RHOA Production Had To Edit Out Chuck Smith Saying He Smashed Tamar Braxton & T-Boz Too

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I swear to you, Atlanta is too small!!! Things are not looking up for Chuck Smith. I Just got off the phone with with someone close to production that shall remain nameless who filled my cup with tea so sweet I need to check my blood sugar.  That trip to Athens that Nene, Phaedra, & Chuck took on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was far more intense than we saw. For starters, on the show, things were edited to look as if the trio took a small day trip. In all actuality, the crew was in Athens for 3 days. Pictures of Phaedra & Chuck started to surface on various social media outlets during that time, and Mynique quickly made her was to Athens during their 3 day stint. You deduce from that what you’d like. However, we did not see Mynique one time during the Athens excursion.

Remember that awkward car ride scene when Chuck tells Phaedra he was dating her and Kandi at the same time, and that they were “part of the team?” Well, the story goes, those are not the only two names he called. Allegedly, during that same conversation, Chuck began to run down a list of names of people who he allegedly slept with and were part of the team he is alleging that Phaedra & Kandi were on. The two most poignant names on the list were Tamar Braxton & T-Boz. Catch these T’s


nene chuck ohaedra

Chile they say on the ride home Chuck started rattling off names like he was reading a flight manifest. Just why didn’t we see this? Well, my first guess is that production nor Chuck wanted any Love & War with Vincent Herbert! OKAY! Say what you want to say about Vince, but Vince has some weight in these streets and is a major power player. However, I’ve been told that traditionally production tends to stray away from name dropping and hearsay if it was not already public Chuck Smithknowledge or able to be 3rd party verified. Now let me take a moment to clear myself legally. I am not saying that Chuck Smith slept with Tamar or T-Boz. What I am saying is, it was told to me that Chuck Smith allegedly said on the car ride home that he also had relations with Tamar & T-boz. I find it prudent to share that T-boz also co-wrote Girl Talk with Kandi, and Ode to Chuck Smith. I am told that T-Boz says she did not sleep with Chuck and that he and Tamar may have had some dealings back in the day, sometime after Kandi. All of this is really making chuck luck like a douche bag!

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As for Mynique holding a peach… It is obvious Mynique was in the running for becoming a housewive. She was being tested, just as they test several ladies each season. It Just so happened that events that took place during her testing were good enough to make television, and that is why we see her. I’ve been told that Chuck was very persistent with asking production “so when are you going to give my wife a housewives contract?” With Monique coming off rather sweet & docile, and chuck being turned up to the max, one has to ask “who really wanted to hold the peach, Chuck or Mynique?”  I’m having a vision, The Real Housewives of Atlanta & Chuck. All the ladies can be holding peaches, and chuck can be holding a bag of peaches because he is the man, or a bag of sugar, whichever production feels is more fitting. Thanks in advance for my royalties…

FYI: There is more, but The Doll always has to hold a trump card…





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362 thoughts on “RHOA Production Had To Edit Out Chuck Smith Saying He Smashed Tamar Braxton & T-Boz Too

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  3. lmao@chuck smith having a tiny little dick and he not really attractive especially once you find out his dick little, but that big ole booty of his can get it! hard just like chuck likes it

  4. As a man myself I lost all respect for him as a man, something should be keep to yourself and out of respect for his wife and the other folks who or now married, he shouldn’t have never called any names period. he makes his self look silly and his wife. As a grown ass man he should have been over those childish things. When i was in high school or college i never got with the fellas and talked about who i had sex with because in my book that’s a no no.. that makes me think he has or had something to prove.

