbleness is a lesson she should take….elephants are supposed to be nice.

  33. It hurt my heart to see Ms.Kelly Price act so mean. That isn’t what a Diva is, Diva’s lead with confidence and poise. They are humble and down to earth. Kelly Price clearly has some issues she hasn’t resolved in her life. You can’t bully people because they think differently than you. The ladies loved her idea and they were eager to make it happen, but Price gets mad because they didn’t do it her way. The director that she hired “Broadway in the Hood”…. REALLY. He was Amateurish at best it shows in this teaser..which should be buried deep in the earth!

  34. This is a terible production!!! Kelly has a beautiful voice, but I will never buy another CD of hers. She has a awful attitude. I couldn’t image having to work with her.

  35. On the photo Mo is bigger than Kelly! I 100 percent agree with the article! Kelly is a train wreck! Bully and out right Mean jealous spirit!

    • Well I didn’t want to watch it simply because I have no respect for Kelly and, from all of the replies, I wanted to see how horrible it actually turned out. But to my surprise, unfortunately, IMO it isn’t as horrible as most seem to think. I REEAALLLY wanted it to be bad because I no longer like KP but I can’t honestly say that it was. It was alright…it was what it was meant to be. But other than that, I have nothing nice to say about that chick.

  36. Wayment! Am I the only one to notice the promo image (which was also turned into a billboard) has a grammatical error? The image says “their,” but it should be “they’re!” I bet Fred wouldn’t have let that happen!

  37. WHY-WHY-WHY!?!?!?! That was just awful!!!! Kelly………..Boo-Boo………U just dug your own grave……..damn………..JUST SIT DOWN!!!!

  38. Kelly has a stank attitude and makes me wonder if she has a mental health concern. She is strange when it comes to dealing with opposition and people who have differing views or opinions. Most of all she seems to have a bad case of paranoia. I wish she had visited the therapist with the rest of the ladies.

  39. Kelly KILLED IT for me!!! I cant believe her Sirlion hips tried to carry my girl Lil Mo like that!!!! Lil Mo would have moped the floor with Kelly big ass!!! Kelly always talkin bout her dam schedule….. BITCH PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!! All you do is cook and eat up everything, im not understanding!!!! SMDH I am REALLY dissapointed in Kelly and the show cuz I would rather watch Mikki and Syleena argue ALL F”IN day than to watch that show!!! It was nOTHING likethe regular R&B Divas…

  40. Someone mentioned this is not the actual show, just the Q&A portion after the monologues. I´m not feeling KP after viewing the Diva´s, but y´all are so critical. That video was not bad.

  41. ROTFLMAO at these comments, I stated on Funky Dineva´s other post that this wasn´t the monologue, not sure why they keep posting this wanting you guys to think it was, bloggers don´t know anymore than the viewers who comment on their posts, I attended the actual show back in March, it was actually pretty good and they performed separately, they didn´t have any scenes together, this video clip here is the Q&A session that was done after the show was over!

  42. I was a huge fan of KP but since the airing of the show, she no longer deserves my respect. Her arrogance and entitlement was revealed and shed new light on who she really is. One less fan……

  43. Kp was an evil hating ass b!!! She couldnt hide the fact that she was insecure with all those beautiful women around her ..with those dump truck thighs, and horrible weave!!! I was so dissapointed in her.. this show did nothing for her career!! And poor Dawn look like her and her homeless looking bf look like they 2 heroin addics!!! NEXT !!! Kp is worse than Nilli G


    • when she does that it comes off as crazy not only that makes her look crazy after R/b divas i never would like to meet her

  44. I think you guys have said it all and some… I’ll just add, where da hell did they find those sorry ass curtains…?

  45. U said it right. That mess is a scandal. Wtf is that in the background aluminum foil? And Dawn? Chile lil mo already fixed her where the real members of envogue at?

