SCANDAL: Ludacris Fathers New Baby. Files Court Docs Saying He Can’t Pay Much In Child Support

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Listen y’all, I can’t take no more marriage proposals or new babies popping up. Geesh! First Dwyane Wade popped up with a mystery baby, now Ludacris has popped up with a mystery baby born December 9th. Much like Dwyane & Gabby, Luda is trying to sell to us that he and long time girlfriend Eudoxie were on break when the baby was conceived. Chile Cheese, and I’m Brittany Spears.

Ludacris is acknowledging that he is the father of Cai Bridges, born from mother Tameka Fuller. What Ludacris is not acknowledging is how much money really makes and how much money he is really worth. According to court documents that Luda filed, he is only bringing home $25,842.41 monthly. Under Georgia law, his child support would be set at $1,754.66. No tea no shade, $1,700 per month would be more than enough for the average hood chick. Shiddddd i know baby mamas getting $213 per month.

Despite what Luda is claiming in the court documents, Forbes Magazine has Luda being worth at least 12 million dollars. Ewwwww chile, somebody somewhere is lying. Luda knows damn well he can pay that lady more than 2k per month. I have a feeling once they launch an investigation into Luda’s finances and review those tax returns, he will be ordered to fork over a hell of a lot more cash that $1,754.66.

You gotta be more careful who’s hot pocket you stick your fork in!

113 thoughts on “SCANDAL: Ludacris Fathers New Baby. Files Court Docs Saying He Can’t Pay Much In Child Support

  1. Eucalyptus shoulda stayed her ass in med school. This is what happens when you let these fool do you any ole kind of way.

    Her and Gabby deserve whatever they get if they stay with these n*ggas that clearly don’t respect them. But I guess money is more important than respect these days. Oh well…

  2. Isnt it hilarious or isnt it down right sad how these rappers can’t wrap it up sleep with randoms and then try to cheat they kids that they will never see out of what they deserve. I mean are all these people reall bums whether they make it out the hood or not regardless if you making 25,000 a month 2000 is not hurting you at all you blow that in the club or at mcdonalds making it rain. I am ashamed and appalled that LUDA would be acting so dayuuummm cheap. He is supposed to be one of the good brothers. HELL NAW he just nasty on all levels and celebs need to realize we buy into them. Things like this would make me hold on to all my money if his ass involved another cheap ass man.

  3. eudoxie gets more that 1,700 a month! why shouldn’t his child get what he pays for his girlfriend and his other daughter?

  4. I’m sorry, but this is hard for me to believe too, especially since they use Ludacris’ formula of branding and marketing in college courses. I know, because I was shocked to find out how much he was worth 5 years ago when I was taking the course. I know the economy hit everybody hard, but this man makes long coins just in marketing. He better hope they don’t use college textbooks as evidence in court, humph! I say pay the lady and save himself the embarrassment that is sure to come.

  5. Luda can give another more then $1700 for child support! Shit it would be best if he put some of that money in trust fund and break it down to that his son get bit by bit from age $18-35! But like most rappers who have kids from different women, he´s not gonna do it.

  6. I guess that’s the new explanation for cheating nowadays…We were on a break. PLEASE! Str8 bullshit. I suppose Eudoxie or whatever her name is doesn’t give a damn as long as she gets to keep living the lavish life. Gone are the days of having self respect for yourself & holding men accountable for their actions. Fucking Pathetic! Black bitches will sell their soul for white designer shoes, clothes & purses. SMGDH!

    • And 1700 is more than enough to support a child. Make ol girl get a damn job other than opening up her legs. Judges need to start holding these groupie heauxs accountable for their actions as well. She knew she’d hit the jackpot if she got knocked up. I’d award her ass 500 & tell her to get a job. I’d make Luda put the rest of the money in a trust payable to the child on their 18th birthday. I’d make him pay for the child’s education to be paid to the school. Oh I’d teach these heauxs a valuable lesson indeed. Heauxs better be glad I’m not a judge. Lol

  7. Right $1700 really fast and furious lololol? Your kid shouldn´t have to live a average life if you´re not. That goes both ways no matter the sex of the non custodial parent lol . I can´t with these ninjas smh Brandi Berry-Fulton

  8. Bull crap you can´t even call this gal a whore smh. These men are wild & out! His child support should be 25GRAND A MONTH. YOURE JET SETTING WIth Kevin Hart stop the lies& take GOOD CARE OF YOUR KIDS. WHATS WRONG WITH THESE FOOKS! Brandi Berry-Fulton

  9. wait is it by that doctor girl he was dating. smh him and D.Wade. Having strong blk women in their lives, that are smart and beautiful but having these babies from other women. Guess that´s why I like my meat white but that´s my opinion.

  10. As I always say…the average couple has a 15 to 25% chance of conceiving during an ovulation period….luda and dwade BEEN fucking them women…I cant even call them hoes cause I dont know them or their situations. ..however… this is not some we only hooked up twice during the “break” situation…..

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    • Absolutely right, because best believe that that ish does happen. Starting from younger and younger ages sadly in the black community, while not only in ours but MOSTLY, children are not respecting their fathers, resenting their mothers, becoming products of trifing affairs and displaced anger, and repeating the cycle. Ludacris? Ewk. Sitcho behind down or if u too broke to pay up get back on the pop tart charts w a song feat pit bull or some ish.