  5. Lol name.dropping I thought guys and fellows do this amongst thereselves for points. I seen it I have brothers. We dont name drop we do like Kandi and excapes old song little secret and thats how we should keep it. They think so but dont really know OR WANT TO KNOW. I feeling like he might want to be holding the peach too on this one. But its know to some women do like bi downlow mean and this is reminding me of R Kelly the closet seriers. The preacher married to God his boyfriend is side whore mistress mom sister and wants people to look up to him as if he is a Uncles. Tamar T Boz Phaedra Kandi his Wife lol include me to Ateasweet we might have sampled he told it he wack now do better. We might have been fooling around also its call Dating either way to me some call it being a whore. If you a virgin good but here in America in Georgia its more men to women although some of the guys are downlow we have to find Or best option in this dating scence which includes keys to houses sleeping around with sister brother maybe cousins. And on top of it all might not find no good option. Tamar was cute still is just had to much surgery and stuff. He should have hit Chilli with T Boz lol he didn’t mess with Left eye cause she burn your house down about being a man whore on her and playing games on her. Chuck messed up at the luncheon should have just pleaded the fifth like he been doing. Cause you play with alot of women you dony be telling then but pleading the 5th so most dont find out. So this will most likely not work in his favor. Bring back of school game of being the village penis is okay but let actions speak fo themselves dont make a fool out of everybody just cause you had relations and a few rolls in the hay. Bad business uuuummm uuuuuummmm he a dog he a dog he feed them like a dog treat them like a dog and try to pass them to other dogs. A Gucci Song. But at the end of the day we all have a past lets move on forward not hpv warts or AIDS or HIV to see over here or small penises either.

  6. Who would wanna f**k fat chuck after he stuck his dick in all them nasty hoes. His baby momma was the ugliest of them all. LMFAO

  7. Seriously Anonymous, none of the women on da show has NEVER claimed to be angels. They all talk about sex freely especially Kandi! He’s da no class having, in poor taste, idiot. He’s tryna make dem seem like idiots & all da while making himself look like a dude who only got dime chicks bcuz he had $ & nothing else. He’s the trick!

  8. Chuck Smith is a dickhead! The only reason dey tested Mynique is bcuz she favors Sheree. Mynique is boring & her husband is a joke. Who goes on camera & disrespects his wife & the woman he’s asking a for a favor. He comes off like a big ass liar. If I was him I’d stop talking crap about Phaedra b4 Apollo rag tags dat ass! Where’s all of his millions of dollars now? I agree w/u Dineva, he really don’t wanna make Mr. Vincent D. Herbert an enemy bcuz Vin’s money is extra long & his power is very mighty. Guys who brag like dat are usually lying!

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  10. Chuck needs to sit his has been ass down! Aint nobody checkin for him but that simple white bitch he married. Mynique nobody wants your man. Chuck nobody even knows who you are. They need to fall back into the black hole they crawled out of. #ugh

  11. lool at him? bug eyed chipmunk jaws full of nuts he looks cray cray .. back then and now it was about the cash in his pocket .. he needs to chill out considering he to “little” to work the “middle”!!! he wants to b the next reality tv star..

  12. I don´t even know what they seen in his monkey face a** anyway. He is just trying to get in where he fit in and its obvious that he fits nowhere, and his wife needs to know one thing….don´t go asking questions about your husband´s past because you will receive answers your a** cant handle. If she wanted to know that bad, she should have asked before she even married him. If he was real honest man, he would have told her in the beginning. He is trying to make them look bad but he made his wife and himself look like damn fools. They need to fall back because these women aren´t amateurs, they been in this game for a while and its going to take a lot of work to catch up. I just have one question anyway….Who in the hellabit is Chuck and who is his wife???? I can answer that.. nobodies!!! They really need to go sit their asses down trying to cause drama to stay relevant on the show. We love the vets and Porsha. Send them rookies somewhere else.

  13. It is what it is.. Those women try to seem so innocent.. That have a past, as well as he does.. They love being Groupies, that’s what they get.. They were sleeping with more than Chuck, because he had $$$$.. That’s what they do.. You have to call a spade a spade!!! They weren’t little church girls, they knew exactly what they were doing. For him to kiss and tell, that was wrong.. That’s what some men do.. That’s why you have to know who you sleeping with and not looking for fame.. Shame on him and shame on them!!!!!