  46. Pls tell me that was a joke to cause a stir? Poor Dawn tried to harmonize. Kelly knows she´s lying..@ “I like when you sing that song´ Dawn sounds like a shy cat slowing dying…(dying on the sly… :/ only she can pull that sound off)

  47. I just finished watching episode 6 and for Dawn to be the age she is(1) and want to talk about being a strong black woman(2) she STAY up kelly’s ass like a damn enema. I wouldve respected Dawn more when she said she was pulling out HAD she said it was for family reasons since her fertility issues are a big part of her story line. I THINK dawn wasn’t ready to express what has REALLY gone on in her life AND cynthia a.k.a lil’ mo( I wouldve never pegged her as a cynthia but hey what ev) said it best “she older than all of us put together if ANYONE ought to do a monologue it’s HER) and what the f–k was dawn talking about when she reffered to mo talking about “your god?” when mo was cussing her out(and rightly so) who does dawn worship…….maybe she needs to worship some Mayan indian fertility god. and where the HELL was Claudette? she is going to be so un-rememberable just like her career w/ City High…..and I KNOW i’m not the only one that went OH THAT”S who that is, when miss ortiz popped up on screen. anyway I digress, this so called monologue kelly and dawn performed looked like it was shown on the public access channel, the local one where the volume is always jacked up and they display the community calendar.

    • I had forgot about claudette until R/b divas city high only 2 hits tried to figure how did she get the casting she has talent but shes less known they shouldve gotten karyn white or cherelle wouldve made more sense.

    • You didn’t miss a damn thing. if it doesnt open here just look for it on youtube. furthermore I couldve sworn I literally heard ONE person clap.

    Dis play look like the pne at the community center in Vegas! If KELLY WASN’T SO BOOKED, she would have seen that dry ass version of Dreamgirls and HOPEFULLY changed her mind! IF KELLY EASNT SO BOOKED, she coulda put more effort into this “production” and prptected her Christian image! So moral of the story is “YOU AINT THAT BOOKED BOO BOO!” DON’T PULL IT!

  49. Thank you to the Creator for revealing Kelly price for who and what she really is…a hateful bitter controlling liar who uses The Lord as a cover for her true character. I normally don’t comment on blogs or anything for that matter, I don’t even have a Facebook account or twitter…but I have worked with Kelly Price and Tyler Perry before and it’s time they are exposed! I have never met two more miserable people! I mean horrible! And to do the things they do in the name of The Lord…it’s scary. Behind closed doors they are almost demonic. I am an actress who has found some success in this industry, I worked hard to make it only to have my name and reputation tarnished at the hands of these manipulative individuals. They will call you into a prayer circle just to humiliate you. If you shine at anything you do especially if its an opportunity they feel they’ve created be prepared to be dummied down or REPLACED! Also be ready to constantly kiss butt and suck up…just put on black face and jigga boo for them! It’s so sad the way they treated me and so many others, but I’m glad to see at least one of these dogs get their day! Kelly can’t hide the devil she really is, she is not smart enough. Maybe if she hadn’t pissed off the prince of evil himself he could have taught her more about being deceptive! Maybe she would have even had her opportunity to be great friends with Oprah. Whom I truly respect but still wonder how or why she would allow this demon in her company…but they say “the greatest trick the devil ever played is to convince the world he didn’t exsist” don’t be fooled people…it’s not the editing….that is who the hell she is but worse! I’ve worked with all the ladies on r&b divas Atlanta too (except keke) they are all beautiful strong women and I was devistated to see nicci gilbert behave that way but nicci is a very strong woman who felt betrayed because She Actually is the Creator of the R&B divas!!! Unlike Kelly (just someone getting an opportunity like everyone else) I know this for a fact! Salena and nicci are both worthy of blessings and peace, I pray their friendship can be repaired. But as for Kelly! She knows the Price of everything and the Value of NOTHING!

    Read more: http://singersroom.com/content/2013-08-08/RB-Divas-Weigh-In-On-Kelly-Price-Episode-Drama-It-Was-Messy/#ixzz2cZZkdGkR

  50. I know Fred, Lil Mo, & Chante somewhere ROTFLTAO @ this HOT ASS MESS!!! Chante knew this was as good as Torey´s work would get & opted for Fred!!! I was with Chante when she was in so many words said, “Im not doing shit that looks like a weekend high school produced play. I´ll take Fred who has several awards & accolades for being a top knotch director!!!!”

  51. I thought these were monologues…clearly there are two count them TWO people on stage engaging in catch this DIALOGUE!

