Sheree Whitfield Returning To Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 For $20 And A Bag Of Groceries

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I told y’all back when Sheree appeared alongside Kim on Watch What Happens Live,  that would not be the last we see of her on BRAVO. I actually took it a step further and predicted that she would be returning to RHOA. Then, when I was at Kandi’s wedding and saw Sheree sitting across the way from me, I thought to myself “ohh yea chile, she’s definitely coming back.” By the end of Kandi’s wedding night, Sheree was filming full on scenes with Derek J and Lawrence. I knew then, she is definitely coming back, and they are going to use Kandi’s wedding show, probably Kim’s show, and the current casting climate to bring her back.

Quiet as its kept, Sheree’s return to RHOA would actually be a good thing in my book. It would spice things up on what has become a rather redundant show. With Kenya having no friends, and Sheree & Kenya having Lawrence in common, it would be a very easy sell to the viewers to integrate Sheree back into the fold as Kenya’s new friend.

tumblr_mzzp4gKS5q1rfvajjo1_400Pay close attention because now i’m about to hip y’all to some private conversation. It was once said that with the salary caps and the show’s overall budget, Sheree could never come back, because she once upon a time was making a pretty penny and is  fully aware of what kind of money the girls are making. The logical thought was, since she’s gone, let her stay gone, and a new person can be brought in for next to nothing. Well word on the street is that Sheree let it be known that she will return for next to nothing. She has zero expectation of getting paid anything close to what she was once making. I guess mama figured, “a lil bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.” All jokes aside, I would like to see things shaken up a little. Bring Sheree back!

Todd’s Mother Tells Mama Joyce ” You Got The Wrong One Now, B!tch” Kandi’s Wedding Special (video)

On another note, Sheree and I had a bit of a reconciliation at Kandi’s wedding. I was walking to the bar (of course), and as I walked past Sheree, she looked at me and said “Funky Dineva how are you, its a joyous occasion…” I felt like that was her way of burying the hatchet. With all sincerity I grab her hand, looked her in the eye and said “I really want to apologize for any turmoil I may have caused you, seriously”. She replied ” and I would like to apologize to you too”. We then shook hands and went our merry ways. This entertainment stuff should be all fun & games, but sometimes things become a little too personal. At the very end of the day, I never want to carry the weight of causing someone TRUE  heartache and strife. So with that, I apologized…

Now I will say this, if and when the time comes, The Doll will be returning to Chatuea Sheree for an update on what the hell is going on. Until then, y’all be good….

What are your thoughts on Sheree Whitfield returning?

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231 thoughts on “Sheree Whitfield Returning To Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 For $20 And A Bag Of Groceries

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  2. Sheree has been such a downer on RHOL in the past and troublemaker. Should she return, I hope it’s for the good. Being nice and not having a manipulative, bitter, and deceitful heart. I hope she’s on RHOL to help the women, not come up against them. The show need a more positive impact for our upcoming young girls who are easily influenced. We want them to be influence in a positive sense – not negative.

    • The positive is all nice but lets be realistic when someone pisses you off or whatever you either react or respond. REACT=ratings RESPOND=canceled I loved Sheree and was very disappointed that she was let go. Sheree takes no shit from nobody, I mean damn “who gone check me boo?” I love love love that it never gets old to me. And how she kept that nasty ass NENE in check was great. NENE said Sheree was a true bitch well I find NENE to be a true stanky bitch who has lost a lot due to her stankiness. Sheree needs to be back, trust and believe it won’t hurt the ratings

    • I was pissed that Sheree was gone I loved the way she would go at it with anyone, bring her back let NENE and Kenya go. Kenya lied her way onto the show and continues to lie like she’s having in vitro from Casper WTFE and keep Porsha

  3. I hope she doesn’t return, the housewives are getting out of hand, please andy lets not back track my goodness! you know the 2 that need to be gone and that Kenya and Cynthia go find 2 new girlfriend it is so much drama going on in Atlanta. please get something new you are killing me with the dumbness and craziness ughhhhhhhhhh

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  6. I dont think Sheree is going to be here for Kenya. Sheree has a short fuse, she aint gon be for Kenya’s fuck shit

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    • LOL i am so sorry for the stupid empty posts, but FD, you have my azz rolling. Thank you for all the tea, and ALL of the shade!!!

      I will be there for Miss Sheree. She read Miss Nene for filth when she was all gums on the bottom sides, and before the Glee money was coming in. I lived for those moments with Sheree. And a bag of groceries will suit her just fine seeing as she was feeding her son cheese sandwiches and grapes on her last season, letting him bust out of his sneakers while she shopped for designer bags with a piece of paper saying ‘IOU.’

