Fugees Video Director Aswad Ayinde Gets 90 Years For Fathering 6 Children With His Own Daughters

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

See this the ish right here I’m talking about! I know you shouldn’t wish bad on anyone, but I hope someone makes cole slaw out of his booty hole in prison! The award winning video producer who produced the Fugee’s Killing Me Softly Video has fathered 6 children with several of his daughters. Ayinde beat and rape his daughters from the 1980′s well through 2002. The sick bastard revealed a plot to create a “pure blood line” that would survive beyond doomsday. I swear these religious fanatics kill me softly. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Wyclef Jean On Lauryn Hill: ‘She’s A Liar Who Told Me Her Baby Was Mine’

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Even though he was married when he had an affair with his band mate Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean is putting the “X-Factor” singer on blast by claiming she lied about the paternity of her child  which caused the Fugees to breakup.

When the group broke up in 1997, front man Wyclef refused to discuss what caused the trio to split, but months after  he broke his silence and admitted his fling with Hill was the catalyst. The affair also almost ended his marriage.  Continue reading