Rumors Spiraling – NeNe Leakes FIRED From Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Where there is smoke, there is definitely fire. One thing is for certain, something major has happened during the filing of the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Earlier this week, rumors started flying that NeNe  Leakes and Kandi Burruss may have gotten into a physical altercation with one another. Later on, the word on the street was that they did not get into a fight with one another, but suggests that they both got into really bad fights with producers, NeNe’s fight becoming physical.Rumor has it that NeNe Leakes struck a member of the production staff and as a result of, may be fired from the show.

Ne Ne and her camp are denying the rumors. NeNe even took to Twitter saying “I really do appreciate the press but can u guys come up wit a better story than that.” Sources say, that the cast left for their annual trip earlier this week. When the ladies return Andy Cohen and the powers at be are set to decide NeNe’s ultimate fate. Why is it that only NeNe’s head is on the chopping block and not Kandi’s as well? Reportedly, Bravo has a policy that restricts violence against crew members. Since NeNe is the one who is rumored to have actually hit someone,  she is in the hot seat. At this point The Doll isn’t really sure what to believe. Trust and believe I will be following these developments closely.

NeNe has changed over the years. Season one she was the around the way crazy auntie that we all loved and could relate to. Over time she has turned into an overly aggressive, high fashion, loud mouth, RICH, over sensationalized villain. If any of this is true, and she does get fired, it serves her right. Hell, with all that she has acquired using this platform, it was my prediction that this was her last season on the show anyway. Non the less, like I said before, “GAWD don’t like ugly, and he ain’t crazy bout pretty either, and he damn sure don’t give a f*** about the fashionable”!

The Many FACES of NeNe Leakes

12 thoughts on “Rumors Spiraling – NeNe Leakes FIRED From Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. I learned a lot from watching the Atlanta show, and reading various articles about the women. I also learned about fake friends and back stabbers… As an example, Kenya is really jealous of Nene. She is trying to destroy everything around Nene, and she does not have anything nice to say about her on the show. Kenya back stabs Nene often, discredits her and she tries her best to uproot anything that is positive, or connected to Nene. Why? Is it because Kenya wants all the attention, and she wants to become the major star on the show? Kenya also pretends to be the victim on the show, because she is trying so hard to do the right thing. It is very obvious that the women on the show see through Kenya and knows that she plays many mind games. Last, Kenya was rejected by her mother and that issue need to be resolved to bring closure. Kenya should release the feeling of rejection, and learn that in life you can not make people love you. I hope she gets the counseling that she needs.

    Signed: Counseling Graduate Student (Washington, DC)

  2. if ne ne leaves that will be the end of housewives, i and my team will not watch the show. kenya should leave and take that marlo with her, and TWRILL THE HELL OFF THE EARTH,

  3. The very quote you use in your “article” says they had a fight WITH PRODUCTION. At first I thought you were “real” in your perspective & funny but I’m starting to see from your vids etc that you get a LOT of sh*t WRONG and/or straight TWISTED, then run with it & keep up a lot of he-say HE-say. Stop sowing discord, being two-faced, & get some help, you talking about ”Hoss-Suh-Leen”, n*gga you’re a DUDE in a damn WIG calling yourself a DOLL & DINEVA!!! Get some damn HELP, & at very least GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT if you going to be in this ‘field’ spreading info on people!!

    • she a loud mouth Bitch . who thinks she is all that . and she is not . trouble maker . and Gregg is a fool to put up with that sow . get rid of the trouble there are better peeps than some class. . just go back and look all you see id her BIG TRAP FLAPPING.



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