Tamar Braxton Loosing Her Eyesight And Suffering From Dementia. Say’s We’re Mad Because She’s BEAT

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Hello may I speak to Barbara? Barbara this is Shirley, is Tamar there. Chile last night Tamar Braxton was a guest on WWHL and in her own words, she tried it. Let me first start off by saying Bravo Andy and them did try it by putting Tamar on the spot by confronting her about that GAWD AWFUL slingshot garbage bag contraption she wore at the Soul Train Awards.- I know there is a unemployed sissy somewhere who is now sewing for food. Moving on…

Now y’all know in the very beginning I did not feature Tamar Braxton AT ALL. Over time, and with the aid her album, she actually grew on me. I can’t even believe I’m about to articulate this publicly, but 3 out of 7 days in the week I live for her. That being said, currently I’m operating in one of the 4 out of 7 days where I don’t see it for her, and I needs to give this bish the business.

Let me tell you something Tamar, how dare you get your cake batter complected a$$ on TV and try to read us? Your soggy coochie and baggie ass left us all dazed and confused. That’s what the hell we were mad about. You were far from beat, you looked beat up. You looked no ways TIRED, and like you needed somewhere to lay your burdens DOWN. The only thing you did that night for the GAWDS was Lip Sync! The girls had been saying for years you wanted to be a contestant on RuPauls Drag Race, and I guess that night was your time to shine, outfit and all. All tea all shade, that outfit looked like them stockings that your mama would buy out the grocery store that comes in the little egg. Chile it looked like you pulled it out the pack, ironed some girl scout badges on it, and walked out on stage. Jesus saves and so does Vincent Herbert. Clearly Vince wasn’t around when you were prepping, because we all know that he would not have been having THAT. Truthfully Tamar, what you should have done was owned the outfit. Your response should have been as follows ” [a light white girl chuckle] ewww chile what was I thinking that night. I tried it! Y’all got me” THE END.

I still love you though. Check out A few scenes from Tamar on WHHL Continue reading

QUICK READ: Marlo Hampton Back In Good Graces With Bravo Andy

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I Know Nene’s knew show is called I Dream Of Nene, but she must really be a genie. If Marlo could have had one wish, it would have been to be back in good graces with Bravo Andy. Well it looks as if Nene made that wish come true. Quiet as its kept, I heard that Bravo Andy did not see it for Miss Hampton. After her escapades in Africa with Sheree, he was not featuring her at all, hence why we have not seen anymore of Marlo on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Want proof??? Remember Kenya’s Halloween party from last season? Well, how about Marlo was there. Not only was she there, but Marlo actually won the costume competition for her recreation of Dianne Carrol. Surely all of that was caught on camera. Surely non of that we saw. You read between the lines. The Bravo girls just didn’t see it for Miss Marlo.

No tea no shade, but Marlo Hampton should have been giving a Peach. At a minimum she should have been brought back as B character. Hell she was far more exciting than Dianna’s need to close your legs to married men (Willie Gary) ass was, and she sure as hell was more enjoyable then crazy Kenya. I’m glad we will get to see Marlo Hampton in all her stolen clothes glory on I Dream of Nene. Hopefully this next run on tv will open Marlo up to more television opportunities. As much as we love to hate her, we love to see her…


Hey Marlo! You can call or text me sometime. We didn’t have to stop being friends. I know how to be 2 peoples friend who don’t like each other… (catch that dirt)

Kandi Confronts Kim & Nene Reads The F*ck out of Phaedra – RHOA Reunion PART 2 [watch]

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If you thought part 1 of the reunion was good, then part 2 is really going to give you something to talk about. Sneak Peaks  from part 2 of the reunion have been released, and from what I can see Nene Leakes is not what you want. Hot & Heated, Nene Leakes looks damn near ready to rip Phaedra Parks a new a** hole. No tea no shade, Phaedra looks all choked up and caught up in the rapture. Kandi takes her time and tries to delicately explain why the cast was frustrated with her as a whole. Wiggy wasn’t buying it though. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Rumors Spiraling – NeNe Leakes FIRED From Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Where there is smoke, there is definitely fire. One thing is for certain, something major has happened during the filing of the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Earlier this week, rumors started flying that NeNe  Leakes and Kandi Burruss may have gotten into a physical altercation with one another. Later on, the word on the street was that they did not get into a fight with one another, but suggests that they both got into really bad fights with producers, NeNe’s fight becoming physical.Rumor has it that NeNe Leakes struck a member of the production staff and as a result of, may be fired from the show.

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