  52. Pictures speak a thousands words. I guess it fortold us about the relationships on this show. Look how Dawn and Kelly are distant from the others. Also Dawn in middle of the “mess”

  53. PATHETIC, PURE FUCKERY, AND A SHAME BEFORE GOD!!! How da hell does Kelly even wipe her ass, let alone wash it? Her arms gotta be the length of Dr. J & Shaq combined just to reach that triple ass of hers!! As for Dawn, she’s with a White Man who has craters in his face and looks like he eats outta garbage cans. Dumb Beyoutch hates herself so much that she wants a mixed kid by a White Bum who she only knew for six months. Instead of going to be tested for infertility she should have tested Old Dude for hepatitis A thur Z, HIV with a hint of Herpes, and Head Lice! Dawn also should’ve had herself tested for a mental disorder.

    I’ve erased BBWMIAMI off my cue yesterday. I’m sick and tiered of watching these Bullshit shows!! The Dumd Hoe’s on these shows are fake, old, and tired. Oh and did I mention broke!!! Lets face it, if you’re willing to tell all your business to the world, than how can I trust you not to tell mines. Nuff said!

  54. It sounded as if there were 10 people in the audience during that fiasco of a performance, INCLUDING the piano player AND camera person. And speaking of the piano player, half of the time his playing drowned out whatever the hell the two of them were mumbling about. This was just AWFUL!

    I feel SO bad for Kelly, because she TRULY over-estimate her star power, over-played her position and NOW, made herself look like a complete jackass and bullying wildebeest for ALL of the world to see. And that short yellow bus riding, helmet-wearing, window-licking Dawn allowed herself to drink the Kool-Aid, and commit career suicide by following behind Kelly, and trying to make excuses for her crazy behavior.

    The next reality show that Kelly EVER appears on again, should be a “Celebrity Slugfest” with Nicci Gilbert from R&B Divas ATL. Now, I’d watch THAT show ALL DAY LONG! And throw an open-bar, “Divas-theme” viewing party. And tape it on the DVR. AND would run a betting spreadsheet so we could put some money on the fight, too!

  55. sidenote, its a very common thing for hateful, arrogant people to hide behind religion because then when you come for them they claim GOD and righteousness, its a big hot mess and I am falling for it

  56. This is some self serving bullshit.. and how is it a monologue when both of them are speaking and singing.. she needs to look that shit up next time and title it appropriately

  57. take Kelly, Dawn and that irritating Michel´le off and get some other artist who would be more than happy to be on a reality show making paper… I´m sure they would make the time Kelly and stop telling everyone how busy they are….. What you doin???

  58. If she is booked up she should have enough money to go buy some spanks to smooth out that triangle shelf booty or put in her contract do not fill me from behind.

  59. That was a sad hot ass mess! Let’s not for get low budget, the project gate with ghetto silver bed sheet! No mam those bishes were a mess.

  60. I’m going to need Delli Price to have several lunbar-supported seats!! I refuse to believe that this is what she had envisioned and Fred was able to bring this mess into fruition!!!

  61. And she needed a producer to pull THIS emotion out? Just be real Kelly, u felt Chantae had the nerve to book or hire a producer when it was your idea and project therefore you didn´t want to work with the man and gave him all kinds of hell because of it…. Also admit that you really brought those timberlands, Vaseline and straight edge for Chantae because you were determined to try to use your producer which also promotes him and give him a platform…. Since the beginning of this show Kelly has been dragging them girls around to basically work for her for free… In Vegas, they had to sing, at the showcase, they had to sing…. Kelly is not slick…. The other girls should have caught on wayyyyy before it got this far….

    • There was an interview Lil Mo gave, I think it was The Breakfast Club from a week ago. She said that it was actually the producers of the show that hired the director. Lil Mo said the ladies couldn’t understand why Kelly would refuse to work with someone VH-1 brought in. (Although I think he knew Chante’s manager?) After hearing that interview, I have an even lower opinion of how unprofessional Kelly is, it wasn’t personal with Chante or the director Fred, she just didn’t want to fulfill her job duties.

  62. Kelly has pissed me off so bad this season to the point I will never buy her music again but when I heard her rehearsing that song in the living room when she calls Torey last minute, I decided I will be downloading her music-ILLEGALLY! Cant deny she makes great music.

