SWEET TEA: R&B Divas Nikki Gilbert and Latocha Scott Husband’s FIGHT

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R&B Divas Husbands

No Gawd Hunty! Sh!t has gotten real over in the R&B Divas camp. From what I’ve heard, there is bout to be some slow singing and flower bringing. Husbands of R&B Divas Nicci Gilbert-Daniels and Latocha Scott got into a fight last night while filming. Nicci’s husband is retired boxer Leonard M. Daniels and Latocha’s husband is music industry veteran Rocky Bivens. Rocky now serves as Latocha’s manager. Rocky was Xscape’s manager back in the day. Additionally Rocky has represented TLC, Jaime Foxx, and R. Kelly. Anyway, the word is things got a little out of hand ended up with Rocky going to trunk. Ughh ohhh, we know what that means. Catch these T’s.

I have yet to uncover all the details surrounding the altercation. However, from what I’m hearing, this entire situation stems from some not so nice  comments made by Nicci Gilbert about Latocha Scott. Somehow or another, the men ended up getting involved, and all hell broke loose. I’ve made a couple phone calls and sent a few emails in an attempt to get the rest of these T’s. As soon as i get the scoop, I’ll update you guys.


On another front, I don’t know if you guys remember me telling you that Nicci Gilbert was noticeably missing from Syleena Johnson’s private listening party.[DRAMA ALERT: Nicci Gilbert Wont Support Syleena Johnson’s Because She Doesn’t Like Her]

Well, it is no secret that the two of them are just not feeling each other. I’m hearing that some of the underlying causes of the tension is the fact that Syleena Johnson and possibly a few of the other ladies don’t necessarily consider Nikki Gilbert a true R&B Diva. Sources are saying Syleena and possibly others are kind of looking down on Nikki and question her true contribution to the game considering the fact that she was a part of a group. To make matters worse, in a round about way, Nikki Gilbert is kind of one of the bosses on the show. The lack of respect and the need to demonstrate who’s in charge is causing all sorts of turmoil.

Chile, I know one thing. R&B Divas season 2 better be about a whole lot more than these heffas making a tribute cd. With all this mess flying around, if we see anything less play out on television, we will have to add R&B Divas to our list of scripted and contrived reality tv.

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57 thoughts on “SWEET TEA: R&B Divas Nikki Gilbert and Latocha Scott Husband’s FIGHT

  1. this is all show boosting blah they can sing who needs the drama i was listening to brownstone the other day like the harmonizing was on point like en vogue plz get bck together my lawd n latocha can sing the alpha bet n ill sit on the edge of my chair like ik she gon sanng when she get to L dah mino P (LMNOP) lmao smh if this news id true

  2. Tocha husband speaks the truth….his delivery maybe harsh at times but the truth hurts

  3. Why does it always have to be that one girl who has to be the bitch on these shows ughhh..they couldn’t spread the bitchness around cause it gets tiring from Nicci

  4. Who was Latocha husband popping off at the lip about on an episode ? This season

  5. Nikki’a attitude sucks balls and I guess the only reason she’s still on the show is because she’s one of the procuders. I still haven’t heard her really sing. Everytime it’s time for her to sing, she bails out or has some flimsy excuse….. She needs to go have several seats at the stadium of disaster.

  6. I thought it would of been Latocha and KiKi’s husband after all he did call Michael a b!tch. LOL

  7. Now faggot, stop it! That CD, was slamming, it’s that these gay men that work at these record labels don’t know, how to promote real black music. I agree with you Divena, but the CD was the truth. I think, you’re mad over the Faith Evans title, and yes she could’ve titled it, R&B Divas Vol. 1, it would’ve sold better. Hunty, you can’t where a wig, with a mustache that’s plain ol’ TACKY! Now cross those T’s, shit I did it for YOU! Yessss! Hunty, bring it…!

    • Adina Howard, is this you? THE ADINA HOWARD!!! If so, I LOVE YOU!!! Seeing your name alone inspired me to rock your classic cut right here and now! When’s your b-day? I’d gift you a free natal chart interpretation–just cause it’s you! <3 You too, Funky Dineva. You know, FD, you need to let me be the astro-column over here. Think about it, most sites like this have an astro-fun-read. I'm your gal. Holla! :)

  8. Lawd Nessa gurlll she done wore the blue satin sheets off the bed, both the flat and the fitted and the pillow case is tied around her throat.

  9. how is latocha an r/b diva? if nicci can’t be one? latocha is from a group as well.

    people forget no reality show is real?
    come on!

    • Gonna have to disagree with you on that claim. There is a LOT of truth to this show…I’ve seen things 1st hand. And, I imagine that the angle is that both Nicci and LaTocha are considered the best singers of their said groups.

  10. For real, and leave it to her to cause trouble with that big mouth, she was not a favorite on the first show!

  11. All I’m screamin is I thought Nicci was off the show. I mean damn!!!! I don’t know why she was even on the show if she didnt want to sing . Except to look like an evil bitch with no purpose, and push that Tired lookin Clothing line. That I swear I have seen a few pieces at Rainbow & Citi Trend , sooo no thanks on that sis. Someone is salty

    • When it was first reported that she was kicked off, I rolled my eyes SO hard. She can’t be booted off her own show. She’s an executive producer–THEE Bawse.

      • Exec producer simply means she put forth $$$ into the making of the show. It doesn’t necessarily make her the boss. If you look at a lot of movies/television shows, there may be countless exec producers. All of them aren’t THE boss. Now, IDK her role behind the scenes, I’m just stating facts.

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