R&B Group TOTAL Not Adding Up. Only 2 Of Them Are Touring. Talks Diddy, A Comeback & More…

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In my opinion, R&B divas has started a movement that has many great artist from the 90′s trying to make a comeback. I won’t say that R&B is in a state of emergency, because things can’t stay the same forever. However, I will say R&B is in a strange place right now. We all remember Kima, Keisha, and Pam. They were the trio that made up the Bad Boy girl group Total. Totals smooth vocals mixed with their street style made them a staple in 90′s hip hop & r&b. In a true Diddy fashion, the group just fell apart, disappeared, and the fans have the slightest idea as to why.

On Valentines Day, Kima & Pam performed together for the first time in years at a special R&B lovers concert in London. While there, the two dropped by several radio stations and gave their two cents on the current state of R&B, social media, prospects of a comeback, and the other standard issues that dinosaur artists speak on. Catch these T’s. Ohh but wait. Notice Keisha wasn’t there. No Gawd Hunty. See Miss Keisha was smart enough to marry well. Her female intuition must have told her that there would be no money after Total. Keisha went off and married actor Omar Epps, had a couple babies, and is sitting pretty. No tea no shade, but when I first read that only Pam & Kima were in concert, I immediately thought to myself “damn skippy, the two that NEED the money.” Chile Cheese. Anyway, catch these T’s Continue reading

2012 BET HipHop Awards Performances + Chris Lighty Tribute – Who Did The Best? (VIDEO)

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So if you missed the 2012 BET awards or wants a rewind of some of your favorite performances, here they are. Personally I think the Rick Ross & Omarion performance was THE BEST. I was sitting in the audience during the taping of the awards and i remember getting real crunk, especially when Omarion started dancing. My 2nd Favorite performance was the opening number by Wiz Khalifa, and 3rd would be the Chris Lighty tribute. Here are all the performances. Let The Doll know which performances you thought were the best. Continue reading