  63. They got the cheap ass shower curtain up there looking LOW BUDGET AS HELL. How the hell are these monologues when there are two of them sitting up there? It gotta be Torey directing this SHIT because he clearly didn’t know what he was talking about when him and Fred were in the rehearsal together. Chileeee I can’t this is MESS

  64. That was total garbage! Not only did it look amateur, but it was poorly scripted as well. No gawd miss Kelly. Dawn seemed like she didn’t belong. It was all very weird.

  65. Yo azz is krazy as hell, I was on the floor balling at your recap/opinion about Kelly & Dawn´s monologue show, unfortunately, the video clip that you posted was not the actual monogue footage, that was part of a one-on-one discussion that Kelly & Dawn did with the audience AFTER the their monologue show ended, I was there at the theatre back in March when they performed the show and it was actually pretty good, they did four segments each, interchanging back-n-forth, covering different aspects of their lives, you went in on them too soon without seeing the actual footage of the show….in terms of Kelly´s nasty attitude, I feel ya 100% on that one, some folks just shouldn´t do reality tv.

  66. Kelly punked out when Chante’ asked her about the timbs and vaseline, she needed to OWN that. Dawn on Kelly titty sack can’t think for herself, SLOW ass. Dineva can you please FEDEX Michel’e a few wigs hunty, her hair is laid like a wild bush that should be set a blaze. And yes Lil Mo let Dawn have it.

    • The media is a lie, Kelly big ass has never and will never have no gat damn coke bottle body. More like the Michilin man.

  67. Hey friend here are my thoughts:

    I’m not really a reality show person but I saw 15mins of this and I knew it was a bunch of mess!

    Kelly – (bully) it’s all about her and her world
    Dawn – (emotional mess) what really happened to En Vogue, shut up and get your coins
    Chante’ – ( Fiesty) around the way girl
    Lil’Mo – (hood girl) you don’t want to cross her, she’ll cut ya
    Claudette – (not sure? maybe the sensible one)
    Michel’le – (no back bone?) speak up sometime, call shit out!

  68. Unfortunately, this has always been Kelly’s attitude. I recall seeing her in DC during a pride concert many years ago and she looked VERY disgusted by all the gays in the crowd. The look on her face and her attitude was enough for me to stop supporting her after that. I’m glad the masses now see her for what she truly is. Maybe she should call her pastor Eddie Long for some guidance.

  69. I couldn’t even watch all of it, it is so boring. Kelly Price need to be thinking about a diet/exercise plan instead of this damn monologue.

  70. 1st WTF is up with the young & the restless love scene music in the background (playing way too loud). 2nd WTF is up with the “satin” sheet pinned up very ratchetly behind them. 3rd Kelly HOLD UP YOUR DAMN HEAD while you talk. 4th Dawn has got to be the dumbest person on freaking earth. Is she that desperate & gullible for a friend that she’ll follow them where ever they lead. 5th WTF are they wearing. Looking like they going grocery shopping (& not cause Kelly fat either). Too much playing. OOO Out Of Order!

  71. as always Dineva, your FB friends have me rolling in my seat with laughter. oh man, I kept getting bored with the “monologue” , I´m not sure either one of them have a clear understanding of how to present one. The silver shimmer-me shower curtain and the beginners piano lessons sounding music took me over the top, though. lolz

  72. Sooooo let me get this right… Kelly´s schedule would not allow her to do what could have been a great monologue with the rest of the girls but it did allow her to do this BS with weak a$$ Dawn?

    • Good Point. I was wondering the same myself. Kelly has become an evil bitter hateful lying spiteful vindictive jealous person.
      The bible says “come let us reason together” In case she forgot, the other scripture, “Follow peace with all men which without no man shall see the Lord. Even if you don’t like them, be the bigger person and be peaceful.
      Straight Razor?, Vaseline & Timberlands? Are you serious? Really? That is over the top and ugly, she was trying to make an indeirect threat. Chante has beautiful skin, hair, so youdon’t have it and you want to mess her’s up? I see she tried to copy Chante’s hairstyle. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
      You have children and you need to set an example. She should be teaching them how to resolve conflict.
      That is so ghetto and classless. She may be from the hood, and talk a good one, but she is not as tough as she appears. She was a church girl. She’s just trying to floss like she’s so big & bad, but when they called her out about it, she punked out like a wimp with amnesia, “what? what are you talking about?” She’s very insecure and has the need to hog the spotlight and be the center of attention.