  14. Iit was gonna come out anyway he jest beat them to the punch .all immature young boys with money had a lot of girls.

    • Chuck is a messy mitch…he can proudly speak of all the poontang that he has smashed, but, he dare not speak of all the dick his down-low azz must done took & sucked, because he definitely displays feminine/gay characteristics!!!

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  16. Chuck is just# bitchmade bootz. Real men don´t even act like that. We should have know who he really was when he married a b!t(& that can´t spell her own name. I know u tried to spare confused Nique cause u like her but i don´t like neither one of they´re fake a&&es. So F em both. NEXT.

  17. When Nene brings someone on, it´s DRAMA time. I knew Mynique was going to be a runner up for a housewife spot, but her husband being an idiot and trying to make himself look like he was the man…NOT. I forgot. Reality TV is for people we never heard of until they appeared on Reality TV. #NowThatsReal #Lol

  18. well my my my… everyone has summed up what I wanted to say

    I just hope the producers put Chuck and his wife on the cutting room floor next to Marlo.

    I hope they DO not get a chance to be on RHOA.

    I want them to get rid of Porsha and Kendra Moore. its time to move on. give us something new. as far as the rest of the cast Kandi Nee Nee Cynthia and Phaedra they have earned their position to remain housewives.

    I must admit though this season has been HOT from day one. The episode from Sunday January 5th was epic, it was so good. I went to sleep and dreamed abou how dumb Porsha is, How Chuck is so humiliating. How manipulative Kandi’s momma is and was in my dream telling Cynthia DONT TELL YOU BUSINESS WITH YOUR HUSBAND ON NATIONAL TV…. I believe he is not good with finances but I also know that he is fine and conniving bitches will be at your man knowing he aint getting no loving the way he wants.

    child puhleeze never ever air your dirty laundry to the public or to a sister who did not wish happiness for you from jump street.

  19. Let his Bamma ass hold a bag of sugar…..I´m mad that noone caught that NeNe started all this mess ((remember she brought them up at his house when they were at the table)) trying to have Chuck come for Kandi and Phaedra, his dumb ass took the bait and it back fired.

  20. I know one thing I was ready to bust him in the head talking about my Kandi like that lol oh hell naw playa. Kandi is class baby. He need to be thanking her for giving him air play because he tired as hell for that move.
    His wife look like his mama and he has the nerve to try and play Kandi?
    I mean, to be honest we all know Phaedra was the town “girl” let’s keep it 100 but Kandi nah don’t talk about Kandi like that.
    She is not some industry smut.
    I will make sure that if he or his wife get a contract I will have a petition to have them removed from the cast.

  21. I think Chuck is a fucking clown. He ran his mouth like a woman in order to redeem himself and save face for his weak ass wife. Talking like a Playa but tricking like a sugar daddy. Ha! Him and his wife need to sit tf down.

  22. chuck should be holding a bottle of lotion if he gets cast. his elbow was damn near rusted shut while he was driving! where´s marlo? we need her back! so much fun and fashion!

  23. This man is slandering these women in order to gain fame, but know this, slander is a sin and you can not be blessed when you try to gain it this way. Try praying to God for fame if you believe in it. But after you apologize to all of the women

  24. When will we learn ladies. Stop being so dang desperate! This dude s scum and he has no need to change because his old tricks still work on new women! When we stop buying their bull, they will stop selling it!

    • Yes…it ain’t all lies! It’s a whole lot of truth in what went down in this episode! Now the delivery was wack but hey he’s hungry for some of that reality TV money!

  25. everyone needs a moment of fame… but think about when Ms.P said”I don´t need a Vienna sausage or small cocktail sausage.. so now he´s fames for a lil penis.. and we still are asking Chuck who?

  26. My bestie swears Nene was looking awful nervous like ” Lord lets not start spilling secrets!” I’ve never seen her so quiet on any of the shows. She either blabbing OR cackling at someone else’s expense…

  27. He wasn’t even cute back then and to make matters worst why in the world would he feel like it’s cool to brag on National TV how many women he slept with and he’s a married man. His wife should be running somewhere to bury her head in the sand because he is making a fool out of her!

