Nicci Gilbert QUITS R&B Divas After Her Husband Gets Into Major Altercation

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I said this once before, but ish is seriously getting real with the R&B Divas. I’ve had one production member flat out say to the that the show has turned into Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives. Word on the street is after the altercation that almost resulted in Nicci’s husband getting a gun pulled on him, Nicci quit the show. Catch these T’s Continue reading

DRAMA ALERT: Nicci Gilbert Wont Support Syleena Johnson’s Because She Doesn’t Like Her

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Soooooo last night, The Doll was invited to attend a private listening party event for Syleena Johnson. Syleena has teamed up with Musiq Soul Child and the two of them put together a reggae album. Reggae??? Yeah i was looking like a confused dog too. However, the tracks that we all heard during the event were dope. At least now I can Dutty Wine to some reggae tunes and stop rolling my hips to Total Praise. The R&B Divas camera crew was there, and MOST of the ladies including newbies Angie Stone & Latocha Scott were also in the building. Faith was not in attendance, but noticeably missing was Madea Nikki Gilbert. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

K. Michelle and Mimi Faust Both Speak Out About Their Backstage Fight

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More details surrounding the incident involving theĀ  K.Michelle and Mimi Faust altercation are starting to emerge. I guess it took time for both parties to speak out because they had to consult with PR people and also devise a way to get the maximum benefit from the situation. Mimi Faust and her PR team opted for the the traditional vague boring issuing of a statement. K. Michelle on the other had chose a more modern approach. She opted to use Twitter and in a 140 characters or less, tell it like it is! Closing out her statement with “U GOT POPPED”. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

CRACKHEAD REALNESS: Frankie & Momma Dee Fight at Atlanta’s V-103 Radio Station

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile, somebody thought it would be a good idea to have Momma Dee the dope pusher & Frankie Lyons the dope user in the radio station at the same damn time. This has got to be the fail of the century! Anyone could imagine the kind off f**kery that was going on in the room. As if we are surprised, sparks started flying when words got exchanged and jackets came off. Catch this hilarity! Continue reading

[VIDEO] Nikki Minaj Cusses Mariah Carey The F*** Out On Set Of American Idol

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Think its a joke if you want to. Nikki Minaj cusses Mariah Carey out on the set of American Idol. Fox and the PR folks for American Idol have been trying there hardest to minimize the beef rumors surrounding Niki Minaj & Mariah Carey. Ohh well, to hell with the uphill battle that they have been fighting. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Get into this video of Nikki Minaj letting Mariah Carey know that she is not dealing with her “f*****g highness” today! OKAY Continue reading