Shay “Buckey” Johnson Love & Hip Hop Atlanta SEX TAPE Leaked!!!! (Video)

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Attention: I just got a call that this is old TEA, but i’m still gonna spread it…

Ohhhhhhh B!tch!! Nasty put some clothes on why dontcha! Chile, i don’t know what the hell is going on here, but these cast members of Love & Hip Hop sure can’t seem to keep their privates off of the internet. First Stevie’s beef cake was put on display, then Rich Dollaz’z lil pee pee played peek-a-boo, now a sex tape has surfaced and allegedly Shay “Buckey” Johnson is the leading lady. Catch these T’s

buckeey (1)

In the 1 minute and 39 seconds video clip, the leading lady is seen going for broke on the d!ck. After singing into the microphone for a while, Shay turns around and the body party begins. For the life of me, I was hoping this is not Shay, but uhmmmm, it’s going to be hard to convince the general public otherwise.

Chile, enough talking. Here it is:

Warning, once you click this link, things become X-rated and are NOT SAFE FOR WORK



CLICK HERE ———Shay Johnson Sex Tape



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Is It Shay? What do you think?

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279 thoughts on “Shay “Buckey” Johnson Love & Hip Hop Atlanta SEX TAPE Leaked!!!! (Video)

  1. The atlanta house wives have you under a gag order these days because Kandi let you tape with her on the show and in her muscial. not to accuse you of selling out since this is business

  2. Shay was a video girl so this doesn´t surprise me. It´s in the how to stay relevant one more minute handbook.

  3. I don´t wanna see Francine off “Authur” Cartoon sex tape,all these are hoes tired and stay fucking these fugly dudes

  4. This is Not New Newz!!!!….This Surfaced and resurfaced way around her Flavor of Love days…..Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears back…Lol…Its not resurfacing……The Person is just late as ever Finding Out LMbo!!!!..Plus the guy whom was in the tape was her boyfriend at the time!!!..they broke up….he exposed it…sSimple

  5. See this is what happens when Mo’Nique is your headmaster down at charm school. You fight bitches over washed-up ashy bastards, leak a sex tape, put a nigga’s shit in your name, let his mom pimp you, then get humiliated when said nigga proposes to HIS baby-mama on national TV.

    She should just stick her head in the toilet & flush. Caus I’m bout tired of seeing this dusty dolphin mouf ass bitch. #underTHEsea #MonkeyMoufHo #serving animal planet realness

  6. Few observations:

    1. why is her booty hole so loose?
    2. wtf is going on with that music? lmao
    3. damn she is ugly with no makeup
    4. dude’s dick is way little and he’s got a gut :-(
    5. where is the condom?????
    6. for these people to be in nice houses with weave and makeup and bags and cars, why are the “home videos” always shot in scummy looking dorm rooms? O_o

  7. Now Now people truth be told she had to start from some were. Look at those lips and that fucked up overbite. If you saw last week show. Scrappy stated were did you get your house from. Meaning onces a hoe always hoe…. So what she sucks dicks for a living!!! A girl gotta do what girl gotta do. So what she has been blessed with the skills to blow a serious knob, her skills were all that!!! and a bag nuts…. Truth be told, most of you hiding behind a screen can blow a mean one also… They don’t call most of you whores, Ms. or Mr. Pac for nothing!!!! Chile Ms. Shay got skills for your nerves, she was not waisting one once inch of that wood. She wanted it all and the milk…. I’ze ain’t mad at you get your man… But always remember to come up for air, now breath lightly. And as always remember to the wise wrap it up…..

  8. this tape is old, from 4yrs ago, yes its clearly her, but she looks younger. Keep looking on the net for an interview since L&HH season 1 where she admits she has done things in the past that she regrets & learned from

  9. I saw that years ago, she claimed it was her ex-boyfriend and that it was before Flavor of love. The person who emailed you this story probably was Shay..

  10. This is old tea. Her full video is a little over 30 minutes, been there done that. She got a nice body but I aint learn no new tricks from her.

  11. Low think Erica wants this Bottom Feeder around her Princess..Bye Boo Bye…you are Dismissed…

  12. Shay Always Have Been A Freak , Any Body Sleep With Flave Is NASTY as Hell, Now Scrappy I Bet She’s Trying To Get Pregnant By Scrap, She’s Just Nasty , Shay You Are A I H(Industry HOE)

  13. Oh so yall just gon ignore that Star Wars Revenge of the Sith music playing in the background? Chile that music had me thinking Darth Vader was holding that camera.

    • the music needed to be dramatic or else it wouldve been boring as f–k i never saw the original but watching just that it’s like eh…aint nothin new. and if she f–ked flav im SO NOT surprised.

  14. Never seen this before! Lawd Lawd, What was that on her butthole? Is it true that she was sucking off Andre 2000 in that video? Shay need to get up with Super Head so she can learn how to suck the D. Oh! That’s right, strike my last sentence, this video was from 2008 so I’m quite sure her head-game is much better cause its 2013 now. Well at least I hope it’s better!?

