Security Guard That Tasered Ghetto Mother Given $20k By Well-Wishers For Helping Clean Atlanta

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Camera phones and social media outlets are bringing so many situations to light that under other circumstances we would probably be deprived from seeing. The incident involving the mall cop who tased the hell out of this obnoxiously ghetto woman in front of her children circulated like wild fire last week. I chose not share it then because the woman’s antics really did leave me feeling some kind of way. I get attacked on the regular for being a coon and embarrassing Black Folks, but this was one of those situations that I truly  felt embarrassed Black Folks.  I’ve opted to share now because some good has come out of it.

Check out the video that cause a social media overload and read more on this neighborhood hero.



Supporters have raised $20,000 for an Atlanta security guard who became an internet sensation this week after he posted videos online showing his refusal to give in to abuse from troublemakers.

Darien Long made headlines earlier this week after a video showing him tasering a violent woman outside Atlanta’s Metro Mall spread online – it has now been viewed more than one million times.

And since then more and more videos are emerging of the zero-tolerance guard refusing to give in to violent threats.

In the footage, filmed by a camera on Long’s uniform, men are heard warning they’ll follow him home; he is racially abused; spat at; threatened with violence and objects are thrown at him all because he’s asked people to leave the shopping center or to stop hovering outside.


The woman who attacked Long was reportedly charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and simple battery.

Since the campaign began it has raised $20, 000 so Long can buy himself more equipment.

And it appears he needs it. Further videos posted online by Long show several abusive exchanges.

In one he asks a group to leave but they consistently refuse, loitering by the doorway and threatening to follow him home and ‘beat’ him.

It ends with one of the group – another woman – throwing a sandwich board at him.

Other videos show him confronting men he suspects of drug dealing and shoplifting.

In another a man repeatedly pushes Long in the chest and calls for him to fight him in the street.

‘Stay out the mall and we won’t have an issue’, Long tells one of his abusers in a video

The guard seems bemused by the attention his work has attracted and said he doesn’t want fame. What he wants is to see his area improve.

‘I don’t care about the fame or none of that crap. What I want is on street gambling to go away, The people who just hang down here to make money and be disruptive and for the drug dealing to leave this area,’ he says on a response posted on YouTube.

‘You can’t ever get rid of all the crime in any city but it shouldn’t be in such proximity to the seat of power of the state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta. People should be able to come downtown and do what they want to do.’

‘I’m really nobody to be honest with you.’ ~DailyMail


Despite being in a position most would find terrifying, Long says he is determined to enforce the rules and believes doing so ultimately helps his community.

He told Atlanta news station WSB-TV: ‘I feel like the taser and the camera are the two most effective tools that I have. Do what you’re supposed to do or you get what’s coming to you.’

‘What you do is clean up the neighborhood so other businesses can come in and downtown Atlanta can prosper,’ he added

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92 thoughts on “Security Guard That Tasered Ghetto Mother Given $20k By Well-Wishers For Helping Clean Atlanta

  1. Those poor kids. Even if they were “bad as hell”, they’re only acting out what they see. Their role models acting like that in front of them is WAY worse than mama getting tased. Her being tased shows them that can’t act like little jack asses and expect to not have consequences for their actions.

  2. Seeing the children behave that way makes me terribly sad!! As young as they are they are already being told that there’s something wrong with being gay! They are yelling it over and over again to the security guard meaning it to be an insult! I’m wondering do they know their ABC’s or how to count! It’s just so disheartening and embarrassing.

    • Ive lived in Atl since 91 and back then we used to enjoy going downtown. They even had Richs and Macys downtown at that time. Underground had nice places to go. However you could not pay me to go downtown now. Havent been downtown in years! I am thinking about going to see this gentlemen and pay for his lunch and pray over him if that is ok with him! If all of our black men stood up to these thug punks and hood rats we would be better off!

  3. I’m mad she had the children in on it. Then again I see the most ratchet behavior in ATL when the women have their children in tow. Like the showing out for the children or something. I dont get it. I’m going to send him $5 right now.

  4. I feel bad that those kids have a hood rat mother but it was funny as hell when he tased her trifling ass and she stood at attention before falling, Lmao.

  5. The kids are a product of their enironment. As ratchet as they are they don’t know better, she should get tased by cps too.

  6. Megan are so rite..I’m feel threatened for him..I watch 4 of his other videos and he is doin WAY TOO DAM the other videos,he is pushing on guys,grabbing them by their shirts…One guy literally told him to take off his waistbelt and step outside the door…These young guys he is harassing don’t have anything to lose..they will Smoke his ASS..So this fund that they are giving him Might have to pay for his Funeral…

  7. Epic. Hilarious! “while mi babe rite dere, while mi babe rite dere” lol. LOL I watch this over and over just to get a kick!