      People throw around the term “Christian” so loosely. What she is is a churchgoer. It’s obvious she isn’t reading her scriptures or praying because you can’t act this ugly and be a follower of Christ. You would walk in his ways. She’s puffed up with pride. Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
      Ask God to guide your career. Get on your knees and pray for wisdom and maturity. Go to your brother/sister and ask for forgiveness, even if you think you’re right. Don’t let the devil use you. It’s not a good look.
      Work on yourself and your insecurities. She’s not happy if the spotlight is not on her.
      Yes, it was her idea, but she’s dragging her feet. Just let them know, “hey ladies, I’m really sorry I haven’t been around, but if you want to go ahead and rehearse and get the show together it’s fine. Fred seems to be working with you good, so if you want to go ahead and work with him, it’s fine with me” Peace…
      There are ways of handling situations and she chose the low road. No one likes her, not because they’re hating on her, but because of her ratchet behavior.
      Agree to disagree. Disagree without being disagreeable. Why does she have to be the “Angry Black Woman”? That’s why people sterotype us because of people like her. No class.
      At least Lil’ Mo extended the olive branch. At least listen to what she had to say. She wouldn’t look Lil” Mo’ in the eye. So rude. Why do you agree to meet, and then ask her “why are you talking to me’? She’s special. Chante’ was grown enough to put her feelings aside to attend her birthday party, and Kelly looks out and says, “what’s she doing here’? She didn’t want to hash it out like a woman because she KNOWS she’s wrong. You better be glad smebody came at all. I’m sure Chante had better things to do.
      THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL CLASSY LADY, inside and out. Get a notepad, a pen, have a seat and take some notes.
      I love her singing.
      I remember her coming up singing in choirs in NY. She has let fame go to her head. Outside of R&B, no one really knows her. She should be grateful for the gift she’s been givn
      She can talk about God all she wants, she said she’s a “church girl”. We have enough of that.
      She needs to be a “God Girl” and walk in his ways of love, peace, kindness. Where is her fruit?(of the spirit) meekness, gentleness, love, joy, happiness? She doesn’t know how to play for the good of the team, it’s called “teamwork”.
      She’ll never be an “A” lister. Some successful Hollywood divas are nasty, but they keep working because they know when to turn it on & off, and they bring in money for their team.
      Be a team-player. together, everyone achieves more.

    • Exactly! you can always tell by the reactions and interactions of the other cast members. If she didn’t make it seem like the razor and timbs were for Chante, why would she feel that way? Why would she bother confronting Kelly about it? Chante saw (just as we all did) Kelly’s true colors!

  73. I watched 5 minutes of this….. I am not surprised at Kelly´s behavior because I heard she was difficult in the past. However, I will always like her voice because the girl can sing. Confrontational attitude and all. Dawn is one ditzy broad.

    • I think it is gross how everyone is going in on Kelly so nasty. The only thing I think she did wrong was get in Fred’s face. Outside of that I don’t think it is fair the way the show has singled her out to be the “villain”. Editing DOES play a role on every single reality show. Producers and cast alike have gone on record with many of the tactics to make good tv. There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff the audience never sees. Instead of getting Kelly’s side of the story or giving her the benefit of the doubt everyone already labeling her a villain. God for bid u make a mistake or have a bad moment……you will have ur entire reputation and legacy ruined? I hope Kelly does not come back to this show and someone else is made a villain and see how it feels. I think the other women with the exception of Dawn are disgusting. Are they that broke or that thirsty to be on tv that they would sit back on watch there fellow diva be torned to pieces and called the most vile names on social media like she has. At least the ATL cast did not take sides and did not both mind Nicci in public. Chante and Lil Mo seem to relish on this drama and continue to egg it on. Gross.

      • You know Editing did not add those boots and jar of vaseline. That came out of Kellys satchel and out of her mouth. If it was a part of her monologue, then she shouldve presented it at the right time, at the right place. She didnt even have a word of what was written down yet, so that was a lie, and *checks video* I didnt see a timb or a blade in the clip above.

