Stevie J and Joseline have broken up for the 69th time. She reads him for FILTH on Twitter

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It is 12:30 pm on 3/8/13. I was about to step away from my computer to go to Subway and get some lunch. Somehow I ended up on Joseline Hernandez’s Twitter page, and from the looks of things, about 30 minutes ago, her and Stevie J broke up, AGAIN. In the typical Joseline fashion, she’s reverted back to calling him a down low brutha and broke. I’m not going to lie. The ish is funny each time I hear it. I think their breakups on twitter are funnier than their interactions on the TV. Check out Joseline’s tweets. PURE COMEDY!

Prepare to be entertained…



“Excuse me! Excuse me! May I please speak to management? Whomever is responsible for this event right here, they might want to find them another talent because Joseline Hernandez said she wont be there.” ~Thanks

flyer 2

Chile I’m so ready for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to return to the television. Monday nights have not been the same since they left!


After reading this post, Joseline had this to say:

joseline 5

q tweet

Point taken mama. Get out your feelings. I ain’t gone be too many more of your bitches!

What do y’all think about all of this?


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56 thoughts on “Stevie J and Joseline have broken up for the 69th time. She reads him for FILTH on Twitter

  1. Lmao that whole thing about buying a TV makes sense, since on a recent episode of LHHATL Steebie bought that metal mouth bitch a TV. Hahaha.

  2. By the time April 28th gets,here they will have broken up and gotten back together 69 more times. The both of them will be at the event doing what they do best. Drinking,drugging and freaking. LHHATL must be either still filming or will soon be airing. No money for a publicist I see.

  3. Chiile ms hosaline’ vernacular is everythang! Excuse me! Excuse me! Can somebody please put a little bit o cremation number 5 or ms hosalines twitter,

  4. This shit is too funnnny , I’m sure they will be right back with each other soon enough,

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  5. lmao !!! my stomach hurt on not going to be to many more bitches and she was funny on how you gona buy a tv and aint got no car this shit is hallarious hell how they git around to gigs lol see what goes around comes around she was the other bitch oops did I say that the other woman

  6. Like Sammie & Lucas on Days of Our Lives, that saga went on for 15 years! lol Whenever I hear Stevie J & Joseline I feel like Im watching “The stories” with grandma, God rest the dead!

  7. Dammit! She needs to see a speech pathologist. I can’t understand what she’s saying on or off camera.

  8. first of all she keep calling stevie down low brother & all these other terms last time I checked that meant you are messing with dudes Point taken jos eline short for josh keep it real your saying those things cause joseline you are the dude stevie is fucking….come on out the closet!!! come on your cast mates even think your a dude even the radio station & ppl that watch the show thats 2 many damn ppl thinking you are a dude everyone cant be wrong!!! and you can tell stevie is bi sexual rat face!!!

  9. I find it funny that Funky Dineva said ” I aint gonna be too many more of yo bitches”. when he first started interviewing folks he was calling his guest bitches so much it became annoying..

  10. If José and Steebie can’t make it, there’s no such thing as true lub… I mean love!

  11. She needs to read herself for filth, for being the idiot to take him back all of the time.

  12. Funky dineva is spilling alll the tea today!! Lol gotta love her!! #YASSSGAWD

  13. lord..sigh…they’re going to be back together in 2.5 seconds..we’re not falling for their bull

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