  8. I have joy in my heart that she was put in her place… On the ground where she belongs… And the father is soooo ignorant “not in front of my kids”.

  9. Hunty a security company couldnt pay me enuf to make me ride for them like that. Homey gonna need more than a taser bcuz goons do come back….he better cut that over achiever azz mess out b4 they be taping up the scene. Hell he should’ve called the popo & let them bring the paddie wagon & book her, her home girl & them bad azz kids & that dusty azz baby daddy right on down to the city jail! My (Mouf) is still hanging open!

  10. He should have tased her and her big greasy friend …people kill me allowing their kids to terrorize the public and get mad when people say something

  11. And dude was never in the wrong. What grown person with good sense hits a security officer and don’t expect consequences. He went back in and all he said was “get ur kids” and she went HAM…they was bad as hell. This is ratchetness at its finest and I’m kinda embarassed cuz u already know certain people think we all act like this…smh

    • He’s a better man than I am; I would have punted those kidlets over the river and through the woods. Maybe their grandmother would know how to raise them. Probably not, though… smh.

  12. RoDah…honey he was in the wrong as much as she was!! Like I said his approach was wrong! Ain’t no way in hell you gone keep repeating yourself telling them to leave and arguing with them!! Common sense will be ok I told them 2-3x to leave and they didnt so let me call the police and get them involved!! If its that bad why is it still open, why isn’t it a police sub station!! In no way am I defending him or her because the way it went down they both where wrong!! So you can have several seats

  13. Ok, so let’s be clear on one fact here: any of you that are, in ANY way, assuming that the security guard was out of line is DEFINITELY a hoodrat, as only a hoodrat would think that the woman/her children’s actions DID NOT warrant her to be dealt with, and ACCORDINGLY!!!!!!!!! He asked her SEVERAL times to “back up,” and she did what hoodrats do: she failed to comply. He CONTINUED to tell her to back up, and she did what hoodrats with children do: get their children to join in on the ignorance. He pushed her to KEEP her out of the very mall that he had asked her REPEATEDLY leave, and she did what all hoodrats do when told to do ANYTHING, reasonable or not: she put her hands on him and got loudER. So now that he did HIS job versus calling the police, he’s in the wrong??????????? Wow……………I wasn’t aware that ignorance was THIS damned popular. The bottomline is this: that rachid ass, project-living, sperm stain of a woman got out of pocket, and she was handled: PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And while you all are so up in arms about how HE handled it, I can bet money that those that think his actions were wrong would have done WORSE to that young lady if you were in his position, and police wouldn’t have even been a factor.

    • 100% agree with this statement. Why should the police be called to handle her, when it is his job to do so. Also calling the cops to handle her means they are not patrolling the streets handling real crimes.

  14. He needs to move on and let that job go cause the ignorance don’t stop there. They are really gonna try him now.

  15. Thats awesome! That trashy bitch needed tased and so did the nigga. If yo kids were THAT much of a concern after the bitch got tased, you shoulda got yo chick and yo kids outta there before it got serious… niggas are straight ignorant as fuck these days.

  16. I loved how she got stiff as a board and then fell dead to the bed! She got what she deserved! And for ole dude trying to defend her after she fell over, why wasn’t he telling her to shut up since their kids are watching??? Don’t get bad after she get laid out!! Ratchetness at its finest! LMFAO!!!!!

  17. I from Atlanta and been here all my life…… And use to be downtown alot in my teen years…. This is something I know for fact HE WON’T LAST LONG TRUST IT’S A NIGGA OUT THERE WAITING AND LURKING FOR THE RIGHT TIME…….THESE NIGGAS OUT HERE DON’T CARE…..AND ALL THAT STUFF THEY’RE OUT THERE DOING BEING GOING ON WAY BEFORE THEY HIT THAT BLOCK AND IT’S NOT GOING TO STOP BECAUSE TOP FLIGHT SECURITY CAME ALONG…… But with the ladies with her kids he was doing his job but all the other tapes shows that he is HARASSING PEOPLE……BUT TRUST YOU ME, WE WILL SEE HIM ON THE NEWS AGAIN……

  18. And she shouldn’t have put her hands on him–PERIOD! Act like an animal and get treated like one! That man serious about his job! Top Flight Security!

  19. Nakeitra let’s let someone punch and slap your ass a few times and lets see how you handle it. Calm down she got what any one if you would have got. Have you ever considered the taser was to keep him from putting his paws on her. Then he would have really been wrong. That was his dam job to secure the area. Y’all tall all this ish in the comfort of fb but you know so dang gone well and as quiet as kept you would have out it to her. So have several _’s

  20. And that’s the kids of thinking that will keep black folks on plantations and making minimum wage. I’m sorry. I’m not from the A but I do approve his message. If dude was just harassing then I’d probably say fuck him up but he’s actually trying to do good deeds. PLUS IT’S HIS JOB!

