Stevie J & Benzino DO NOT HAVE A RESTAURANT. Doors Been Closed On Building Since FEBRUARY

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Chile please don’t let this people fool y’all. Stevie J & Benzino and their made for tv business does not exist. Them Negroes threw 2 parties in a space that once was called Mingles, and we ain’t heard sh!t else from these clowns or their bistro & bar. Now when you ride past the building, there is a marquee above the door that says Sleazy & Zino, but there is also DUST on the door that says CLOSED and ain’t been open in months. You tell me which one is making a louder statement.

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What’s unfortunate is that Peter Thomas has been able to really build up his Restaurant ‘Bar One’ with the help of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was really hoping that Stevie – J & Benzino would have been able to do the same. Instead, these fools are too busy throwing bottles, breaking tables, and bust hoes in the head down to da white meat. Chile…

I asked Benzino about the restaurant some time back, and he gave me some round about answer that basically translated to “IT AIN’T OPENING’”. The reasoning had to do with the the city, some paperwork, some legal issues, and the previous owner. I guess chile…


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146 thoughts on “Stevie J & Benzino DO NOT HAVE A RESTAURANT. Doors Been Closed On Building Since FEBRUARY

  1. Does blogging only mean hating. I am waiting on a positive story from u, truly uplifting another artist. It appears that most people whose life is all f´d up get on these threads to tear someone down that u never met to make u feel better about your own depressing life. Restaurants open and close all the time in the A… How many of you have owned anything?

  2. Ain´t no future in fraudin!! Seriously, Why would these nut ass dudes go through all the trouble KNOWING that once it´s on tv ppl Will want to go to it? When Will it end?

  3. Really the “in conjunction with love and hip hop” gave this shit away…..Mona had to put her trademark on it….she own these niggas…..I bet she made deal on the sex tape…..

  4. The show is taped long before they broadcast it. I do have agree..These shows are sooooo scripted. I just can´t figure out how all these new people be in the same small circle. As big as ATL is and one girl have been with three people in the show in the past? I don´t get it….

  5. If you look up the location on Google maps the phone number on there belongs to dartez Daniel. Some bs club promoter. So why is the club phone number a cell phone? Cause they phony as hell!

  6. Lord…. Stevie Gay and Benzi-oh-no need to have several seats…. They broke, busted, and disgusted…. Okay Stevie, how are you all this and that and don´t even have a license…. That´s like saying bring me a menu and you not knowing how to read…. Benzin-oh-no, you and that Pterodactyl lookin Karlie Redd need to be deciding whether or not y´all want matching his or her depends before y´all go into the nursing home…. Y´all lives make me

  7. Hope everything works out for the two hustlers and not only do they get the restaurant open but keep make that doe period…Get that money my sisters & brothers no hate here.

  8. Open or closed chile I wouldn´t take my dogs to eat at their place. They like messing with dirty hos. I can only imagine their sanitation practices. Im mot here for it lol.

  9. This maybe the last season for me. These bamas are really starting to upset/depress me with how they will do anything for the almighty dollar is becoming disgusting. And its soooooo freaking scripted this season that they can’t even hide it well like they almost use to in the previous seasons. I give it some more episodes.

  10. Evelyn from BBW had a…….made for tv business! her “shoe Boutique” was always closed. but open during filming.

  11. It was open, I was one of the promoters. But the “Owners” were not hearing folks tearing up their establishment. We all know with LAHH comes DRAMA alllll the time. After that fight popped off they shut it down that very night!

  12. Fake business, fake marriage, old lady porn badly disguised as a leaked sex tape, fake bodies, fake fights, fake dna testing…. #OverIt #HireNewWriters #AndBettterActors

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