      • Uh – getting in Fred’s face the way that she did was enough….she doesn’t need to do anything else. She also confronted her FRIEND, real friend, and challenged her aptitude as a singer/performer and business woman…THEN she went off on Fred. She was on a total rampage of trying to punk people. It was absolutely unprofessional, disrespectful, and she would not stand for that if the shoe was on the other foot. No one would. That’s why people are going in on her. And that wasn’t no damn editing. That’s the way that woman reacted, and now it’s in her face and she’s seeing it. She probably didn’t even think it was that bad – and that she was just standing up for herself all these years until now, which is why she’s sad as hell. Dawn wasn’t even there that day so – how can she POSSIBLY attest to whether that was editing or not? Based on Power 105.1 interview with Lil Mo’ – that shit was 100% accurate portrayal of her attitude.

        • What kills me is she keeps hollering about people respecting HER yet she shows NONE for anyone else. How her husband puts up with that attitude of hers is a mystery. That goes for him and anyone else who has to deal with her on a regular basis.

  74. Lawdy if there were ever a mess this and Kelly are IT. All the lovely voice and singing does not exclued the fact that your ATTITUDE is NASTY. She must have missed several days of her medication, but on second through this is most likely the REAL KELLY. Well she did herself not favors by being on this show what little fan base she had left (me included) have jumped ship. I would NEVER invest a dime in her EVER again. If she knows what we all know she will WRAP this LA DIVA ish up and beg for forgivness. Funkydineva was dead on it with the description of her lookin’ like a floor model tv, buick and a box AC. I feel sorry for her to harbor such an attitude there must be something deep in her past that causes her to act like a fool, but it is not an excuse. I liked how Chante stood her ground. Dawn on the other hand needs to pull her head out of Kelly’s azz and get a life.

  75. I really hope the ladies put on their show, I’ve directed better performances at revival service at church, and these “suppose” to be A-list stars. If this is what Torey help produce, the other ladies should be happy they werent involved in this hot mess.

  76. So why the hell they ain show the crowd cause they know good and ain know hardly in that place………..STOP playing with my GOD Kelly Price and Dawn and don’t get me started on Dawn frigging Cowardly Lion Kelly is the puppet master and Dawn is the puppet cause Kelly sure pulling her strings!!!!!!

  77. Wait, wait, wait,wait I thought Kelly said her schedule would not permit her to do this. She left the other girls hanging for this?!?!?! Couldnt even watch the whole thing

  78. Dawn Robinson has seem to have gotten bitten by the Master syndrome bug with this “WE” bs. This chick put herself in the middle of everything and she is always the damn victim. Everyone is always doing something to her. I´m over and this damn baby problem b**** adopt and get over it. Face it, Yes! your eggs are rotten so let´s go a different route and stop crying so damn much. DAMN. Now Kelly´s ass she would have had to show me what she was working with when she pulled out those ingredients to an ass kicking, Vaseline Timberlands and a straight razor. She would have to give me one that chick is delusional and crazy. She likes to flip it like you´re the crazy one..

  79. I thought Momma Dee was Bipolar but damn Kelly take the cake, this lady have some serious damn issue i don’t even think a physicist could help her a$$. She just does spas out and they be like me I said that I did that are u sure you didn’t misinterpreted what i was saying. By watching this show I don’t care much for Kelly Price and I don’t think I would be listening to her music and she need’s to stop playing with the Lord!!!!!! #INDATORDER

    • Yeah, she does to have the whole split personality thing going on. But even when her “good” side comes out, you can still tell she’s as fake and phony as a $4 bill.

  80. kelly price needs to get checked cussed out etc etc on the real .. big donkey bitch .. i bet she is worse waiting in line at the groc store ..somebody told her .. her shit dont stank!

  81. I like to concept, however, I think where they´ve gone wrong here, is having the both of them paired together, both sharing their life stories with the audience at the same time. If you´re going to choose to share something that personal, I think it needs to be one on one with the audience, because it number 1 starts to feel scripted and phony because you have them speaking about real life personal experiences, yet at the same time, their almost taking on an acting position with the whole “yeah girl I understand, emm hmm that´s true girl”, and secondly, it becomes overwhelming for the audience because imagine you were in conversation with two people both telling you their life stories both at the same time, it would be impossible to really take it all in, so I think if they´re gonna put their lives out there in this way, it needs to be in an intimate one on one segment for each artist, and if one of the artists starts breaking down and crying in her segment and needs emotional support, than another artist can immediately come on the stage and console the artist, that would come across real and they´d get big applause, but this is a bit awkward to watch. So I think its a really great idea and concept, but it needs to be tweeked a bit.

