Vince Young Bought All Tickets on an Airplane Just So He Could Fly By Himself

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile Cheese, the media has recently reported that former NFL star Vince Young went broke after earning $26 million dollars in the last five years. Young was just cut from the Buffalo Bills, possibly ending his football career. ¬†After earning $26 million, you would think that no one would be pressed about their career ending. Huh, not this fool! Young is real pressed right now because he completely squandered $26 million. Some would argue that this has happen to so many pro athletes including Young due to a lack of financial education. I say, with $26 million, your dumb ass could have bought any kind of education you wanted. I bet he wishes now he didn’t buy all the tickets on a commercial airline flight just to fly by himself. Catch these T’s. Continue reading