New Couple? Souldja Boy Boo’d Up With Superhead Down To Da Instagram

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All 32 of Diamond’s flavors must be rotten because Souldja Boy is looking mighty cozy with yuck mouth a$$ Superhead. Yesterday Superhead publicly put her tramp stamp on Souldja Boy by posting a gang of pictures on Instagram. You know its pretty official when your relationship is moved up to Instagram status. Not sure for the life of me why any of these rappers continue to entertain this basic b!tch. Listen, I don’t know what it is Karrine Stephens is spraying in her coochie, but what ever it is, I WAN’T SOME! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Souldja Boy & Diamond Join Love & HipHop Atlanta, Joseline Stevie J Mimi Pushed To Background

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Catch these T’s. So you guys are well aware of the fact that Love & HipHop Atlanta was NEVER supposed to be based around Stevie J, Mimi, and Joseline right? As a matter of fact, Joseline was not even a member of the original cast. Quiet as its kept, Joseline was added to the show right before filming started as a result of some other shakeups in the cast. Its no secret that Diamond formerly of Crime Mob was in fact filming, and the shows main plot was going to surround Diamond, Lil Scrappy, Mama Dee, and Erika. Well Diamond threw a wrench in the game when while filming, she went to the restroom, had a “Come To Jesus” meeting with herself, walked off the set and was never seen again. The show had to go on, and it did. However, ¬†what is meant to be will be, because it is looking like Mona will get the story she sought after in the beginning after all. Continue reading