Big Poppa’s (Kim Zolciak’s RHOA ex Sugar Daddy) House on Sale For $19.9 Million Take a Look Inside! (PHOTOS)

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Chile, with all this drama surrounding Kim moving out / getting evicted from Kendra Davis’s home aka her “dream home”, i’m not understanding why she doesn’t just moved into the home where she had lots of dreams. Surely she must know here way around this palatial estate, and for 19.9 million dollars, this would  be anyones dream home.

Big Poppa, the Atlanta businessman whose real name is Lee Najjar is once again trying to sell this mini kingdom. Chile, is Big Poppa not aware that we just came out of a recession, ain’t nobody trying to buy no 19.9 million dollar home, OKAY! This 25,000 square0-foot home has been on and off the market for years. Wonder why he can’t get it sold? Could it be that ain’t nobody got that kind of damn money! lol

I was there the night of the BET Hip-Hop awards for T.I’s private party. I assure the parts that i saw with my eyes were more luxurious than I ever imagined i would witness in my own middle class life. The home boasts 9 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a home theater, and a pool, not to mention a whole lot of expensive furniture that ain’t no body got money for either!

Take a look inside Big Poppa’s mansion now!

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