Rich People Problems: Chad Johnson Loosing 45k per month. Says He Only Earns 3k Monthly

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I’m thoroughly convinced that Evelyn Lozada has all kinds of voodoo hidden within the walls of her coochie. Every man that plays around in her kitty box ends up all messed up. Poor Ocho-Cinco’s life has not been the same since his rendezvous with the black widow. Add to Chad’s list of ever growing problems is that the fact that buddy boy is coming up short $45k each month. After loosing his NFL income, Chad is only bringing in $3k per month. Honestly, $3k equates to the salary of our average new college grad working in your most entry level of positions. Coming up short over $45k, I say Chad has some major downsizing to do. He better call Dionne Warrick and get some advice from her bankrupt ass. Catch these T’s

Dionne Warrick BANKRUPT. Has 20k Per Month Income, But $10 left after Bills.


Prior to all of this, Chad was already battling his baby mothers to reduce his child support payments. Only earning $3k per month, all of that is swallowed up by the $16, 525 he already pays in child support. Additionally, Chad has $9,063.24 in mortgage payments, $2,500 for food, $2,650 on car expenses, $3,500 on clothing, $250 for grooming, $5,000 on entertainment, $1,000 for pet expenses along with various other expenses that total $31,154.76.

Y’all know the The Doll was an accountant in a past life, but it does not take a math wiz to add all this up and realize that someone is coming up a little short. When you add all of this up, Ocho-Cinco is in the red $45,982.76/month. Maybe he can go down to the cash advance place or to the tittle pawn place. Better yet, perhaps Chad can go down to cash for gold make a quick come up. Just suggestions…
Things aren’t all bad, Chad still has two houses, two cars, and a few bank accounts that put his assets at a nice $4,720,672.57. However, we know that sports & entertainment money dries up really fast. It is my prayer that Chad is smart enough to reduce all this monthly overhead drastically until he can secure a few additional sources of income. I would hate to turn on the TV two years from now and see his ass on TvOne’s ‘Life After’ like the momma from The Fresh Prince.

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28 thoughts on “Rich People Problems: Chad Johnson Loosing 45k per month. Says He Only Earns 3k Monthly

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  2. This is why black people never get WEALTHY, only rich. The only brown person that know how to live like a billionaire and KEEP her billions is Oprah. You don’t see her on instagram straight flexin. She actually lives below her means. That’s what it means to be smart and have money. You don’t feel the need to prove how rich you are. The empire speaks for itself.

    The rest of these coons? Shiiittt, they get money and spend it as soon as it lands in their account instead of INVESTING, OPENING UP BUSINESSES and setting up for financial growth. Chad is no different. His ego got too big and now he looks like a fool with hundreds of thousands $$ worth of shoes on instagram and no ends to front on his child support. LOL. I don’t feel sorry for this fool whatsoever. Pride comes before the fall.

    • There are plenty of black people that have made a vast amount of money and have kept and invested it well: Tyler Perry, Barry Gordy, Jay Z, Beyonce, P. Diddy, Robert Johnson, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson… The list goes on.. Don’t generalize black people’s ability to make and keep money based on those that squander it and then make Oprah the only smart black person alive!!!!!!!

  3. This type of sh1t is inevitable with these pro sport stars. I seen 30 for 30: Broke! That money never lasts more than a decade after they are done playing. He had the fun while he could, and now it’s time for his bl@ck ass to go back to being regular. At least he got them damn teef fixed before he went broke. #NoSympathy Bet he go back to dating black chicks now…

  4. Fresh outa fucks to give for this musty piano-teef nigga. He don’t even like blacks. He gone learn today. Hey Chad!… try not dropping da soap. Then again, you prolly been droppin soap all in T.O. shower you closet queen. No sympathy for this VAIN, SELF-HATING, AFRICAN BOOTY SCRATCHER! #iH8blackpepper #iH8mygums #iH8WhoopiGoldbergLips #ShouldaNevaGaveUNiggasMoney #fuckYOcouchNigga

  5. He better hope Celeb Apprentice calls. Oops… They work for charity. He better chk the casting call for the reg Apprentice.

  6. boo hooo so what it’s people that get less than that, that’s making it so suck it up.

  7. And zero fucks was given. He should have learned to manage his money better. Was he thinking about his finances when he brought his dancing partner an expensive as ring and various gifts? Was he thinking about his finances when he gave Evelyn a car for her birthday? When he first changed his name to Ocho-Cinco he was blowing money fast and that was years ago when he had a bright ass mohawk.

  8. He can sell some items when he get out of jail. That will hold him over. But I don’t feel bad for him. He plays with fire too much. How hard is it for a “grown” man to behave like one?

  9. And those 30 days you just received after violating probo dont help much either huh? Welp, maybe you should have played Ms. Cleo and forseen the future before you flew Ms. lovely E out to Cincinnati that faithful night and maybe you wouldnt be at this point. Sorry If I come off as having no sympathy buuuut I don’t! In other news.

  10. Looks like he’ll be behind on his child support also with all them kids he has. The *damn dummy award* goew to him.

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