NEW MUSIC: Drake “Trophies”. A New Sound For Him. SOUNDS GOOD!

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The Beyonce of rap has dropped a single. As much as i get tired of turning on my radio and hearing music out of the YMCB camp, I must say I’m feeling this track. Drake is kind of yelling aggressively on this track and its kind of hot. It is a much different sound from what we’ve grown accustomed to from Drake, but I’m here for it!  Check it out



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So y’all know I am an R&B head to the death, but I am going up for this new song, Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar featuring Drake. I don’t even know who Kendrick Lamar is or where he comes from, but I will be doing my homework on him. What’s so hot about this song is that it is called Poetic Justice but set to Janet Jackson’s 1994  hit  Anytime Anyplace. This track is a smooth rap groove about the a “special lady” in the Compton and Canadian rapper’s lives.  Check it out. Continue reading