Singer Tweet Was On Way To Becoming An R&B Diva But Feared Lesbian Life Would Come To Surface

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It goes without saying that Tweet has one of the most unique voices of our time. Undoubtedly, mama can sing. That being said and Tweet being on her way to Unsung, it was a no brainer that Tweet would be a viable candidate for R&B Divas Atlanta. Well production felt the same way and began courting Tweet. They met with Tweet on multiple occasions but for whatever reason there was no real thunder there. One person close to production said “quiet as its kept, they met with her… And apparently they’re still sleep from the boredom”. Another source said “we actually love Tweet, she seems a bit guarded though.”  Well I ran into a friend of Tweet’s that had a few insights on the situation. Catch these T’s

So apparently Tweet is/was a closeted lesbian. This is a part of her life that she is not particularly ready to share with the world. The guardedness that tweetmissy_hmembers of production felt was Tweets attempt to display some character that really wasn’t her. Because in preliminary meetings members of production were unable to connect with her spirit, they passed on her.

Enters Latavia Roberson (former Destiny’s child Member). Chile….. is all I’m going to say about that. I know all that Destiny’s Child talk may be juicy, but i though the prerequisite to being on the show was the ability to sing. I’m not saying Latavia can’t sing, but I am saying she is the only former Destiny’s Child member who has yet to prove to the world that she could.

If y’all want some Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans Tea, they will not be returning to the show at all. In addition, the way they’re contracts were written, the network no longer has to give them any kind of attribution or coins as it relates to the show. The network is currently trying to decide how they are going to move forward in terms of giving them credit…

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106 thoughts on “Singer Tweet Was On Way To Becoming An R&B Diva But Feared Lesbian Life Would Come To Surface

  1. It was no secret that she was gay, it was actually rumored at the time that she was fooling around/dating Missy… I’m from France and used to read R&B magazines a lot at the time and well… it was mentioned in the first ever article i read about Tweet. So it was either an open secret or people just like to be shocked for nothing nowadays.

  2. Nicci and Faith must be cashin “Trump checks” for being removed from R&B Divas’ future profits.

    Speaking of fake/boring reality show folk, paint drying is more entertaining than Latocha Scott.

  3. secret … I’ve known tweet was gay since “Oops on my” that had been came out and soon after the bomb was dropped she did as well, dropped right off the scene ….. she may as well let the world in and get that money its time like nobody cares if you’re gay and if you care so much then you shouldn’t be doing it if you got to hide it everything that goes on in the dark come out into light eventually … no shade tho…. but cameras and airing dirty laundry aint for everybody

  4. I find it highly hypocritical that you FUNKY DINEVA ,was so up in arms about the transgender man ousting that DJ, but here you are trying to outst a female? Whats the difference in what he did then what you just did?

  5. People been speculating on Tweet for years. Not sure if people really care one way or the other but I understand her wanting to maintain her privacy.

    Leave Latavia alone. None of Destiny’s Child’s members can sing. She can’t be any worse than the rest of them. Te ability to sing is not a prerequisite to be a singer anymore.

  6. Missy Elliot didn’t turn Tweet out. Everyone who attended East HS in Rochester, NY and kicks it with her family knows about her history WAY before she broke into the industry. Like most celebrities, she may not want the world to know her “Tea”, which she’s really never been TOO messy about or had it reported openly in the tabloids. Speculated rumors vs. verifiable facts are COMPLETELY different creatures.

  7. “I got a 5 in my pocket, gonna buy me some gin” That is my SHIT! Damn that girl can sing, its a damn shame she is worried about mess that nobody got time for. She was about to get herself a donation and she passed it up, Bish Bye!

    • “As quiet as its kept” it was no secret. Neva didnt out nobody, she does not make the news she just reports them. Have SEVERAL!

      • I didn’t know it and it’s in poor taste.. Funky is gay, he should understand how this is hurtful to others. Unless of coz Tweet made him out her like evilyn called TMZ with her pregnancy story

        • You’re right this shit is tacky. Funky just reinforces that messy unhappy queen stereotype. If this is even true it’s her truth to tell. Not some
          bald-headed man in a dress.

