Chateau Sheree Goes Into FORECLOSURE. Nene Leakes Was Right, Truly Was “NEVER LAND”

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So I take an entire week off from blogging just to return to this mess. No tea no shade, I am really feeling some kind of way right now. My spirit is still slain, wore out, and f&cked out from running up and down the courthouses steps behind Sheree Whitfield and Chateau Sheree. All tea all shade, I am ready to walk outside and slap the sh&t out of somebody over the fact that Sheree tried to basically have me put in jail for reporting on the progress of Chateau Sheree. Sheree was all up and through the court telling the judge how she feared for the safety of her children blah blah blah. Mind you, at no point during Chateau Sheree’s non-existence has it ever been habitable. We went through months of court, and thousands of dollars in legal bills,  just for Sheree to allow the home to go into foreclosure this close to completion?? Naw now Sheree, I know that’s not what we are doing! Somebody get NeNe Leakes very rich a$$ on the line and tell her we need her to step in and save Chateau Sheree. Better yet, Marlo Hampton did offer to extend Sheree a loan during their infamous fight in Africa. Yeah call Marlo, we have not heard about any of her Chanel bags and shoes getting reposed or going into foreclosure.  Catch These T’s Continue reading

SWEET TEA: Sheree Whitfield Re-Files Criminal Charges Against Bloggers In Her Daughter’s Name

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Alright y’all at first all this courthouse nonsense with Sheree was comical, now this ish is just pathetic and is getting old. After losing in court miserably against Tamera Tattles, and after failing to get myself and another blogger into court, Sheree Whitfield has decided to re-file applications for criminal trespassing warrants. The gag is, this time around she decided to file using her daughters name, Tierra Fuller. I’m guessing that because part of Tamara’s defense was the fact that the property that we all allegedly trespassed on did not even legally belong to Sheree, Whitfield decided that she would re-file under the name of the property owner. Really girl? Like really what is all of this truly about? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Uncle Sam Is Moving Into ‘Chateau Sheree’ – Tax Liens, Lawsuits, and SHADE

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Lord somebody please help this woman. Poor Sheree Whitfield cant catch a break to save her life. After years of divorce court fees, legal woes, unemployment, repossessions and other embarrassments, Uncle Sam has decided to take up residence in Chateau Sherree’. Why won’t y’all just leave this woman alone. Catch these T’s. Continue reading