  15. Hoops also had a video “leak” a couple years ago. I think they let these tapes out on purpose to help their career. I don’t see what the big deal is; everybody has had sex. And most people have taken nude pictures or filmed themselves. If I become famous I’m sure somebody will leak my shit too.

    • Not to change the subject, but did you watch Flav on “Couples Therapy” last night? He is such an assy ass-kisser, always trying to impress white folks, and still acts like a little boy at 50-something. His po’ wife (even tho’ she picked him), I feel sorry for her. He pissed me off trying to give that TeenMom couple, that he just met, advice and putting them down for giving up their baby for adoption (for the good of the baby). On some previews, I hear GirlsGoneWild man tell Flav “You smell like shit” (even tho’ Flav was “so happy to meet him” when he first arrived, like he was a ‘bro’.”)I wonder if what he smelled was Flav’s “toof” stank from all that gold shit on top of them. He doesn’t get his hair cleaned and done, so he probably doesn’t brush his stank mouth. His po’ wife looks said she’s happiest AWAY from him; she looks fragile and intimidated by his rusty ass. I used to date a guy kinda like him in Las Vegas, and I hated it when he wanted to kiss because of the smell of one gold-capped toof in his mouth – I guess they think when they have gold that they don’t have to brush…Flav has a whole two rows of gold-covered teef…so if Shay was working on him too, she’s got summa his top and bottom stank inside herself. It never goes away, like vomiting a little in your own mouth.

  16. Chile Shay and Mona re-released that shit….don’t be fooled this is nothing but Mona’s plot for the reunion and Shay relevancy for the week.

  17. She going to be like like joseline the cdc gonna want her to get an hiv test… oh if u didnt know they want the new mrs stevie j to get an aids test because her pip ray died of aids in 2007 just a few years after she cut him off its possible he contracted it after ahe left but at the same damn time he was screwing all his women and was a known homosexual soooo boosh. A lil more insight lol

      • Dineva: ARE YOU RESEARCHING THIS STORY FOR US? “the new Mrs. Stevie J”? Joseline? Mimi? Mimi just got a car last night from Stevie. I wonder if Mimi is back to being the “new Mrs. based on the BMW”…or is Joseline still No. 1 for the time-being? I pray Mimi reads this before she lets Steebie back into the house. Lawd, I hope all those ladies are protecting themselves cause it looks like the LHHA web is getting more complicated after Joseline met K Michelle in the parking lot and became “friends” (they may do a menage a trois with Steebie).

        • Allegedly Jose & Steebie got married over the weekend & UONENO it. Just heard it on Wendy’s hot topics today. But don’t rule out those threesome ideas just yet though. Cause ERRBODY on dat show are freaks!

    • Who are you talking about? Shay had a pimp that was a homosexual? Where did you hear this? I want to read up on it.

  18. This is an old tape they released this when she was on Flavor of Love. People kill me being so holy and crap we all have sex big damn deal she made a little flick for her dude but he is a sucka for releasing a cellphone flick smh but before ppl call her nasty you know you do the same thing on the video with your man it just isn’t on film.

      • Lol girl tell it like it is. That’s why I can’t stand Shay, she sucked and f^cked her way to where she is. Yeah it’s natural to some to do these things but it’s a difference when it’s a slut giving everyone their turn. This is obviously why she was Scrappy SIDE chick

        • Exactly that’s why Scrappy would never wife her. Will always be just a fuck to him. Your right she leaked this herself a no good whore I hate Shay… I love Eric she handles herself very well!!!

  19. Yea thats definitely her.. did u not hear the voice ” yes he just n***** all over me” thats her. She cant even denybthis one… Dineva hunty u be throwing me all thw goodness. I love it hunty.

  20. Like my Granny used to say, “a fish don’t get caught until he opens his mouth”! She could have easily denied, denied, denied…until she opened her mouth at the end. Dang, I hate it for her though…Its crazy how folks will leak your ish all willy nilly!

  21. Old or not,Someone needs to give her a show,She is on her last 5 of her 15 mins of fame!!!!!!!

  22. Chile animated porn! I’m feeling some type of way after seeing Arthur’s sister getting it in so early in the morning.

  23. I hope this 15 minutes finally quinches this bitches thirst! She fighting way too hard for second choice!

  24. Chile I done fell DEAD TO THE BED!!!!!!! I will say one thing, don’t act surprised if she pop up with something. RAW DAWGING LIKE A MUG SMH. TV people think they’re invincible.. Man was this the audition tape for LHHATL. Is this Scrappy? done for the day.

    • . You are right, and if he DID just drop it in her mouth and he was going with Erica (which he probably was at the time, considering the age of their daughter), and she KNEW he had a girlfriend, he just disrespected her like a toilet bowl, and she disrespected herself even more. No way can you let a man do that unless you are married or in a committed relationship with him…she’s nasty and probably infected…speaking of infected, maybe Rasheeda’s husband mighta been hitting it with Shay, and that’s why he doesn’t want to be with his wife any more, but doesn’t want everyone/us to know he “got it”. They ALL need to be tested, including Erica, po’ thang.

  25. Smh, for the life og me I dont understand why ppl record this type of foolery, She’s tryna get famous 1 way or thee other hunty !!!

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