R&B Divas LA Season 2 Trailer- Guess Who The Villian Is This Season? You’ll be Shocked!

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These CDless divas are airbrushed for the gawds. No gawd hunty. Anyway, the R&B Divas of L.A. are back with 3 new additions. Welcome Leela James, Chrisette Michelle, and Chante Moore’s new face. Chile… Chante’s got a man and a new nose. That’s just what “the people” tell me. The people also say that Chante Moore stepped in and took Kelly Price’s role as the resident b!tch. They say things got so bad that Lil Mo almost dove on Chante. Uhmmm I’ll most definately be watching! Get into the sneak peak.

Thoughts? Will you be watching?

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63 thoughts on “R&B Divas LA Season 2 Trailer- Guess Who The Villian Is This Season? You’ll be Shocked!

  1. I don’t know why Chante would get a nose job at this stage of life. Girl you have had that nose for almost 50 years. Stick with it.

  2. Why!… Did she do that to her nose? She was gorgeous without all that know she look like a better version of LaToya Jackson… She really messed up her face

  3. Well thanks for the tea on who the drama is between because I was curious of who Lil’ Mo was going off on…and speaking of which, the real tea you should’ve been spilling is what Lil’ Mo’s hair is laid like because I can’t call it!

    • Lil Mo’s hair is laid like Orlando Bloom’s role as Legolas. Yas Chile she is serving Hobbitt realness

  4. If you paid attention last season, Chante was giving shady teez from the jump. I can believe this.. Really Chante??

  5. Okay, I’m not waiting for the Doll to come off vacation to start this fundraiser. Can Lil Mo’s hair get a donation; it’s all confused about whose head it should be on.

  6. Well, I hope all this attitude some of these chicks have brings forth some good new music!!!!!! I am surprised Chrisette Michelle is even on the show. I guess everyone can use the exposure. I hope there is less fighting and more singing.

  7. Oh. So we gon pretend to not call lil mo out on that tired ass ratchet lace front? I’m not here for it lil mo get it togetherrrrrr

    • Girl thank you because I couldn’t recognize anybody other than Chrisette and Miche’le. Maybe because I’m on my phone lol

    • Looking like she need Summer’s Eve, Maasengill or the strong stuff in the red water bottle on the back of the bathroom door, vinegar and water! Straight, no chaser!

      • I’m torn about responding to this one, cause I do like Lil Mo, but I have to agree that I had that same impression, lol

  8. yes i will be tuning in, but i am surprised that claudette is still here because home girl was really boring last season maybe this season she will be more interesting. and no it does not surprise me that chante is the bitch now because quiet as it kept she was kinda starting to show her bitchy ways last season.

    • I’m not surprised at all, and I totally agree that she was having a hard time keeping that side of her quiet last season. But, my question is what is wrong with my girl Lil Mo’s hair; wtf?

    • For some reason I think she will be too. She thinks shes the breakout star so I expect her to be more extra than she already is.

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