  82. 2 thumbs down. That was nothing more than a testimony. God help them if I paid money for a 10 minute confessional. According to the claps in the audience it doesn´t appear as if a lot if people were there. I do know that she used Fred´s idea to stage the presentation for someone who didn´t like him.

  83. I used to think Kelly Price was all that until I saw her on R&B Divas. I really can´t stand her now. The Monologue was tired! Why was Dawn smiling when she was talking about her pain????? I wouldn´t pay money for that!!!!!!!

  84. This is happens at my church every Sunday before service (10:30-10:50) We call it Devotion and Testimony. And Watching Mother Harris fall out every Sunday at 11:45 on the dot is far more entertaining.

  85. It could have been way better. Dawn didn´t even tell her real story..i needed to hear about En Vogue! Oh well atleast Kelly sounded good…attitude or not…she can sang!

  86. Soooo FIRST of all it SHOULD read “These are not the stories of our mothers, THEY’RE ours!” But whatever… Just figured I’d put that out there.

    In other news… Kelly screwed herself on this one! Her STANK attitude sent her packing on her own idea! And Dawn being her lil puppy sent her right back into “Has Been” glory as she was before this show. Get yo’ entire life! This was a hot mess! Kelly’s vocals are amazing (as usual) but Sis. Dawn needs to have several cause that was NOT the business! SMH Too bad that Kelly’s great vocals don’t make up for her bad attitude. So sad. Oh well… Who’s next in Reality Stardom? Cause these two are OUT!

  87. I didn´t even bother to watch that hot ass mess. ….I could tell it was a mess by lookin at it the still shot of the video, with the picture man back drop he uses at the club….SMFH Dawn is so far up Kelly´s big ass it don´t make any sense…Dawn is a follower, she is followin Kelly down to juke joint to perform their greatest hits together!!!

  88. What happened to the rest of them, and Kelly…. I know people have their personalities but she must be bi-polar, because she went in on Fred like the Last Dyke of the Church. She went in on Chante, and they were supposed to have been long time friends. She didn´t know what she was doing and she didn´t know how to trust a man to help her because her husband acts like a bottom.

  89. Im trying to figure out is that what she intended the monologue to be because thats just not what i was expecting. And I hope the other ladies´ dont turn out like that. This was terrible and looks like a Sunday School practice skit. Wow this is disappointing!

  90. ive been disgusted with kelly´s behavior since the show started…ok u right u came up with the idea of the play for the girls but were they suppose to just sit & wait for ur schedule to free up for u to start planning production…shots out to chante for taking the initiative to take the next step by finding a director…mind u everyone´s brand is at stake so if they wait to the last minute to prepare & rehearse its makes them look bad & there goes the reputation….who told kelly she was princess diana…yes honey u have a voice but the other ladies are just as talented & even more n my opinion…i wish they kick her ass off the show cuz her diva mentality & tacky attitude is less than appreciated…not to mention how long did her ass wait before she even called the damn director to ask him to get on board smh….now the rest of the ladies should do their own show to show her out smh

  91. I knew it. She was the one slow dragging around about getting everything done for her (idea) and got mad when the other ladies tried to help her out and caught a attitude..#epicfailure

  92. These actors and singers are going to get enough of being on these reality TV shows. I have lost so much respect for my favorite singers that way. My perception of them in my mind being this cool or down to earth person when I see them in videos and in concerts is ruined when I see them acting a pure plum fool on TV!

    • Exactly. Kelly just lost a lot of people who were still cheering her on. These R and B Divas need to take advice from Beyonce. Don’t do things your future self will be ashamed of.

  93. That shit was a hot mess. I really loved Kelly price before this show aired and now I´m completely turned off by her attitude. And where are these albums they´ve all been working for 15 years! Lol.Chile please!

  94. i still like kelly price and her music though. tv is tv and everybody acts like a fool or a bitch it´s part of reality tv. that monologue sucked though. i can´t wait to see the other ladies

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