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  12. Ooh it looks like the She by Sheree goons are patrolling this blog. She’s definitely trying to make a come back and ‘hope’ she can strike gold this time like ol’ Nene Leaks. She thought being pretty and in the latest fashion was going to land her in primetime…. now she’s back after she embarrassed her self on iylanla and other appearance with her ‘grand’ life style…ain’t too grand now Sheree. It will be interesting to see how she spins this. Dineva don’t fall for that ‘bury the hatchet’ chicks like her have other ish on her agendas.

  13. Never doubt Funky Dineva Ross you said it and it happened. Can’t wait to see her filming at Chateau Shereeand featuring those fine designs from She by Sheree. Girl Bye!

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  15. Im glad she may come back, i dont like her that much, but RHOA need some one on there to clock the “moose”(neenee) at every turn and Sheree the one to do it along with kenyas dumd ass#lovethenews

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  17. Hell no idont want to sharee or whatever her name is .she is boring .they should bring back porsha and let kenya remain

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  19. Wow!!!!!!! Well let’s hope she has a good story line this time. Hopefully, she and her children are in a better place, she has become stable at home, her clothing line get’s launched, and she has developed a way to do some strategic, lucrative networking with out the petty back biting and high school he said she said nonsense.

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  21. Now Dineva u was starting to pluck nerves, cause here lately u dome took a lil change to the left,but I´m back loving you agin tht was so mature of u, cause u knw u did a Lil to much to sheree, trying to b buddies with Michelle,but it takes a grown ass woman to knw it, own it n move on..

  22. Yes! Sheree should come back, along with Kim. Between those two and Kenya, they should be able to successflly get rid of mouse face

  23. Bravo can bring her broke ass back if they want to …She ain’t got a pot to piss in…so once again she can try to “FAKE IT TILL SHE MAKE IT” , right along side with Kenya.

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  25. Yes – I’m glad to see Sheree coming back. I know she’s got her issues, but I think the show needs to tip more in that direction and less of the direction its been going down in the past few years. I’m personally sick of NeNe’s attitude and could careless if she comes back or not. She is out of order. However, I DO feel that a cast of Kandi (my absolute fav!!!), Phaedra (my absolute 2nd fav), Cynthia, Sheree, and I guess NeNe, too, would be a nice adult-like show to watch. AND it would force Kenya to grow up and act like the real Kenya because I think a lot of this stuff is made-for-tv. Even in that circle, I’m sure there would be drama.

    I would like to see this show go back to the storyline of Black Women and Mothers on the Come Up. That’s why I personally like Cynthia on the show. Because she’s in a place of transition, moving more on the business side of the Fashion Industry. She behaves like a mature woman. I would like to see MORE about her Bailey Agency. I want to see Phaedra bring Funerals by Phaedra to fruition. I’m still waiting on She by Sheree – maybe it’s time to launch.

    What I do not want to see next season is sceptors, bullhorns, and bullshit. I don’t think that they should fire Porsha, but quite frankly I would like to see her peddling her hair products as a business woman, singing in the booth as an artist….. something more than sitting on the couch with her mother and sister complaining about Kordell.

    However, to have a show where women of color are actually showing their lives and business endeavors probably won’t bring the ratings. So – my efforts are futile.

    • Co-sign. You have the same favs as me!! I agree with all you are saying 100%. The show is going in the wrong direction (thanks to Kenya Moore) and is becoming a shade-throwing bitchfest. The level of spitefulness is not entertaining and is uncalled for. I liked a bit of drama like there was before but I cannot bare the hatefulness that Kenya brings. Come back Sheree!

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  27. The headline is sickening. At the end of the day if Sheree is being brought back to replace a housewife, its because they feel she will bring it! They are going to pay her well and she will use the platform to promote her business and other projects. Funny thing is that she will be making much more than all of you claiming she will get paid $20 and a bag of groceries and laughing about it. Its funny how broke ass, Z list bloggers make fun of what someone on TV is being paid. Whatever she is being paid its much more than you make in a year and RHOA is a massive platform. Drag queen NeNe started this mess about who is paid what and people without class jump on the bandwagon. Don’t you know its rude to talk about money? Rich people with old money know that

    Dineva your friend Michelle from Staight From the A must be having panic attacks right about now because she has done everything to get on the show eg always hanging with Z list celebs, she even started dating Sheree’s ex at some point and she hates Kenya Moore so much. Tell her to get off NeNe’s clit, stop being a Z list celeb groupie, polish her speaking voice, and grow her platform and establish herself as a media person / broadcaster and maybe she will get a platform in Television, maybe

    • You are definitely someone in Sheree’s camp. It sounds like you could be her daughter. Antywho, tell Sheree welcome back. We knew she needed the money, where are yall staying at? I have some goodwill donations to drop off!

