SWEET TEA: Kordell Stewart’s Baby Mama Is Sheree Whitfield’s Ex Girlfriend

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So apparently The Doll was the last person to know, but Kordell Stewart’s baby mama is the same woman that Sheree as flaunting around on television a few years back on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Y’all remember Tania? She was the one who offended Lisa Wu-Hartwell by saying she had that “wash & go ” hair. Well I picked up some T’s yesterday on how Tania was supposed to have much larger role and other affiliations on RHOA, but a certain somebody was not to keen on her participating. Sound familiar? Catch these T’s


The word is Tania was supposed to have a much much larger presence on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but Kordell Stewart did not want their child amongst other things to be exploited on the show. They say Kordell would not sign whatever paperwork needed to authorize Syre to participate on the show. Smart move Kordell. If you guys remember correctly, Keith Sweat did the same think to Lisa Wu-Hartwell.

A little info on Tania:

Tania Richardson
Office manager and marketing coordinator at Liberty House Restaurant Corporation; co-owner of Beauty Fetish Salon

37, Aquarius.

Homes in Smyrna and Buckhead.

Pittsburgh Steelers.

W Atlanta – Buckhead, Piedmont Park and The Fox Theatre.


Modeling, writing and dancing.

Bone’s, Blue Ridge Grill and OK Cafe.

Being the co-owner of Beauty Fetish Salon in Atlanta. Serving my country in operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Working for one of Atlanta’s oldest restaurant corporations and helping to continue its legacy in the food service industry.

Being featured in the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Having several people call me a friend. Having a handsome son who is not only smart but also kind to his peers.

Honesty, integrity and a great work ethic.

Verbal, mental and physical abuse.

My date would pick me up and take me somewhere out of the norm, perhaps the museum and dancing.



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85 thoughts on “SWEET TEA: Kordell Stewart’s Baby Mama Is Sheree Whitfield’s Ex Girlfriend

  1. Sheree trying to be porsha friend an giving her advice porsha tell her kiss ur black ass because she an Tania is good friends that bitch Tania have a hand in your husband divorcing you . They mad u on the show an they not .porsha sheree is not your friend. The only friend u have is kandi.

  2. U people like to turn things around porsha never call kordell gay she said that was the talk around before they get married. Look at this woman boby I will question my husband sexual statious if he is not having sex with me .is what people saying before we get married true .
    .for kordell to be so low mined an call her a hoe. He is a no man he didn’t know she was a hoe when he put the six an half carrot ring on her finger he didn’t know that then ..I believe kordell file for divorce because. He thought porsha will quite the show that y he did that.he love porsha so much he will date anything th o make her jelous porsha honey don’t go back with him run like u never run in your life please don’t go back . It doesn’t matter who he married they will see him for who he is .last but not least stop cry an stop calling his name.love u girl

  3. Keith Sweat bn the father of Lisa Wu- Hartwell’s children is such OOOLLLDDDD news. I think that was a smart move not to have his kids on tv. Besides, he has full custody of their children. As far as Kordell is concerned, I believe he is a very insecure man. He married a younger woman thinking he can mold, shape & run her & over her to his liking. Why didn’t he marry his son’s mother? I’ll tell u why bcuz she is a real grown ass woman. Possessive men like Kordell don’t know how to deal with real grown ass women. Remember he made the comment to Porsha about not letting the other cast-mates come in between dere marriage. He knew from jump that those strong black women of ATL HW’S ideals, outlooks & personality traits were gonna rub off onto his wife & that would be detrimental to his uneven household. No matter how we feel about any one of those women, I believe we can all agree that dey r some of the most strong, intelligent, independent women on television. Why wouldn’t Porsha want to be a part of that group of women. Kordell has lost total control & his pride & ego can’t take it. So what does he do? The COWARD files for divorce. He’s a PU**Y in my book. No one stays the same throughout their entire life. Have your wife’s back like you vowed to in the eyes of God. Is this the example of a man he’s teaching his son?

  4. Black media scoop had this info last week. They also informed me early yesterday about the divorce. You are 1st to hit us up with a video though. I miss your videos. You keep it real and funny! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  5. On her Instagram Tonia has a picture of her and Todd and it says something like real house husband lol

  6. To hell with that I want the tea on why you was bout to beat your ex ass in front of the atm?

  7. ohhh! so thats why she was so present… (ex military or something)! it all adds up to your hypothesis Dineva, u did say he likes boyzz….))!

  8. Funky Dineva can we get the “T” on why she’s sheree’s EX-bestfriend?? i missed that bit of info…. what happened with them??

  9. Kordell a muthafuckn hater point blank period and he tryna hate on Porscha come up as well. He just seem like a dude tht can’t take if a spouse present or past is doing better than his nobody ass. I despise black men like him, #hatershit

  10. So Miss Kordell Stewart(Oh I’m sorry), Mr. Kordell Stewart, be having these Hoes on lock.. His word is LAW, and I don’t blame him. Cause if you let these ATL ladies run da streets. who knows what secrets may slip out!!!

  11. Ummm somebody is lying about their age tho. If she’s 37 now then how would she have served in Desert Storm which took place from 1990-1991 , when he would have been 15-16 ?

    • Perhaps you all noticed that Mimi and the Hispanic lady were cleaning that same house (kordell and porsha’s house) when Stevie j came to talk to her. She said it was an elite client. I suppose she got hooked up with the contract by her good friend tonia. Now Cordell didn’t want porsha to have guests at the house but this could’ve been the perfect cover up to keep ties with his baby mama (Mimi’s good friend) watch out BM was probably messing up and changing them sheets! You’re better off without him Porsha SMH

      • Ok u wasn’t the other lady tonia but Arian. I bet he and Stevie j are good friends. They r the from the same breed.

    • porsha really is acting like shes gonna be the first to have his baby. He got a weak woman on his arm willing to do anything to keep him.

  12. Not surprised. I know her breed…Another almost 40 Aquarius woman. Her, Kenya, and Stacy Dash are accomplished air heads and usually never get it right in the love game. They are the best single bffs. Let them plan your bachelorette party (add Jennifer Anniston to the mix) *Sighs*

  13. Wow!!! Chile, you’ve done it now!!! This should be a very interesting on hoe Ms. Kordell will explain that one and why didnt they even say he had a child?!?! Like, did they not know this would come up? That poor delusional Porsha acts like if she doesnt give this man a child soon that he’ll leave and move on to the next! Well, move back in with the ex is more like it! 2 thumbs and 2 snaps on this one DOLL!

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  15. I remember her Tonia, she went to new york with Sheree to look at the clothes for She by Sheree!

  16. Quiet as its kept, I really don’t know why this is news… Dineva, what you need to do is post another video. Cause these posts here are not whats up… No Gawd! O.K.!

  17. I got to drink this tea under the shade tree. It’s too hot!! On a seperate note, I cringe everytime I see Porscha kiss Kordell in the mouth. ewwwwwwww.

  18. Well, I never put it pass her. She look like she like fish. Never saw her with a man plus she is a women scorned. Kordell is a control freak and sneaky looking SOB!

  19. He didn’t block her from being on the show, he didn’t want the kid on there. And since Sheree is not on there anymore, what the point of featuring her???

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