Basketball Wives Season 5 Reunion Cancelled Because Evelyn Refuses To Talk About Chad Drama

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So chile If y’all have not already heard the season 5 reunion for Basketball Wives has been cancelled. Apparently Evelyn is tired tired rehashing the Chad & Evelyn drama and is over the “negativity that the show breeds”. Chile, if she’s over it, what the hell does she think we are. Quiet as its kept, seeing Evelyn crying every 4th scene over chad is why I stopped watching mid season. The entire storyline was just played. A this point I think one of two things needs to happen. 1- The need to cancel the show all together, or 2- they need to recast the entire thing. We’ve gotten all we can get from the current cast. Like the old adage goes, “you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip”.

Evelyn refusing to speak on the chad incident left VH1 executives with very to try to produce a 1- hour show. With that, they felt it smarted to just ax the entire thing. No tea no shade, but is the implication here that there is nothing to Evelyn’s relevance at the present moment other than Chad?

Evelyn Lozada Says No Season 6 Of Basketball Wives For Her And She Doesn’t Talk To Tami Roman At All

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Essence Music Festival 2012 New Orleans - Day 3 - Seminars and Backstage

See this the sh!t right here that I am talking about. Evelyn Lozada recently did an interview with the Huffington Post Live where when asked about how we can expect to see her life play out in future seasons, her response was “As far as future seasons, I signed on to do 5 seasons. And this is our fifth. I don’t really see me doing a sixth season,” she admitted. “I’m open to doing a spinoff, but just not with a cast of women…” Ohhh really Evelyn? Well what else the hell are you going to do? You are right, you did have a spin-off show prior, but we only would have tuned in to see Chad and his antics, no tea no shade. not to mention the show didn’t see the light of day, so you have no tangible proof that it was a success. I can gaurantee you now hunty, no one wants to see “Evelyn Lozada goes shopping…”. This show concept wont work.  As it relates to carrying basketball wives, there may be some slight truth to that. However, Evelyn better tighten her load on season 5 if she plans on using it as a lead in to her own spinoff.

Unfortunately it looks as if the Basketball Wives train might be coming to a hault. Y’all know I am the queen of telling the gawd honest truth. Season 5 is boring, contrived, and as far as I am concerned, FAKE. At this point I think people are only tuning in based on their loyalty to the brand, not because the show is “ohh so entertaining”. This is not the same show that viewers bought 4 seasons ago. I know that the ladies had to scale back back on much of the drama, but the contrived scenes are a horrible substitute. I must point out that if Evelyn is going to take the credit for carrying the show, she must take the credit for destroying it as well. In all honestly, most of the hoopla surrounding violence, volatility, and bullying involved Evelyn, so she might want to be a bit more careful making snide remarks like “i carried this show”, albeit true or false. But we will not Judge Evelyn based on her past, because she doesn’t live there any more.

I can tell you now that Evelyn and Tami are not seeing eye to eye because Evelyn through some MAJOR reality tv shade at Tami that basically implied that Tami has no relevance. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Basketball Wives Season 5 Sneak Peak At Promo Shoot + The New Chick

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Basketball Wives Season 5

The ladies that ushered in The Doll doing reality tv recaps are back. Yes gawd, Basketball Wives season 5 is well underway. Bout damn time i might add. The non married wives are back and are looking better than ever. Someone’s hair up there isn’t really all that layed. Can you guess who I’m talking about? Oh yeah, the new chick on the end, that’s Tasha Marbury. Tasha is the ex wife of Stephon Marbury.

Today Tami Roman Tweeted:

“The last 2wks of taping BBW5 have been the best in 4 seasons for me. So thankful 4 @ShaunieONeal @EvelynLozada &@suzieketcham -we ride!!!”

Catch these T’s Continue reading

Evelyn Lozada Covers Latina Magazine. Talks Basketball Wives And Domestic Abuse

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Chile, Evelyn HOzada is teaching the kids what a good PR team can do for a girls career. I know that’s right chile. Mama is just trying to pay the rent. I ain’t mad with you hunty!  LOL. Let me stop, I don’t even know this lady. Evelyn covers Latina Magazine, and inside she talks about the infamous reputation she created for herself on Basketball Wives and being a victim (so she says) of domestic violence. Honestly, I don’t half care about what she has to say, get into her dress! yes gawd!! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Pics of Evelyn Lozada’s Bloody Head Gash After Fight With Chad Johnson Revealed

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Alright y’all, up until now I was thinking perhaps Chad didn’t head butt the sh!t out of Evelyn. However, after looking at these photos, SOMETHING HAPPEN. I’m not saying that she didn’t drive him to the point of knocking her out, or that they were not fighting each other, but damn!  Mamma’s head was f*cked up!

This photo and others were taken by Davie Police in the Florida emergency room where Evelyn was transported following the altercation on August 11th, 2012. According to police, the forehead laceration measured 3 inches. Continue reading

Rich People Problems: Chad Johnson Loosing 45k per month. Says He Only Earns 3k Monthly

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I’m thoroughly convinced that Evelyn Lozada has all kinds of voodoo hidden within the walls of her coochie. Every man that plays around in her kitty box ends up all messed up. Poor Ocho-Cinco’s life has not been the same since his rendezvous with the black widow. Add to Chad’s list of ever growing problems is that the fact that buddy boy is coming up short $45k each month. After loosing his NFL income, Chad is only bringing in $3k per month. Honestly, $3k equates to the salary of our average new college grad working in your most entry level of positions. Coming up short over $45k, I say Chad has some major downsizing to do. He better call Dionne Warrick and get some advice from her bankrupt ass. Catch these T’s Continue reading