What Chad Johnson and Amiyah Scott Can Teach Us About Respecting Transgender Women

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amiyah scott

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I look forward to the day when a straight man taking a picture with a trans woman is not an issue. If social media is any indication, we have a while to go before that vision becomes a reality. Over the weekend, a picture surfaced of former NFL player and reality star, Chad Johnson, posing with Amiyah Scott, a trans woman. Judging by the number of ignorant comments leveled at both Johnson and Scott, you would have thought that the two had committed a serious crime, and in a sense, they had. In our transphobic world, a straight man taking a picture with a trans woman is seen as a “crime”. What is the crime, you ask? The crime is respecting a transgender woman.

As I watched the hoopla over Chad Johnson and Amiyah Scott, taking a picture together, unfold, I was glad to see that Johnson did not distance himself from Scott simply because she is a trans woman. I have my issues with Johnson, his violent response to former wife Evelyn Lozada being one of them, but I was proud to see a straight man affirming and respecting a trans woman. All too often, straight men throw trans women under the bus when they are shamed and ridiculed for taking a picture with a trans woman, befriending a trans woman, or being romantic with a trans woman. Johnson responded to those attacking him by stating, “I rock with everybody, no matter what.” In the midst of so much ignorance, Chad Johnson showed that trans women are people too. Continue reading