Beyonce Chops off ALL HER HAIR. Now Serving Mary J Blige/Halle Berry Realness!

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Yes Gawd Hunty, Beyonce is serving Mary J Blige, Toni Braxton, Halle berry Realness. Go in and let have. Quiet as its kept, the heffa probably had to cut all her hair of because it was damaged from all that color, those hot a$$ lace fronts, and getting tangled in wind machines. Non the less, I’m here for everything she sis serving.  On the last leg of hr tour, Queen Bey snatched off her wig and the fans and stans went crazy. I’m sure this radical chop will inspire legions of women to go out and get a cute pixie cut. That might be a good thing because lord knows I am tired of y’all wearing these 55 inch weaves in styles and colors in which your hair cant doesn’t gorw. But I digress. Catch these T’s Continue reading

BEYONCE Goes Nude For Flaunt Magazine

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Chile, just when we thought Beyonce couldn’t do anything greater, she hauls off and covers her kiki with glitter and finger paint. Yes gawd hunty, she said call her kitty kat Crayola! Queen Bey has had more than enough time to get that post baby body in order and she is flaunting it in the nude on the cover of Flaunt magazine. Check it out… Continue reading

Sources Confirm Beyonce & Jay-z Are Pregnant With Second Baby

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Pregnancy rumors have been spiraling out of control . Is she pregnant, is she not? Adding fuel to the fire was Beyonce’s recent concert cancellation. Considering the the fact that she has never cancelled a concert in her entire career, this left the masses extremely suspicious. Well it all seemed to be speculation up until now. It seems as if a psuedo official confirmation of Beyonce & Jay-Z being pregnant with a second chile has come in. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Kelly Rowland Shares & Sheds Her Envy Of Beyonce. Bares Her Soul In New Song ‘Dirty Laundry’

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“When you don’t show up as who you really are, people fall in love with what you’re not.” We have never really known Kelly Rowland until NOW! Kelly’s decade long masquerading, reinventing, and deceiving have directly lead to the mediocre success solo endeavors has spawned.  After Listening to ‘Dirty Laundry’, I’ve got a felling that we are now and forever about to experience the real Kelly Rowland.

I was so sick and tired of Kelly & Michelle not giving authentic answers in interviews when asked how they felt about Beyonce’s success. We all know that loosely translated, the question meant, “how do you feel about Beyonce’s solo success in relation to yours.” Kelly & Michelle would always give some pre-packaged answer like, “I’m am very happy for my sister. We are all strong secure women, yata yata yata.” Bullsh*t. Envy is a natural emotion. If any member of Destiny’s Child 1,2, and 3 didn’t feel some type of way about Beyonce’s mega success, they are not human. For a group of young women to start out from the bottom TOGETHER, and one out of the pack to matriculate into an icon, it is only human and expected for there to be some sour feelings.

Not hiding in the shadows of Beyonce, but blinded by the shadow of Kelly’s misery and lies lied the root of her mediocre success. Kelly Rowland finally gets it right! ‘Dirty Laundry’ is so much more than a single; it’s a rebirth, a shedding of dead weight. You go girl! Welcome to the world Kelly Rowland. Your time has come!

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“A girl child ain’t safe.” The sexist scrutiny being placed on Blue Ivy

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I should have known it was coming. It would have been too much like right for  people to allow Blue Ivy Carter to grow up without being subjected to sexist gender policing because of her hair and clothing. It seems that people are incapable of allowing children, particularly girl children, and especially Black girl children the freedom to grow up in a world where they aren’t constantly criticized. As Blue Ivy has become more visible in the media and entertainment landscape, the criticisms of her have increased substantially. If people aren’t upset over Blue Ivy’s hair not being done, they are upset over the fact that she, apparently, doesn’t look the way a little girl is supposed to look. I want to use this essay to shed light on what I feel is the underlying sexism, classism, and politics of respectability in criticisms of Blue Ivy.

Many people claim to be bothered by the fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t seem to “do” Blue Ivy’s hair. We all know that people wouldn’t care if Blue Ivy was a little boy. It’s amazing how sexist expectations are thrust upon a one year old. It shouldn’t be a problem that Blue Ivy’s hair isn’t “done”. Since when is a rocking a baby fro not having your hair done, anyway? Feminist cultural critical bell hooks talks about how we often view our hair as something to dominate and control–this is especially true for Black people. Would it better if Blue Ivy’s hair was being stretched and pulled to accommodate beads and bows? Or perhaps we should throw a perm in her hair to really make matters better? There is a lot of sexism in how people are reacting to Blue Ivy’s hair. Continue reading