FAN MAIL: Fashion Read – Amber Rose Edition

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Kanye West And Amber Rose Attend The Louis Vuitton Fashion ShowHello Ms. Funky Dineva Ross,
Our last convo I sashayed away Ms. SheWade for slaying us in DUST with the female fashion! This time around I’m letting Miss Amber Rose have it. Sit down on this church pew with your Kenya Moore fan as I READ you the hymnal book. OK!

Now never tear someone down without extending a hand to life them up. When Miss Amber Rose first hit the scene back in 2009, her hair was LAYED with that slicked down, short, deep seizure fade giving us Sinead O’connor realness, with the ovahhhness of Grace Jones. Chile, I was out and strapped up to a respirator, but baaybaeee when I saw Miss Amber Rose pull up with Kanye to an event in an ole bawwd fur coat, blue HAUTE pumps, and fierce sunglasses giving leg and body, she gave me LIFE!! She was sitting PERCHED for CHRIST, this bish face and body were slaying DRAGONS across country for coins. YES GAWD!

At that time I would say Miss Amber Rose was even giving our current pop princess Rihanna a run in the edgy style category. I use to always search events and awards to see what Miss Amber and Kanye would be giving us because she never disappointed back then.
Today, I stumbled across some NEW pictures of Miss Amber looking like an extra cast member of “Roseanne”? Guuuuurrrrl, Miss Amber Rose had on some ole nasty grey sweat pants she stole from Justin Bieber’s closet, Jordans that looked two sizes too big for her, and Sir Elton John sunglasses. NO GAWD! Continue reading