Chris Brown Queens Out! Calls Tamar Braxton & Adrienne Bailon ‘Muppet Face’ And… ‘TROUT MOUTH ASS BITCH’

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Tamar, Adriene, Chris Brown

Nessa Girl, I was down to da bar, and couldn’t even enjoy my drank good, because Chris Brown wants to get his ass on the Instagram and flex his ability to read like a drag queen. Let me tell you something, Chris Brown has taken notes from all those background dancers, makeup artists, and hairstylist that surround him daily. When I tell you mama went in and let have! Chile, she gave The Real hosts Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon DA BIZNESS!

The story goes: Earlier today (Nov. 3rd) on The Real, Tamar and Adriene were discussing relationships and in particular Chris and Karrueche’s volatile 5 year rendezvous. Adriene citing Karrueche stays with Brown because its beneficial to her career and her friends social status. Tamar coming behind Bailon and basically saying Chris isn’t a bad guy, he’s just young. Well, young Chris didn’t take kind to any of this. Her is what Chris had to say:

“BRING THAT ASS HERE BOY” ADRIENNE BAILON…. You ole trout mouth ass bitch. U tried it. Won’t u the same bitch that was fucking wit married men? U also was keeping up with the Kardashians! U can’t talk about relationship goals when u don’t even have life goals. Ain’t you a cheetah girl? Last time u was important niggas was riding spinners and wearing 6x talk Ts. You the same bitch having threesomes like the rest of these hoes. U tried it too Tamara Braxton. U take the role of the ugly sister. It’s always the people wit no career that talk all the shit. Dat plastic surgery fucked yo face up. Bitch look like she always saying “huh”? Muppet face ass! #basicbitchproblems #thotiannas I don’t even need a photo for Tamar, that bitch is beat in every photo! #icanmakeabrokebitchrichbutidontfuckwitbrokebitches

Chile…. Check out the video of what caused all of this, and Tamar’s response below. Continue reading

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty To Simple Assault, He Will Not Do Any Jail Time

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

God always protect children and fools is how the old saying goes, so I guess we all shouldn’t be shocked that even though Chris Brown plead guilty to simple assault, he’s still a free man. Last time Chris Brown went to court for his Washington DC case, he rejected the plea deal,(Read: Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal, Singer Will Go To Trial In September) rumors circulated all weekend that when Chris Brown returned to DC court on September 2nd, he would take a new plea deal that the District Attorney offered.
With Karrueche by his side Chris Brown plead guilty to one count of simple assault. After the guilty plea Chris Brown said “I’m Sorry” to the judge and the court and his lawyer said that Chris’ career was derailed for the last year and he would like to go back on tour.  Prosecutors told the judge that Chris Brown admitted that he punched the victim with a fist and broke his nose.

The judge gave Chris Brown credit for the two days in DC lockup as time served, he will receive no probation and has to pay a DC court fee of $150.00.The judged said today (Sept. 2nd) in court “I feel he has suffered the consequences.” He was facing 180 days in jail if he would’ve went to trial.

Chris Brown is still under mandatory drug testing twice a week for LA probation and there is still a civil suit in this DC assault case pending.
Chris Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, who was found guilty back in April for assault, is still fighting for a new trial in this case, based on new evidence. When asked about the new evidence he said “Stay tuned, there’s more to come, I want to keep you busy for a few more weeks.”


Chris Brown Gets So Drunk At BET Awards After Party, Guys Have To Cary Him Out (video)

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Chile, Chris Brown done went down to da after party bar, got drunk bootz, and damn near feel dead to da bed. Breezy was so trashed that he had to be carried out by two guys. Barely able to walk, Brown jumped in an orange Lambo where Karate Cooch (Karrueche Tran) was waiting to drive him home. I’m not going to judge ole Chris, because we all have had too much to drink a time or two. However, I will say this does not look good with him just getting out of jail and him having done that small stint in rehab.


Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal, Singer Will Go To Trial In September

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Chris Brown showed up in court this afternoon (June 25th) to answer the charges of assault from an October 2013 incident in Washington D.C.  in which a fan was allegedly attacked by Brown and his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy after a heated  altercation outside of the W Hotel. Back in April Hollosy was found guilty of misdemeanor assault, Hollosy planned to appeal his verdict which lead to his refusal to testify in Brown’s trial for the same assault because he didn’t want to say anything that would hurt his chances of an appeal. The trial was pushed back until June with the hopes that Brown would accept the plea deal presented by the prosecution and Brown would not have to serve any further jail time. Well, in true Christopher Maurice Brown fashion he decided to “go against the grain” (August Alsina’s voice) and reject the plea deal.

What happened?! Plea deal talks between prosecutors and Brown’s attorney went left after discussions over the “public statement” Brown would have to make in court, this statement is basically what Brown would have to admit his part was in the incident. Prosecutors wanted Brown to accept responsibility for assault, but doing so would expose him on the $3 million civil lawsuit filed by the victim, Parker Adams. Adams suffered a broken nose as well as other injuries the night of the incident and filed a civil suit for medical bills and pain and suffering. Brown and the Prosecution couldn’t agree on the facts of that October night, so a trial date has been set for September 8th, 2014. Continue reading

These Checks Ain’t Loyal – DJ Baby Drew Slow On Child Support Payments Since Being Fired From #LHHATL

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Chile since being fired from LHHATL with that boring ass story line, DJ Baby Drew aka Chris Brown’s DJ has been a little unreliable with those child support payments. I guess Chris Brown being looked up for 1/4th a year isn’t making matters any better.

Sources close to Mieko Love (Drew’s 1st child’s mother) say since Drew stopped receiving a minimum wage check from Mona Scott-Young that his child support payments have not been coming in on time. The gag is, it’s being reported that Drew is pushing a Range Rover and a BMW. Shidddd why feed your child when you’re car note is due right?

SCANDAL: DJ Babey Drew Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Has Another Baby With Aspiring Singer Mieko Love

Damn Drew! Oh well, blame it on Chris Brown. That seems to be what everyone else is doing these days. Reports are saying that Drew is also neglecting his daughter. Perhaps he’s out trying to find some other troubled artist to DJ for since Chris Brown’s payroll is on freeze right now.  Quiet as its kept, on-time or late,  at least Mieko is collecting. Chile, Fontain ain’t paid Nessa since 2009. They suspended his driver license, but that negro still be driving.

I wonder if Traci’s money is coming in on time. Imma call her…

Chris Brown is Free, But He’s Not In The Clear Yet

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Around Midnight PST Chris Brown was finally released from jail, after being in and out of jail and rehabilitation facilities in 2014. The singer was initially sentenced to one year in prison on May 9 for violating his probation received from the Rihanna assault case. The Judge reduced the sentence to 131 days after he was given credit for the 116 days he spent in rehab and the 59 days he spent behind bars awaiting trial. Brown severed 108 days of his 131 day sentence for violating probation.

However, Chris isn’t exactly in the clear, yet. He is still facing an assault charge stemming from an October 2013 altercation in Washington D.C. during Howard University’s Homecoming. The trial is tentatively set for later in June and was delayed due to the fact his bodyguard refused to testify on Brown’s behalf since he himself was found guilty in his assault case for the same incident If Chris is found guilty in that case, he could potentially face jail time as punishment, and could face even more jail time if it’s determined to be yet another parole violation by a California judge. Continue reading