COMPLETE FAIL! Jackie Christie Worst Dressed Woman On Television

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Listen, I can’t take this sh*t know more. Jackie Christie, you have too much money to be rolling out of your house dressed as horribly as you do. Like really, who is styling Jackie, her husband??? Chile Miss Jackie, I don’t know who told you that any of these items you have on go together, but ok girl. You wanted to wear those shoes that damn bad, that you just threw them on with some pedal pushers and a Clarke Sisters Reunion blazer. Ha! This right here is why they call you Tacky Jacky. Listen up Jackie and every other woman out there that can’t dress. When all else fails, put on jeans, a t-shirt, some heels, and pull that hair back in a pony tail. If you are really lazy, put on a sweat suit and some Nikes. But this right here???  NO GAWD.

Mimi Faust from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta wore these same shoes to her birthday party Tuesday night. Check out how Mimi rocked them along with other pictures of Tacky Jackie and the Jackie Christi collection exclusively sold at Burlington Coat Factory. Continue reading

Guess Who Shaunie O’Neal Is Cutting From Basketball Wives L.A.

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People may lie, but numbers don’t. Ratings for season 2 of Basketball Wives are down and it is no secret. The ratings for episode 5 are down to 1.2 million viewers from 1.8 and are on a steady decline. Quiet as its kept, I have not made many review videos on the show because many of the episodes haven’t left me with much material to go feed off of. As much as the viewing audience is trying, it is hard for the contrived story lines on BBWLA to hold viewers attention or be trusted as believable.

As viewers lose interest in the sinking ship, changes must be made. If Shaunie is going to salvage what’s left of the franchise considering the damages Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman have already done, someone or a couple someones have got to go. Who do you think it is? Catch these T’s.

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[VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2 ep 1 (full video) + Review

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Monday nights have been restored. Tonights premiere episode of BBWLA gave me just what i needed. I’ll be the first to say that season 1 got off to a pretty rocky start and most of it was wack. I think the folks over at VH1 have fixed that issue because season 2 seems to be a bit more exciting.

Briefly, Jackie Christie is still crazy. I still can’t stand Gloria Govan. Laura Govan has lost a tremendous amount of weight, but is still funny as hell. Malaysia’s hair is layed for the GAWDS and she has taken on the role of peacemaker this season. Draya is venturing into entropreneourship and has started a bikini line. Draya’s house is also empty as hell. We are thinking her furniture must be over at Chateua Sheree’. Imani is NO MORE. In comes newcomer Brooke Bailey, A curvy video model that is poised to stir things up a little bit as the season progresses. There it is in a nutshell, hower, watching is so much more entertaining. Check out the videos and GET YOUR LIFE! Continue reading

[VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2, ep 1 (can’t watch on mobile device)

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Now y’all know I love me some crazy ass Jackie Chrtisti. I am so glad that Basketball Wives L.A. is BACK. Last season was a bit dry at times, and there was a whole lot of volatility in the cast. I can tell from the promo and from the new members of the cast that the show has found its groove. I am definitely looking forward to reviewing each and every episode of this show. Check out the first 8 minutes of Episode 1. Continue reading