  28. Off topic. Why is Nene making that sick puppy look so much this season? I noticed this expression the first time during her wedding show. That pitiful me look is irritating, to say the least. She knew she threw that rock and then she tried to hide her hand. Chuck apparently has been hit too many times. He and his wife are delusional.

  29. That show his character not they´re character!!! He married worry about your wife not the women you been with!!! She ain´t got much of a husband!! Because when a man marry you he leave his past and seem to me that he want to keep bringing it up!!!! The only pussy he should be worried about is his wife!!!!

  30. Chile.. Please!! Chuck jus trying to “save face” for his wife because she sat her retarded az at the table speaking up on shit she CLEARLY.. didn’t have all the info on. Let her tell it “she know her husband” chile boo..he a regular Ol’Nicca!!! Chuck need to put a peach in hi MOUTH.!!! lol

    • Key words: one of the 1st young black millionaires in Atlanta…

  31. Markitha Fontenot it´s no coincidence that Marlo coming back to RHOA kmsl I guarantee you that she “know” the deal LOL she probably was a “teammate” too… Come on DINEVA!! What´s the real T on Marlo coming back?? Kmsl

  32. ya know who cares how old is this joker? isn´t he suppose to be married to that airhead anyways? he making her look so bad with his ignorany. he must be one of the abusers Tay Tay talked about but didn´t say a name

  33. Where is Olivia Pope when we need her. This is something that I have been pondering. Tamar always said that she was abused by 2 ex-boyfriends. Coincidentally, Kandi said that it was 15yrs ago that she dated Chuck. Chuck says that he dated Tamar at the same time. On the show, Tamar said that she was dragged in her hallway when she was 22; she is now 36; she’s been with Vince for 11 years. 14yrs ago, she was 22, this puts her around the time that Kandi would have broken up with Chuck, and here comes Tamar. She is being tight-lipped about the comment, just like she won’t talk about the abuse other than to say she was abused. Funky Dineva Pope needs to get on this immediately!!!

  34. Markitha Fontenot guh it´s getting goooodd nah! Thank Gawd for Funky Dinvea!! Spill that tea hunny! Spill It and let it leak!!! ROFLMBO!!! Chuck is “suspect” because only women gossip like dat chile…hmmm catch those T´s…LOL

  35. Didn’t Tamar say that she had been abused, in the past, by an ex? Monique with a Y sure acts pretty lame; I just wonder?

  36. Ne Ne is starting to really get on my nerves. Chuck needs to stfu trying to water down what happened back in the day. Why does his wife even care about what happened before she knew him. It´s all irrelevant anyway.

  37. They can all thank Ms NeNe for that! If she didn´t open her hog jaws during that luncheon – Mynique would have never inquired about it to Kandi and Phaedra and Chuck wouldn´t have had to show every bit of his bitch-ass-ness on TV!

  38. He´s so GROSS & a poor excuse for a man. Code of Conduct in the Latino world is that MEN that talk shit about women & what they etc….is a PUNK. He´s OLD , TIRED & he IRRELEVANT. What a Piece of SHIT, every DOGG has his day.

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  40. I do not repeat do not want to see chuck and his lame ass wife on Atlanta housewives it is obvious that their only storyline will be that he slept with kandi and other famous ladies and we do not want to see that. Because it´s obvious that he is lying and is only trying to cover his tracks or get a spot on the show.

  41. Ok, I might tease Tamar, but I am not going to sit here and let that Mouth Mouth Almighty just rip this and these other ladies apart and not complain to Bravo for not giving us warning that there was another housewife name Chuck joining the show. Now, I feel sorry for Mynique; she better ask Porsha for some signs that she saw in Kordell. #toofishy

  42. Little Ms. Chuck has the slightest clue that by him/her boasting & bragging, dropping names she/he totally has emasculated himself/herself and showed how irrelevant & pathetically insecure he/she truly is!!!