      • Sad part is Sheree probably living better than you miserable mfers on here. Only ppl with no money sit up talk about somebody else finances . Typical irrelevant broke ass pocket watchers. Lame asses

        • Oh Please. Miss with that Sheree got more money than blah blah blah, tell that to all the people she left with I.O.U’s all up and through the state of GA. Whatever you do for Sheree get your money up front.

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  29. wow the things people will do for money, i honestly don´t think that she should comeback to the show if all they are going to do is her and kenya gang up on nene and phadera i really don´t want to see it unless she has a good storyline.

  30. Sheree coming back to the show is the best news I’ve heard, EVEN THOUGH I was hoping she’d come back as a REPLACEMENT for Kenya Moore Whore! I wonder how Nene will feel about not being the only original anymore…

    Anyway, if they insist on keeping Kenya Moore, they need to just leave the cast the same and add Sheree back on there. Those 7 would make for a good show. I hope Sheree gets in Kenya’s ASS baby!!

  31. Wooow Funky Dineva, Im glad you and Sheree were able to put all that animosity behind you. You are absolutely correct: “Its entertainment.” None of this should be taking so seriously. Maybe one day you and Kenya can bury the hatchet……………………….You never know.

  32. Funky Dineva, you predicted it. I like how you tend to be intelligent about stuff and look at the strategic side of things rather than being personal and hateful (except for Kenya, you have been very hateful towards her!). I am happy you apologized to Sheree and accepted her apology as well. You work in media and entertainment, at the end of the day its good to do your job, speak the truth, and keep things light hearted because there is no telling where your next big opportunity can come from. Remember, no permanent enemies – only permanent interests!

  33. I prefer Sheree over Kenya any day. I´ve already made up my mind that I most likely wont be watching RHOA next season. If the Kenya circus continues.

  34. Not a fan, but I never wanted her to leave the show. She is the only one who could bring NeNe down a few levels because she knew her before. I would like her to come back in place of Kenya, not as friend to Kenya.

    • You are ignorant. People get on the show and use it to promote their projects eg Kandi. She by Sheree will only blow up now and get bigger.

  35. Kenya and Sheree are one in the same….if anything look for some drama between those two. I see it starting off good then eventually Kenya returning to her usual vindictive self.

  36. YAAASS! Bring back Sheree to get that extra drama, then have her team up with Kenya and Marlo to take Nene down. We all know Marlo and Sheree don’t get along, so maybe that can make things interesting, too. I hope Kenya does find a friend for the new season, though. I’m sick of just seeing Lawrence scenes. No gawd. Now, quiet as it’s kept, Sheree was more interesting than Nene any day, but she was probably too bust trying to get loans for Neverland and fighting with her ex-huband Debo to take her throne, and now here we have Nene big as a house, acting like queen down to the reunion. I forgot whether Phaedra and Sheree ever got along. Oh yeah, and get rid of Porsha and Phaedra. While Phae-Phae is down to the funeral home embalming bodies, she needs to embalm that career of hers, because it’s…DEAD TO THE BED!

    • Sheree and Marlo did not get along … remember Africa? I think that Sheree and NeNe will have an alliance, note I did not say friendship. NeNe is very savvy and strategic, trust. Everyone thinks that it is going to go a certain way and NeNe will flip it just like she did with Marlo. She was brought in because of the “triangle” of NeNe, Charles and Marlo and everyone was surprised when Marlo and NeNe actually got along. Do not sleep on Mrs. Leakes. She is one of the OGs and she’s had enough time to learn and somewhat master the game.

      • Even if Sheree and Nene formed some sort of unholy alliance against Kenya, it would only be temporary because they genuninely do not like each other.

  37. I would have paid that lady dust when she spoke to me. I understand being the bigger person but when someone burns their bridges you cant cross back over. Should be interesting if she comes back but I don’t plan on watching the show, but I love reading the comments.

  38. #RHOA is dying. They needed people like Kenya & Marlo to stay alive. Now bringing back Sheree O_o just gone head & buy the casket. They dead

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