Security Guard That Tasered Ghetto Mother Given $20k By Well-Wishers For Helping Clean Atlanta

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Camera phones and social media outlets are bringing so many situations to light that under other circumstances we would probably be deprived from seeing. The incident involving the mall cop who tased the hell out of this obnoxiously ghetto woman in front of her children circulated like wild fire last week. I chose not share it then because the woman’s antics really did leave me feeling some kind of way. I get attacked on the regular for being a coon and embarrassing Black Folks, but this was one of those situations that I truly  felt embarrassed Black Folks.  I’ve opted to share now because some good has come out of it.

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Rumors Spiraling – NeNe Leakes FIRED From Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Where there is smoke, there is definitely fire. One thing is for certain, something major has happened during the filing of the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Earlier this week, rumors started flying that NeNe  Leakes and Kandi Burruss may have gotten into a physical altercation with one another. Later on, the word on the street was that they did not get into a fight with one another, but suggests that they both got into really bad fights with producers, NeNe’s fight becoming physical.Rumor has it that NeNe Leakes struck a member of the production staff and as a result of, may be fired from the show.

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