  43. He´s so lame… His old ass, somebody needs to tell him nobody smashes and tells! And he said he was the big homey lets say it together “BACK IN THE DAY” I use to watch football and never heard of this lame. It was way too obvious he was the one who told his whack ass spineless wife to mention that shit on camera to make him relevant. No woman wld ever mention anything like that on camera or during a situation like that. Also u can tell such a thing was way out of her character. Pls do not sign a contract w this whack ass boring cpl. I Cld barely watch the seen of him talking to Phaedra, low class idiot. As much as I don´t like Apollo he better check that clown sweet ass nigga!

    • Yeah i agree with you. Tamar is nothing to brag about, that one he could have kept to his self. Toni on the other hand, now that would have been big. Toni is CLASS personified!

  44. Ummm, really Chuck…
    He gonna try to get his wife on this show through his dick association with these woman. Made you and your wife look like fools discussing your body count. Nasty ass, sick dick man hoe. I hate dudes like that!!
    No wonder Nene was like “get me out this car.”

  45. He thinks he came off as a stone cold player by saying he was just f-buddies with everybody. Funny as hell, HE and his WIFE come of caring much more than Phaedra or Kandi!!! He´s a hater…

  46. SMH… That´s a bunch of BS! To embarass yourself and your wife like that is stupid. That´s 21 year old stuff! My wife would slap the shit out of me is I was talking wrecklessly like that! On the flip side… He is a genius if he is trying to get him and his wife on the show for next season. He surely building interest amongst the Atlanta people to see and hear more.

  47. Nothing new about athletes and their whoring wayzzz! And I’m sure they don’t give the wife the rundown on err body they kicked it with! It’s probably a damn blurred…But I think they are all full of Shyte! Phaedra always lying (don’t know how many months pregnant she is) *side eye* and Kandi to jump from man to man and move them in with a a young daughter still in the home…Whaever! He stank but so are they!

  48. Darren can yall take this damn fool´s battery out! He already looks like it bitch now he is just telling ALL the business as real bitches do…… and how does this make him look better?

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  51. He´s a slut and the Karrine Stephens of men he should have balls and keep his sexual escapades to himself. He´s coming upon that midlife crisis stage and feels the need to save the piece of him that´s going away. He should be shamed instead of praised, and not the ladies be insulted by this. In the words of Amber Rose “Everybody´s somebody´s sloppy seconds, unless you´re a virgin.” You´re supposed to be on our side Dineva!


  53. _/ _/ have several seats Chuck! You are irrelevant now just as u were then!! why r u trying to convince ur wife that u are such a prize!! u were trying to come up then and u r still trying to come up!!! messy, just messy!!

  54. Anyone who has to drop names like that dick has to be small and that stroke must be weak! If a man slinging good hard meat right he doesn’t have to say two words cause them hoes gonna be talkin!

  55. Towanda get up in here. Felicia this is exactly what I was talking about. I understand that the folks say it but production has the ability to edit it out. Trust and believe I understand where u r coming from and Bravo needs to be aware that those remarks can be insensitive.

  56. ole messy beige bitch! i hope vincent,apollo,and todd dig off in that ass! the way he came at phadra in that car….baaaaby! eww when i tell you he wouldve had to pull on over and let me out cuz his forehead wouldve been stuck to that damn steering wheel!he waited till she was stuck and tried to dominate the conversation and belittle her…oh hell nawl! Phadra is a southern belle in deed! she handled him with class and dignity kudos to her for that.he had the right one!

  57. Mynique is TOO MEEK to ever be INTERESTING ENOUGH to carry a WHOLE SEASON of her and CHUCK. And Smith’s
    TEAM looks a lil SHABBY NOWADAYS driving that BASE SUV in WHITE like the INSURANCE MAN or the CENSUS WORKER. If u gonna have a white SUV–let it be TRICKED OUT-PEARL WHITE ESCALADE…not a TAHOE from Pars Cars….. I was rocking with Chuck till he tried to DOWNPLAY those ladies like he was Emmitt Smith or somebody…. Let’s hope this is the LAST we see or HEAR of those two on RHOA…. I bet Kandi got some STORIES to tell about Chuck,,,,hmmmmm,,,, i wonder.

