Remember Che Mack From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Her First Single “WE ON” Is Here…

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Do you guys remember at the tail end of Season 1 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when Joseline exchanged words with a girl that Stevie J was working with in the studio? Well “that girl” is Che Mack. Her first single  ”WE ON” is here. Check it out, let me know what you think…

Now i’m not quite sure if Stevie J produced this or not. Quite frankly i wasn’t interested enough to take the time out to research it either. However, since I am The Queen of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, I figured i’d at least share it with you guys and get your take on it.

[PHOTOS] Stevie J’s New Artist A LHHATL Season 2 CAST-MATE. Joseline Hernandez Mad As Hell

What do you think of the song? HONESTLY???


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32 thoughts on “Remember Che Mack From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Her First Single “WE ON” Is Here…

  1. That song is a bootleg hood banger that is a shitty mess. i want hear joseline shit probably just as bad but atleast give me something to compare it to

  2. she looks like a girl i would like but she put a really bad taste in my mouth when she let stevy rub all on her in the studio.

  3. Song is wacky ass hell and who say that how bad it i know she had to suck an lot of dick more the joslyn ti get that i hate all that shit on her she like cat sctach fever i this bitch. Song ong go back to yo day job ho and sucking dick and eating pussy .

  4. She don’t look like Keyshia Cole to me! Keyshia Cole looks better to me. She looks like an uglier version of Joseline Hernandez to me! They both manly looking with big butts

  5. Rap music has just completely died. No different then the rest of them. I can appreciate a true lyricist but, this one right here…Lord bless her.

  6. UGH….. I am so SICK of this.. This sounds EXACTLY like all the other rap that is out there right now and that aint sayin much at all!! It sounds like it will be a hit with those who don’t require much when it comes to music. Im just DONE.. Bring back Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, and all the chicks in the past that actually HAD some type of skill and talent.

  7. I am not a rap fan at all… I decided to give it a listen. It was not bad at all. She does have some talent. I 1st read the coments, I didn’t expect to hear something that was put together so well.

  8. She looks like a BIG NOSE KEYSHIA COLE and all the tatts make her look DIRTY, the song may need to grow on me, I don’t think that this is anything that I will buy. Her and Joseilin are in on the same bus…lol trash!

  9. Good Morning,
    Now I’ve known of Che Mack for a while from just being on the scene here in Atlanta and I must say that she is a pretty cool chick. I like her little style and stuff real cute, but this right here hunty is where I draw the line. This song is foolish right along with each bar of the song. I mean just somethings aren’t for everyone and rapping is one of them boo. This right here ain’t no where near on but all the way off.

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