          • Y’all kill me. you have so much to say about Q being gay as if he was hiding that fact about himself and call him “bald-headed man in a dress” on his own blog which nobody forced you to visit.

            I love me some Neva honey and SHE can say whatever the fuck she wants to on HER blog coz i have more than a feeling that she is smart enough to know that saying shit you cant back up can and will get her into a lot of trouble which she has no time for. You dont like it….LOG OUT.

  8. Am I the only one who feels like it’s wrong to out celebrities like this? I do feel that celebrities and especially black celebrities should be out and visible, but it should be their decision when to do so. I mean it even says in the article “So apparently Tweet is/was a closeted lesbian. This is a part of her life that she is not particularly ready to share with the world. ”

    But with that said everyone in the comments seems to be positive and supportive overall.

  9. Don’t try 2 pull it Miss Twat! You so far out da closet you is on da front porch. Oops, …da Southern Hummingbird is out da cage, …oh my. I looked over to da left & Twat, Miss Genuwine, & Mister Missy was havin freaky threesome love affair back in da 00′s. The only one who musta forgot is Twat. X musta been a helluva drug back then. They were high & in love. Mr. Missy “just wanna be the perfect match, you dont even hafta ask.”

    • “You so far out da closet you is on da front porch”_________________________________________________________________DEAD to the keyboard

  10. Latavia sang the first verse on Destiny Child’s “Sweet Sixteen” record off of the “The Writing On the Wall” album.

  11. She close to missy Elliot….ooops there goes my shirt up over my head…oh my…secrets out girl. I hate when people fear coming out the closet when the doors on the closet are made of glass with a Windex finish!

  12. WOW her bravery is truly admirable, now lets support her by buying her album to show it doesn´t matter.

    (:::cough, both Will Smith and his wife Jada:::cough). I have no problem with artists hiding it though, unless you´re trying to date them, it´s not our responsibility to force a coming out speech that will lead to artists losing money. We can´t expect every artist to have the full speech until we stop being homophobes, in my opinion.

  13. Chile put the cheeeezze on cracker»»»»
    Tweet is stunting FrFr. She made a song about lesbos so it was not any secret. Futher more Tweet can sang but so can many. She put this out as a publicity stunt looking for a sympathetic come back. #ShadeButton… She is so early 00´s & needs to fall back Jack its so many talented artist in the industry that are making music!

  14. People who keep saying she left the industry dont seem to know that she was still in the industry. She just started doing vocals for a lot of people and I heard she even wrote a few tracks too. Anyway i would love to see her on TV again and dont nobody care about her being a lesbian. Its her life and thats all that matters

  15. I am happy for LaTavia… I am sorry it is harder for our darker sisters to make it in the industry… so I am glad she is giving some lime light to prove that she as talented as her old band members

    Check out debut single “Dare” by new artist Marcel

  16. All the Gays and Lesbians is the music industry please!!!! you better get on back and start your career back life is to short to be thinking about what people going to say or think!!!

  17. Faith threw these bitches to the wolves and couldn’t be found. And now she won’t get paid. I wonder how she feels about Todd’s old mistress (Meelah) being on the show. Latavia is boring as fuck. I wonder why they haven’t reached out to Blu Cantrell. She can sing and she’s crazy.

    • Meelah is Todd’s cousin, not mistress…… lol you people are reckless and messy, stick to what you actually KNOW, not what you “heard”….

  18. I’m an old lady, but you are telling me now that back then my gaydar was valid. I kinda felt that Missy “turned her out” for some reason. But that shouldn’t have stopped her from being herself. Doesn’t she know that so many people surround her who would support her in being herself? She had a beautiful voice. We’d really like to hear more of it. Nobody cares what she does in the privacy of her home.

  19. I´ll say this though: She was singing during the early 2000´s so her fear was legit for the time her career was taking off. We´ve come a long way since then but I think we have to remember timing.

  20. But….she didnt know that we knew?! Like, girl we all knew. Is THAT why you stopped? Girl…we´ve been smoking cigarettes since you left.. Come on back and be gay girl. I mean hell you were produced my MISSY. C´mon.

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