  58. Charlene (chuck) wants to be a housewife bad, that NFL money running out huh?..somebody give him a damn peach so he can carry his name dropping ass ..What did tamar an t-boz have to do wit it?? Did he tell mynique both them? I wonder if she going try to come for tmarr an throw shade,an if she does I hope tamarr read her ass to hell an back…Mynique is so simple she the type to believe the sky is green if her man told her it was…

  59. Um so who’s really the Ho here?? I’ll say Ole Dirty Dick Chucky and his Doe Doe Bird Bride! His ding-ga-ling is so Herpes da fuck up its gotta look like a Nestlé Crunch Bar.

    Stay tuned!!! It’s going to be a whole lotta mess behind this Scandal. Nene ain’t bout shit!!! LMBAO!!!

    • LOL @ DIRTY DICK CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • That’s why I’m so confused at why everybody saying NEne should’ve have stuck up for her lmaooooo them bitches ain’t liked each other since Phae came to the show

  60. Im already sick of Chuch and Monique with a Y – dangggggggggggggg – your only story line is who Chuck slept with 15 – 20 yrs ago – when he was hott – booooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Name dropping and shit – boooooooooooooooooo! I guess yall life aint that interesting without bringing up the past – booooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Now we know your past escapades – now what???????????????

  61. LMAO if Chuck know like I know he better stop playin with Vincent Herbert. That sweet exterior is undoubtedly hiding a fucking “blacked out and killed everybody” monster. Vince is nice I know but Chuck-a-Duck fuckin with the wrong bitch on that one.

  62. Ain´t nobody impressed wit hizz “Village d*ck tales” of days gone by. He made himself look like a dam fool tryNA dis Phaedra & Kandi!! That was NOT cool. Calling himself Big Homie he´s Big Homie da CLOWN!

  63. Like this lame ass dude is going to tell his wife the truth! He´s lame as hell trying to brag on his past sex partners like a kid! Your not gonna tell me he wasn´t dating NONE of them. Believe me, dude was dropping bread. He just wants to look like a play boy as if his wife is the first woman he really dated?! Gtfoh! She can be a fool n believe tht if she wants to!

  64. He wasn´t that cute back then so I´m thinking Chuck you were getting used, but how about he´s clearly lame and Monique with a Y can have a seat with him, no one is checking for him because clearly he thinks lying to women and lying to her is ok. She brought this nonsense on herself, no one asked her who Chuck had been with and to belittle a situation with her husband she clearly wasn´t around for was stupid on her part. Of course he told you all his past relationships were nothing. Whether she felt it or not she got read several times.

  65. His ass a lame and now wanna try and cause havoc because he´s irrelevant!! Stfu that´s what pu**y an d**k are supposed to do f**k!! Really?? He gets no points for saying that

  66. I could care less if he is a whore. We all have a past….but to relish in it as if they were his glory days..makes him lame. Every woman named is more successful then him and his wife put together. Now that´s pitiful.

  67. Of course he slept with alot of women in Atlanta…he was a young, millionaire, Falcons player!!…All of those young (and older) players sleep with alot of women bcz they can!! Its comes with the territory! The only difference is…most men don´t kiss and tell like his ole messy ass. What man does that??? The day NeNe brought that mess up about Phaedra and Khandi at his house a real man would´ve shut it down right then. Period..ohhh he´s such a female I swear…

  68. Dang, what´s his problem? He´s trying to get his 20 seconds of fame. No one cares who he was banging 15 plus years ago. I ´ll tell you this much the ladies he´s speaking of wouldn´t look his way today.

  69. he road the short bus .. thats why he goin after his 15mins of fame by namen names .. look at him … “he looks retarded sick infected etc etc etc” plzzzz it was all about getn in his pocket back in the day!!

    • Stephanie!! I cosign.. Messy, Immature and Disrespectful. Why on earth is he even rattling off the names of women he allegedly slept with.. TO HIS WIFE? is their life so damn boring? Also, none of these women ever mentioned him, so he really is a NON-MF Factor.

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