Rich Dollaz CONFIRMS Nude Picture Is His, So Why Did Email From Attorney Say Something Different???

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Lies, fantasies and fairy tales are the name of the game. For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the last 24 hours, yesterday The Doll posted 2 pictures I received in a non-anonymous of Love & Hip Hop New York’s Rich Dollaz ALLEGEDLY in the nude. Y’all know we have to use our S.A.T. buzz words over here to keep from getting sued.

Well following the post, unbeknownst to me because I was traveling and had limited access to all of my email accounts. The Doll received 2 separate emails from Rich Dollaz’s attorney that say verbatim “My client has informed me that he is not the person in the photos you published on your site.” The Gag is, Rich did a Breakfast Club interview this morning flat out acknowledging that at least one of the pictures is him. “Hold up, but your attorney said that YOU said that non of them are you”. hmmmm No tea no shade, Breakfast Club host Angela Yee was not buying it. Which one is it Rich and Miss Rich Dollaz attorney? Is it 1 picture, no pictures, or BOTH pictures? Read the emails, listen to the interview, view the pictures, and you be the judge.

Email number one made its way to my inbox at 10:03 EST according to the time stamp on the email:

email 1 (copy)

email 2 (copy)

Chile cheese hunty! Miss Attorney Rashida must be one of Rich’s cousins and she must have got her law degree from the same place Joe Budden buys those vest from. There is nothing formal, official, or moving about either of these emails. Next time, have Olivia Pope contact me.

The bigger question is why do the emails say non of the pictures belong to Rich, but within 24 hours Rich hops on the phone with the Breakfast Club and admits that at least one of the pictures is his? Something in the milk ain’t clean. Check out the SHORT Breakfast Club interview.

I’m so lost right now and I am not even going to begin wrecking my brain trying to figure this out. Somebody is lying. Rich, Miss Attorney lady, what’s the T?

See Both Pictures and the original story below:

Rich Dollaz (Love & Hip Hop) Put On BLAST. NAKED Photos leaked. NSFW

Did Erica Mena send these pictures out to the blogs? Good Question? I’ve seen that debate going around on twitter. Additionally, I conferred with a few of my blogger associates and they confirmed on the same night I received the email from the person who sent the pics, that they also received similar emails, but opted not to engage the sender. Something fishy is definitely going on.  Honestly and truthfully, I smell a much larger conspiracy. I don’t care what nobody says, these pictures and some of the information that accompanied them come from inside the Matrix, if you catch my drift. Rich was nothing more than a sacrificial lamb in a corporate game of chess. It unfortunate, but Rich Dollaz ended up being a causality of war. You know what they say, It ain’t all fair in Love & Hip Hop War.

I don’t make the news, i just report it ~ Funky Dineva

What are you guy’s thoughts on this whole thing?

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74 thoughts on “Rich Dollaz CONFIRMS Nude Picture Is His, So Why Did Email From Attorney Say Something Different???

  1. this isshhh is so not a story. Hell truth be told only a bitch with no walls would want a big azz dick. Who cares talk about something relevant like rasheeda looking like a mutt or mona scott young being messy. Really is this all u can think of. Maybe your liking the pics more than your saying ijs…old story can we please have something new…PLEASE.

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  10. She’s denying it because that shit was a complete devastation to the nation lolll. Would you really wanna get your name in the legal game by having your calling card as, “The woman who represented the ‘other’ dude from Love & Hip Hop who had photos of his hump stump leaked on the internet”??

    Something indeed does smell fishy.. it’s the dick cheese on that stubbly (NASTY!) stump.

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  13. No. 1. Rasheeda has not taken grammar/English classes…”it’s”.
    No. 2. Rasheeda must be a woos in court; has she settled any cases or won any in-court battles? I can’t believe that.
    No. 3. You can legally be called a lawyer, and attach the ESQ. at the end of your name, but you cannot practice law until you pass the bar. Notice she did not
    No. 3. This is NOT a “cease and desist”. C&Ns are always demanding, not pleading or asking for a favor…please accept this email…no. “On behalf of my client xxxx, this is a demand that you cease and desist and dismantle the posting of nude pictures attributed to my clientxxxx instanter (immediately) To not comply will result in punitive, monetary, and legal actions for slander and libel against you. Additionally, the electronic transmission of Mr. XXXs (private body parts) violate the Federal XXXX Code for pornography without his consent” or something like that. puleeze.

    No congratulations on your site, just a bulldog threat and “Sincerely”…Somebody already said it right, it must be his cousin or a recent graduate from the paralegal school of American International University AIU where Porsha Stewart (RHOA) attended.

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  18. Hung like a light switch. So the joke is on Erica, cause she f*ked him.

    And plus, no not all men are super huge, but the stubsters dont often leak pictures of themselves in case THIS RIGHT HERE happens.

  19. look um!!! hm!!! yea thats you rich!!! look he said on the radio if it was him he would take a picture with it strait up !!! a hello!!! well it looks strait up to me!!! lol yo!!! so you said on the radio you was checking your weight you lost( not!!!!) hello !! if this is true about checking your weight then why you aint sent a weight loss picture of just your stomache!!! before and after shot hm!!! say what you mumblein!!!! but I like your after shot thanks for not sending the before shot!!! lol

  20. Face it Rich- YOU’RE NO STEVIE J!!! Come’on bruh, you know that’s you… But since you’re too ashamed to admit it, take them Dollaz and get you a penal implant, and leak the new pics…

  21. Some females have been ran through so this wouldn’t been enough! #nowalls

  22. His attorney didn’t get the memo that Dollaz is a fame whore and welcomes everyone knowing he has nude pics on the web.

  23. Wait one fandangled minute…. The same zebra printed blanket on the floor mattress is in the background of both photos. Come on now. Its you in both pics or nothing. Dude don’t want to cop to his small meat. That is the worst part of all. Never lie on your meat my dude…ROTFLMAO

  24. It’s all constructed confusion designed to overlook the fact Erica got him looking crazy in these streets and Olivia is M.I.A! Haha!!!

  25. i usually dont comment on these reality stars but i trually think this man is a pure idiot. this is no surprise to me. isnt this the same man trying to manage an artist but became “pussy whipped” to the point where he did not have any contract with his artist and moved forward with making a cd??? pure idiot.

  26. If Hulk Hogan could not get Gawker to take down his sex video, Rich Dollaz does not stand a chance. He needs to be more careful of those whom he chooses to associate.

    p.s. Don’t know if you have media and professional liability insurance, I would suggest you invest in some… Just to be on the safe side.

  27. So the 2T toddler dick now has an elementary school ass lawyer. O_o When addressing a person about a client please use a professional letterhead, using email, stationary, or otherwise. When referring to your “client”, their legal name and PKA name is used. Rashida…getcha life better yet a law degree.


  29. I wouldn’t have confirmed it. I would have rose above it. Because shaving it to make it appear larger than what it is doesn’t help.

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