  21. Someone needs to stank his ass ijs….everybody ain’t going for tht shit….pussy ain’t the police n he ready to die for a store he doesn’t own smh he is just as much as an idiot as she is.

  22. Pam, I said a lil mace ain’t hurt nobody. They would remember that pepper spray every time they thought about saying something biased!

  23. He does provoke but why when someone of our color is trying to do the right thing most look down on them. He’s right that it’s a quality of life issue. U think cops gonna talk all that smack? They tasing ur ass with the finger stuck to the trigger. That’s his job. I do feel he should not be as aggressive but we are no him or in his situation!

  24. When people complain that means he’s doing something right… You can’t wear a uniform and be scared of poor thugs, lastly I assure you that ugly b&@$h WILL not try another officer. Most people do what they are told, something her Mammy didn’t teach her.. Security officers are in position of authority ( like it or not) if they tell you move or no loitering, means move , its prohibited…

  25. This is one crazy ass video. He was wrong and the mother was wrong. he could’ve messed around and tased one of them kids. SMH!! She should have walked away especially since her kids were there. But its obvious those kids are you to seeing their mother act like that because they starting talking shit to the security guard as well. SMH!!!

  26. I have sent so many tweets facebook postings to people trying to bring attention to the fact that my unarmed brother was murdered by a bad cop here in macon, georgia and I cant get anyone to read about it or watch the youtube videos, but something like this can get so much attention. I feel defeated and confused. My brother was not violent had no criminal history he was just different. It got him killed. He was 49. His name: Sammie junebug Davis. Killed at kroger by clayton sutton.

  27. His other videos got me fearing for his Life…I’ve watched them and those Thugs are out to get him…

  28. He should not of been arguing with that girl or anybody..he talked to much and going back and fourth…after 3x of asking you to leave and you don’t call the damn police have them come out!!

  29. Who raised that money? I hope he actually uses some of it to either start a small business or clean up that area..

  30. She gave new meaning to dead to the floor cuz babay she dropped lol feel bad for them fucked u babies u see the daddy someboy save the children for its too late!!!!!

  31. To call you a coon and accuse you of embarrassing Black folks is ridiculousboth as a whole and as it pertains to sharing this particular incident on the part of your detractors. Thank you for affording your supporters who didn’t know about this story (including me) the opportunity to be enlightened.

  32. Obviously she wanted to get tased, this man asked her several times to leave but no they wanna act ignorant as hell and u can tell that they act like that on a daily basis, instead of acting foolish they should be some where raising them damn kids to respect grown folks but no they raising them up to act ignorant just like them and its a got damn shame, I think that’s what she get I don’t feel sorry for her one bit, everybody entitled to their own opinion but her ass learnt that day, and her baby daddy ain’t no better I just feel sorry for those kids cause they already corrupted…poor ass excuse of a mother….smgdh

  33. How bout he talk with the police so they can be more involved than him taking matters into his own hands..he will get hurt by someone!! Hire trained security guards..let it be a police sub station!! No matter what his approach is wrong, he is rude!

    • Right? I know … it appears they don’t have anyone guiding them in the right direction … no respect for authority, using gay slurs to insult someone … man, I hope someone cares enough to intervene soon or I fear for their future. :(

  34. I still LOVE the fact that she fell out under the ANOINTING of GAWD… and 50,000 volts. Ghetto hood urchins deserve to be treated like the TRASH they are.

  35. Who in the hell gonna get shoved, in a position to protect himself, doing his job and call the police.. Stop co signing ignorance…she still got criminal charges, logical people wouldn’t defend that bullshit

  36. I don’t care what he is trying to do! It’s other approaches he could of done than tase someone or put his hands on ppl! Yeah she asked for it the way she was acting but after his ass told her to leave and the other men to leave on his videos and they didnt he should of called 9-1-1 and let them take over it!

  37. He did his job and anyone who refute that is just as big of a piece of shit as that hood rat was… Her dumb made him 20,000 richer and in her case still accepting welfare and stamps,

  38. In this one I don’t blame him but he is really acting a straight fool in the other ones. Look it up for day 2 and so forth

  39. You better back it up! His top flight security ass is gonna end up missing. IJS. He might be taking his job a little too serious and u know street ppl ain’t got nothing to live for. You see that dude told him he was gonna catch him after work. Shorty was doing the kick worm after he hit her with those watts.

  40. People are gonna learn to keep their hands to themselves or deal with the repercussions of getting out of line. Where can I send my donation for him to teach those bad ass kids a lesson since their breeders are failing them???

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