Married To Medicine’s Quad & Mariah Get To Fighting In Popular Atlanta Steakhouse

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indexChile it looks like this season or Married To Medicine is going to be off the chain. I honestly was hoping that many of the off camera antics would not make it on screen, but that was wishful thinking on my part. Seeing as though much what viewers will see on camera season 2 is really happening in real life, I might as well go ahead and start spilling tea. For those of you that think the drama between Quad & Mariah is a manufactured PR stunt, TRUST ME IT IS NOT. I’ve been a witness to some of it, and there has not been a single television camera around.  That being said, Mariah & Quad had a rather magical evening at Atlanta hot spot STK  (not your daddy’s steakhouse) that ended with designer purses hitting the floor, shoes being taken off, and someone being escorted out of the restaurant.  Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 Extended Trailer. Drama, Fights, Infidelity & More!!! (video)

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housewives atl 6

Chile Bravo has just released the the extended trailer for season 6 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and when you watch it you are going to fall dead to the bead. Baby when I tell you The Atlanta Housewives have taken a few classes from the cast of Love & Hip Hop! Chile they even got Mama Joyce (Kandi Mama) on here fighting. Lawd have mercy Jesus! The apple must not fall far from the tree because Kandi is shown in the trailer threatening to drag someone. Honorary Housewife Miss Kordell Stewart even makes an appearance. Kenya is twirling all over the place, but when she twirls in the face of Nene Leakes she almost gets slapped. We can’t forget about Apollo beating the sh!t out of Kenya’s assistant Brandon. Chile this and a whole lot more when you view the trailer. Catch these T’s Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Married To Medicine Gets 2 New Cast Members. Kari Wells Gets The Boot

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Filming for season 2 of Married to Medicine just began and there has been quite a stir when it comes to the cast. Let me start out with the easy T. Kari Wells and her lips got the boot. I don’t have the T surrounding why they wont be returning, and quite honestly I do not care. The reason why is inconsequential. Kari Krueger is gone. Good riddance bish!

Out with the old and in with the new. If you get rid of two cast memeber (Kari and her lips) then it is only fair that you add to cast members. Enters Dr. Heavenly Kimes (dentist) and Dr. Lisa Joy Waldman (Internal medicine). Just who are these two women? Catch these T’s Continue reading

THE YES GAWDS – Tribble Reese

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So i was out and about last night, tootsie rollin’ all over Atlanta as I am known to do. Some friends and I decided to make a pitt stop at this pretty posh bar where we could sit outside and enjoy the night time air over a few libations. We notice this tall beautiful man and couldn’t stop looking at him. For some reason he looked vaguely familiar. One of my friends asked him “what is your name”? He responded “Tribble”. I knew I had heard that name before. The name is so unique that I doubted my spidisenses were off. Then it hit me, Bravo’s The New Atlanta. “That is where I know you from”. With a huge smile on his face,  this tall piece of heaven responded “yeah.” And that is how Tribble Reese of the New Atlanta became a Yes Gawd. See how gawd works. All the hot men are down to the bar!

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Want to be one of The Yes Gawds? Know someone who’s worthy?Submit 3 or more tastefully sexy photographs to please put “The Yes Gawds” in the subject line. Include a brief description or blurp about what you would like the viewers to know. Include all social media contacts.

Want to see more of Tribble Reese? MORE pics below the break. Checkout The New Atlanta Tuesday Nights at 10 pm EST on Bravo!

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Kandi Confronts Kim & Nene Reads The F*ck out of Phaedra – RHOA Reunion PART 2 [watch]

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nene phaedra

If you thought part 1 of the reunion was good, then part 2 is really going to give you something to talk about. Sneak Peaks  from part 2 of the reunion have been released, and from what I can see Nene Leakes is not what you want. Hot & Heated, Nene Leakes looks damn near ready to rip Phaedra Parks a new a** hole. No tea no shade, Phaedra looks all choked up and caught up in the rapture. Kandi takes her time and tries to delicately explain why the cast was frustrated with her as a whole. Wiggy wasn’t buying it though. Catch these T’s Continue reading

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap + Pt. 1 of Reunion Full Video [watch]

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tumblr_mdk4puujDX1qltqg1Bae-Bae, if you did not get the memo, this reunion was everything I needed and more. We all know that I don’t fancy Miss Kenya Moore, however, I must give her the ‘Did That” award because she showed up and showed out. Kenya Moore was not what you wanted this night. Armed with a fan that made the shadiest noise, every time Kenya would gut punch someone, she would sling it open and release a magical cloud of shade. I LIVED!

All the ladies looked remarkably nice, the gold medal goes to Cynthia Bailey and silver goes to Kandi. Surprisingly, the reunion got off to a very strong start considering the fact that their is 3 parts. Check out my hilarious video review of pt one of the reunion. Believe it or not, I was paying light homage to Kenya Moore. The spirit has kind of moved over me. No tea no shade, I think I might want to do a sit down interview with Kenya? Do y’all think she’ll do it? If you missed the reunion, the full episode is also included under the break…






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