Rumor: Hollywood Exes Gets An Atlanta Spinoff – Tameka Raymond Reportedly On Cast

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Chile is is an ole nasty cup of tea that came across my desk this morning. However, I can’t promise you that I am buying it. Rumors are swirling that Hollywood Exes is getting an Atlanta Spinoff and Tameka Raymond and Cee-Lo’s ex wife Christina Johnson are on the cast. VH1 has yet to issue any sort of official correspondence regarding this, but Star Magazine is reporting it. Star Magazine is also reporting that they are still trying to assemble the remaining cast. Catch these T’s


Now everyone pretty much knows the Usher & Tameka tea. Hell, we had to endure seeing and listening to the mess for years. Quite frankly I’m over both of them as it relates to their on again off again relationship. Chile cheese. However, I will say, Tameka Raymond would make for an ole nasty piece of reality tv fish. I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Tameka Raymond at a fundraiser she held at her store and I must say Mama is a spicy ball of fun.

After spending some time with Tameka my perception of her totally changed. It changed so much so that I was inclined to tell her to her face that coming into her store for the first time I really didn’t care for her, but by the time I was leaving she had won me over. The media has done a really good job of exploiting our rushed judgements and making Tameka out to be something she isn’t. Perhaps reality TV would be a good thing for Tameka Raymond. Maybe then the world can get a chance to see her outside of Usher’s shadow and make a fair assessment of her character.

As for Cee-Lo’s ex wife Christina Johnson, we don’t know as much about her as we do Tameka. What we do know is that her marriage to Cee-Lo ended with the police being called, arrest, and domestic violence charges being filed. This right here definite sounds like a recipe for good tv. The more and more I think about it. An Atlanta Spin-off of hollywood exes may not be such a  bad thing. Perhaps Sheree Whitfield can join the cast too considering she is unemployed.

Will you be watching?

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53 thoughts on “Rumor: Hollywood Exes Gets An Atlanta Spinoff – Tameka Raymond Reportedly On Cast

    • I am so glad somebody said it. The Sheree bashing has gotten old….REALLY OLD! Half the Black people in america are unemployed or underemployed thanks to this economy and the hoped for savior Obama didn’t save us or Black business. Remember the old adage….today her…tomorrow it may be you.

  1. I guess all the crazy Black ex-wives, almost wives, never a wife and jump-offs reside in New York and Atlanta.

  2. I don’t particularly care for the Hollywood version of the show but I think I’d tune in for an Atlanta Exes show. Espeically if these two women are signed on. ANd I know you were joking but… I think I’d get a little excited if SHeree’s delusional ass joined the cast. *shrugs*

    • I’d get excited if Toya Wright joined the cast, she needs a job and she looks so lonely and pitiful on twitter and instagram ALL THE DAMN TIME….. that’ll give her something to do SMH

  3. Actually If anyone needs one its her, she has a terrible reputation but we really don´t know her, would be nice if she could silence the nay sayers….then good for her.

  4. VH1 STATED there no show in progress they were only auditioning no cast member have been selected..they did not have enough participants..etc..etc..sounds like someone lawyers are putting the kybosh on his show..

  5. Damn and Toya Wright married broke A** Memphitz. This would have been perfect for her. Another good one is Tracy Edmonds

  6. i dont want to ever hear black women conplain about not been on tv ever again. love and hip hop atl. basketball wives. Hollywood ex s. now this. their on tv more than black men.

    • I had enough with these shows..they cant say much because of gag order..and don’t Tameka still live in Usher house damn now thaya biting the hand that feed you

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