What Blacks At PWIs Attacking HBCUs Is Really About?

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This is not a debate about HBCUs, as always, it is a debate about Blackness and the carelessness with which we take ourselves for granted. HBCUs are seen as a joke because Black people are seen as a joke. We were to be slaves only, not serious people capable of anything worthy. White supremacy has always taught Black people to hate themselves and anything associated with themselves. HBCUs fall under that umbrella. It is a sad irony that HBCUs fought for Blacks to be seen as viable in higher education only to have Blacks at PWIs demean and deride them.

We are Black people living in a society that teaches us to privilege Whiteness and, unfortunately, that is what most of us will do. Black people and Black culture is taken for granted, so it should come as no surprise that Black institutions are as well. It is not difficult to find Black people who take Black institutions for granted, Black culture for granted, and Black people for granted.

We see clearly the degree to which white supremacy has inserted itself into Black life when privileging Blackness is up for debate. There are Black people who are disgusted by the idea of privileging Blackness. To celebrate their own is outrageous to them. We already know that White people, as a whole, are not going to privilege Blackness, so the question becomes if not us, who will? Continue reading

Women’s History Month: Celebrating The Black Woman

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It is always the right time to celebrate Black women. Make no mistake about that. March, however, is Women’s History Month and, thus, a time to celebrate the Black woman in a specific and concentrated way. I look forward to this month of celebration because I know, for a fact, that my intellectual and activist growth would not have been possible without the contributions of Black women. I am because of the resilience and vitality of the Black woman.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

How can you not love Alvin Ailey dancer Alicia Graf-Mack?



Some sisterly wisdom from Toni Morrison.


5 Reasons Ice Cube Should Make A Sequel To Player’s Club

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Admit it. You know I’m not the only one who would love to see a sequel to the 1997 classic, The Player’s Club. Here’s a few reasons why Ice Cube should revisit the world of one of his most iconic films.

1. The film is an undeniable cult classic in the Black community. Outside of Coming to America, I cannot think of another film that is quoted more often in daily life than Player’s Club. The film was filled with infinite wisdom and one-liners. Who can forget lines like:

“Make the money, don’t let it make you!”
“They couldn’t pay me enough to smell mother-f##kers feet all day!”
“Some of us got to use what we got to get what we want.”
“All the ladies out the mother-fucking dressing room, please!”
“You call that dancing?”
“You lucky it’s not Black History Month!”

2. The film showcased some of the most talented Black actors in Hollywood and it would be great to see them back on screen together. Can you imagine seeing Jaime Foxx, Lisa Raye, Monica Calhoun, and Terrence Howard back on screen together? Jaime and Terrence have gone on to become Hollywood heavyweights and Lisa Raye stars on VH1. Monica Calhoun was recently in the sequel to The Best Man Holiday. I can only imagine the kind of chemistry that could be captured if they were on set together again. Continue reading

Who’s the Real Disgrace to Dr. King’s Legacy? Club Promoters Or Bernice King And The King Family?

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not a perfect man. He, like all of us, was flawed in many ways. Likewise, the way in which we celebrate and remember Dr. King will also be flawed. Notice that I did not say that some of the ways we celebrate and remember Dr. King are pointless or useless. I do not believe this to be so. I think, as with all things, there are different approaches to remembering and celebrating the life and legacy of a historical figure. There has been a lot of talk about the existence of club fliers that use the image of Dr. King to promote parties and events that are either celebrating Dr. King or are taking place on Martin Luther King Day. The initial response seems to be to condemn these fliers, their makers, and anyone who would dare use the image of Dr. King in a way that is not “respectable.” I think this hasty reaction is uncritical and unhelpful. No one owns remembering Dr. King and there will, obviously, be varies remembrances of Dr. King. And to be honest, the people who have sanitized King’s work, and his trifling kids, have done more to ruin his legacy than any ratchet club flier ever could. Continue reading

‘There’s Nothing Gay About A Man Combing A Girl’s Hair’. Men Can Raise Children Too, Or Can They?

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

We have a problem.

We have a gender problem. We have a sexual orientation problem. We have a parenting problem.

Our “problem” was put on display most recently when the picture of a father, a Black father, went viral on the internet. The picture shows the stay-at-home father combing one daughters hair while another is strapped to his chest. The naive among us would think that people are prepared for this in 2014, but nope. Even though many people found the photograph endearing, inspiring, and touching, other people did not. This was there chance to swoop in and spew sexism and homophobia.

Raising children is not gender-specific work. There is nothing in this world, sans ignorance, that says that only women can raise children. Men are just as capable of women at taking care of their children, nurturing their children, raising their children. We should not feign outrage when a father is seen combing his daughter’s hair. The sexist thinking has got to go. We should also stop associating men doing things like doing their daughters hair with femininity and thus being gay. First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with being feminine or being gay, and props to all of the fathers who are. Second, there is nothing “gay” about taking care of your children. Although far too many people ignorantly think this. Continue reading

Let’s Face It, Straight Men Are Messy, Just Ask Chuck Smith!!!

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tumblr_myzicjN6FL1rqs3gco1_250For some strange (patriarchal) reason, our society has a hard time believing that straight men can be messy. We have no problem believing that women are messy, we have no problem believing that gay men are messy, but when it comes to straight men we seem convinced that they are somehow, always, “above it.”

The latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta provided more proof of just how messy straight men can be. In the episode, former NFL player Chuck Smith got into it with Phaedra Parks over their romantic and sexual past. Like the many straight men before him, Chuck got very messy, very fast. He quickly broke the “honor code” most straight men think they live by and proceeded to tell all (positioning himself as the victor) regarding his relations with Phaedra and Kandi. He was the “Big Homie” and they were simply jump-offs on his “team” and he had no problem telling all about it in an attempt to put them in their place. Continue reading