Basketball Wives LA Season 3. Who Are These New Broads? Are You Feeling Them? (video)

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Sooo, Basketball Wives L.A. is back and from the looks of things, these heffas are not skipping a beat. Crazy a$$ Jackie Christie has picked up right where she left off from the looks of things. Say what you want to say about Jackie Christie, but the senile fashionista is entertaining to say the least. For whatever reason I can deal with Jackie’s brand of crazy, but can’t put up with Kenya’s. I’ve always lived for Malaysia. I love her poise and television sophistication. Not to mention, mama’s hair is always layed and she tends not to be messy. Draya is back playing her part to the max. As usual she’s serving tits & a$$ realness.

281x211Just who are these new chicks? Chile I don’t half know, and quiet as its kept, I’m not checking for two of them. For those that have not watched yet, Laura, Gloria, Brooke, and whoever else was on the show is gone. The only survivors left are Jackie, Dray, and Malaysia. Welcome Sundy, Brandi, Brittish, and Arriane. We’ve met Sundy during past seasons. She’s one of Jackie’s messy a$$ friends that comes along with a slew of drama and Scandal. The biggest thing to know about Sundy at this point is that her daughter was caught sucking d!ck down to da Twitter and the word on the street is that Sundy is the one who leaked the photo. The children say Sundy was mad because her daughter called her out for being a whore publicly and Sundy retaliated by posting her daughters naughty pic. Sundy vehemently denies the accusations, but…

Sundy Carter, a long-time friend of Jackie, starts stirring up trouble from the moment she is introduced to the group. Suffering from one scandal after another, Sundy wishes she could keep her private life private. Unfortunately for her, the secrets just don’t stop coming and her consistent support of Jackie lands her in hot water on more than one occasion. ~ VH1

Meet the other chicks and catch the T on how I really feel about them. Continue reading

Laura Govan Says Shaunie Ruined Basketball Wives With Hoes. Draya Says Laura Is Just Bitter Because She Got FIRED

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Chile Laura Govan had some choice words for Shaunie O’neal. Laura feels that it was Shaunie’s focus on “non wives” that ruined the show. Better yet, Laura used the word “ho’s”. To me this sounds like a lightweight stab a Draya. Non the less, Laura must be either blind or delusional. It was the focus on the hoes” that sustained what little semblance of a show they had. No tea no shade, It really was Gloria Govan that ruined the damn show if you let me tell it.

Towards the end, Basketball wives LA did somewhat turn into The Draya show, but hell, she was the only one who half had anything interesting going on. Of course we love Jackie Christi, but for all the wrong reasons. We love Jackie’s tacky fashions and her delusions of grandeur. Quite frankly, the people have spoken and the characters that were not needed were eliminated. Draya and Jackie are reportedly the only two returning from the original cast. No tea no shade, that says a lot. Hell, Malaysia was boring, Gloria was wack, Laura was hit or miss, and Brooke was just there sucking up air. There was no real wow factor with any of the ladies. We need Kimsha Artest back. Surely y’all remember her Madea looking ass from season 1.

In the wake of hearing what Laura had to say, Draya had a few choice words of her own. Trying to keep it cute, Draya spilled the real T behind Laura’s feelings. Catch these T’s Continue reading

[VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2 ep 1 (full video) + Review

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Monday nights have been restored. Tonights premiere episode of BBWLA gave me just what i needed. I’ll be the first to say that season 1 got off to a pretty rocky start and most of it was wack. I think the folks over at VH1 have fixed that issue because season 2 seems to be a bit more exciting.

Briefly, Jackie Christie is still crazy. I still can’t stand Gloria Govan. Laura Govan has lost a tremendous amount of weight, but is still funny as hell. Malaysia’s hair is layed for the GAWDS and she has taken on the role of peacemaker this season. Draya is venturing into entropreneourship and has started a bikini line. Draya’s house is also empty as hell. We are thinking her furniture must be over at Chateua Sheree’. Imani is NO MORE. In comes newcomer Brooke Bailey, A curvy video model that is poised to stir things up a little bit as the season progresses. There it is in a nutshell, hower, watching is so much more entertaining. Check out the videos and GET YOUR LIFE! Continue reading

[VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2, ep 1 (can’t watch on mobile device)

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Now y’all know I love me some crazy ass Jackie Chrtisti. I am so glad that Basketball Wives L.A. is BACK. Last season was a bit dry at times, and there was a whole lot of volatility in the cast. I can tell from the promo and from the new members of the cast that the show has found its groove. I am definitely looking forward to reviewing each and every episode of this show. Check out the first 8 minutes of Episode 1. Continue reading