While Jay Z & Beyoncé Were “On The Run”, Miami Ticketholders Were Stuck On The Highway.

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

 Wednesday night the “On The Run” tour starring Jay Z and Beyoncé kicked off in Miami, the good news? The show was pretty good, the rain ended before the show began and it was fun. The bad news? A lot of ticket holders missed about half of the show being stuck in traffic on University Drive and on the Turnpike by Sun Life Stadium. If they weren’t stuck on the highway they were stuck in the parking lot of Sun Life Stadium because there were only a few people collecting money and directing traffic control at the stadium.  Don’t worry, I won’t post any tour spoilers for those who want to be surprised when they go. I’ll just give you the deets about the good, the bad and the rumors.


Back to the traffic, many were stuck in traffic for over two hours. Traffic was so bad that some ticketholders got out there car and walked.  At 8 PM the stadium was very empty, by 9 PM it was a little more full, but not to the max like the end of the show. There weren’t enough ushers escorting people to their seats, it was basically a mess.  Jay and Bey came on at 9:36, they were set to start at 8 PM. Here’s a tip for future show goers, when Beyonce says 8 PM she means 8 PM, but when Jay Z says 8 PM, he means 9:30 PM the earliest, there were some “Watch The Throne” dates where he and Kanye didn’t come on until 10 PM. Continue reading

Entertainment Beyoncé, Jay Z and Solange Issue Statement About Elevator Attack

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Nessa girl are you ready for the lies and bullsh!t? Here they go…

Quite frankly I don’t know why they issued a statement period. This sh!t would have died by Saturday. I’m sure Kum and Kanye would have done something to steal the public’s attention, or Lil Kim or Ciara would have had their babies or something like that. Nonetheless, Olivia Pope advised the Carters to issue a statement.

“As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. But the most important thing is that our family has worked through it,” the statement said. “Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.”

Celebs kill me with these ole manufactured statements, because quite frankly, they are saying a whole bunch of nothing. We did not walk away from this statement knowing any more or feeling any differently than we did before we read it.

“The reports of Solange being intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening are simply false,” the statement continued. “At the end of the day families have problems and we’re no different. We love each other and above all we are family. We’ve put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same.”

No sh!t Sherlock. Tell us something we don’t know!

Anyway chile, y’all wanted a response from Beyonce and them, There it is!

I still say this is the real T


Whoopi Goldberg Believes a Man Should Be Able to Hit a Woman Back, In Wake Of Solange & Jay-z

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I’m a firm believer that fists have not gender. The double standards that plague are society are sickening at times. Had the tables been turned, and Jay-z was slapping and kicking Solange in the elevator, people would have been outraged and pushing for him to be arrested. Yet, we almost discount the fact that Solange assaulted Jay-z, and is more concerned with the gossip as to what drove her to attack him in the elevator. Women have come a long way to gain some sort of equal footing with men in society today. However, women can’t pick and chose where they want to be equal and where they want gender bias to work in their favor.

Most of us are raised that a man should never hit a woman. For reasons unbeknownst to us, men are stronger so on and so forth. That being said, It would seem to me that men being physically stronger would be all the reason more why women should refrain from hitting men, to avoid the off chance of a man hitting them back. Either way, I think is is more of an overall human issue, and less about gender. As adults we should not put our hands on one another period. REGARDLESS of your sex, at the point in which you physically violate someone, they should be able to hit your ass back regardless of their sex. Just my two cents.

Whoopi Goldberg spoke about the whole Solange & Jay-z incident on The View and pretty much feels the same way I do. Check it out. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Solange ‘Lost On The Way Home’. Was Elevator Fight With Jay-z A PR Stunt?

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Chile, considering how careful the Carters have been in the past, and how crafty their PR machine is, i asked the question “was Solange’s attack on Jay-Z a PR stunt”. Well, how convienent is it that on the day of the attack, a new song featuring Soloange was released. Ohhh but it gets better, the lyrics of the song are about fighting and having your back.

Who’s gonna to have your time,

when it’s down to the minute?

/ Who’s gonna have your time?

/ Who’s gonna have your back,

when the shove comes squishin’?

/ Who’s gonna have your back?

Chile, things are starting to look real suspect. When animals attack aside, the song is actually pretty dope. It gives you an 80′s kindmovie soundtrack kind of feel. Check it out and let me know what you think. Continue reading

Funky Dineva Weighs In On Solange / Jay-Z Elevator Fight + FULL Fight Video

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Nessa girl, you had to know that I could not let too much time go do before I gave the girls a video explanation of my thoughts and feelings about when animals attack. Quiet as its kept, I still say Solange had an attitude because her Easter dress was ugly and Jay-Z probably was laughing at her. LOL See what all I thought about this ordeal.


Catch these T’s Continue reading

Jay-Z Physically Attacked In Elevator By Solange While Beyonce Just Stands There (video)

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Chile, all ain’t what it seems in the Carter household. Y’all run around here singing their damn praises like they are the ideal couple, and them hoes got more problems then a little bit. First off, it is unclear as to why Solange was punching and kicking the sh!t out of Jay-Z in the elevator as they were leaving the Met Gala. What is clear is that Beyonce CLEARLY was in support of the ass whoopin that Jay-Z caught because she just stood there. Further more, I don’t know any woman who would just stand their and look unfazed by her sister beating up her husband if she didn’t feel he deserved it.  Chile, they got it going on. I want to see how the Carters are going to talk themselves out of this one. I know Beyonce is somewhere mad that Solange has let the cat out the bag.

In addition to the attack video, a second video was captured of Solange storming out of the Gala, and clearly she is pissed. Catch these T’s Continue reading