  12. It kills me how ppl quick to call the Baby Momma a ratchet or hoe. Then what is the Man who SLEPT WITH HER!! I was taught “When a man lays down with a woman he makes himself her equal” SO you know you’re a man of certain means & you sleep around w/no discretion then have the NERVE to be upset when the woman files for what she should RIGHTFULLY file for. If a baby is born the child needs to be supported as per THE LAW. So if she’s entitled to your 17% GIVE IT TO HER! Maybe paying out enough child support will remind you to wear a $3 condom. If there’s a woman looking for a come up then Luda is DUMB AS SHIT to just give it to her so easy.
    Exodus or whaever her name is will stay, get some extra gifts & STILL put her life on hold. What do you call THAT?!?! Oh b/c she’s in LOVE that doesn’t make her a willing opportunist? If Mr. Bridges didn’t have the coins to take care of her since she dropped out of medical school she’d be OUT!!
    Chile Dineva said it best Millionaires with Section 8 Drama. I’m happy me & my eggs & my 9-5 don’t have to deal w/a life like these “celebs.”

  13. The breaks are bs cuz we watch your lives on social media and there wasn´t no break Wade and Luda. I´m so mad at the girlfriends who are staying with these lames!! What trend is this? Yucky

    • These women bother me because if the shoe was on the other foot the stories would be different. If during their break Gabby ended up prego with another man’s child do you think DWade would have proposed to her HELL NO.. And if Eudoxie (however you spell her name) got pregnant by the milk man would Luda still be with her NOPE!!! Women need to realize and recognize their worth its one thing to be cheated on but its a whole different picture when your man cheats and brings back a baby GTFOHWTBS!!!! That means not only does he not give a flat f*** about his health and well being but he could careless about yours, thank GOD all either one of these men brought back were babys instead of some serve STD’s I mean these dudes are wreck less with their penis’..

  14. I am amazed at how reckless these men and so many others continue to be when it comes to unprotected sex. Damn being mad about the baby, I´m mad that you jepordized your health and mine. These chicks who are pregnant are the proof of you having unprotected sex, but how many of them have you been with that didnt get pregnant or didnt have the baby?

  15. After reading this, I´m wondering what female allowed him to be born! Such disrespect for women and your children! Let your mother, sisters, aunts, cousins and children read this article. From this point forward you should put this statement on a gold chain and drape it around your neck. That way any women who attempts to walk in your direction can hide in a corner until the coast is clear!

  16. Chuld support is based on income. The mother doesn´t determine how much she is paid. I want folk to stop looking at the person who decided to deal with the consequences of having raw sex like they´re the bad person trying to get paid. Yeah, some chicks do it for the money but most raise those kids by themselves while the daddy goes and parties and spends and everyone praises them for it.

  17. The 25k is more than likely what he pays himself, Christopher Bridges, as a salary. His assets are probably owned by his corporations and trusts. This keeps every Tom, Dick, Harry and Temeka from acceess to his real net worth.

  18. Lmao at Isis! Can´t even knock the side chics at this point… It´s these raggedy ass dudes going around donating organs and not wrapping it up. Too much stuff going around

  19. What happened to the days waaay back when, when side chick’s would know their place? Yall entertainment guys can keep that “we were on a break” shit, ESPECIALLY if you was with your main thang for years and she ain’t came up pregnant yet. Just sliding on into that home plate, literally. Of course these women are gonna try their best to trap (especially if it’s scandal attatched because that leads to a little blog notoriety. Then they gon write a book, and do some club appearances to get a check in addition to yours, you big DUMMY). This is considered more than a college plan for these girls nowadays. Shit, if you giving up the funds and all they gotta do is carry and have your ugly ass kid, and be STRAIGHT for 18 years (or find a way to stretch that), they ain’t turning down nothing. They’ll happily assist you. Use the latex or hand over your paychecks, simple.

  20. They can´t afford to take time to put on condemns or they can´t afford them? But, I bet they can afford that cocktail Magic got when they come down w/ HIV & wanna get rid of it… Save yo $, buy condoms.

  21. My question is why is the chick the ratchet? Aren´t they both ratchet? Luda is the one who has everything to lose yet he´s so irresponsible he sleep with this woman without wrapping it up. I ain´t saying she deserves a big payout but he´s an idiot knowing he has so much to lose. Ninjas mad like women playing games when da fu&k do they take accountability for slidin up in it raw?

    • Girl its like they don’t even care bout their dicks.. And then they giving the raw Dog to their main chicks too.. EWWW!!! They must feel like since they got money they can get that curable HIV like Magic Johnson!!!! blahahahaha

  22. This is what kills me everybody wanna get on the mans case when these ratchets are selling their eggs on the blackmarket for a 18year payout. Now that´s trifling. This gold digger phenomenon is outa control and the sad part is y´all siding with these ratchets who don´t give a damn about the baby

  23. What not u too Luda! I heard this &thought it was a rumor..I can´t recall him &ol girl taking a break.. Smh they just out here raw dogging it &getting chicks that´s not their lady´s knocked up.. Guess the money &lifestyle makes the girlfriends stay….

  24. So he claims he can´t pay much but from what I´ve seen on IG him & Enyce been traveling the world with Kevin Hart & his boo!!!! Gtfoh and I agree with you Michelle Bullock I guarantee he throws more than that at KOD or ONYX!!!! I wonder how Eucerin feels about this situation? Because I doubt they were on a “break”

  25. now that comment of “You gotta be more careful who’s hot pocket you stick your fork in!” had me laughing… Funky Dineva be on the news… lmbo Luda could give that lady at least 5k or more he just posted pics of a diamond item he bought his gf. i´m sure it wasn´t cheap or his vacation w/Kevin H. So she will get more and laugh all the way to the bank…

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