NEW MUSIC: Proof That R&B Music Isn’t Dead – Tamar Braxton ‘Let Me Know’ Ft. Future

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Now y’all know I have a love hate relationship with this 1970′s sissy in a blonde wig. However, The Doll never minds paying HOMAGE when HOMAGE is due. Bae Bae let me tall y’all something, Tamar Braxton did the damn thang with her newest single ‘Let Me Know’. No tea no shade, I could have done without Future. He’s about as annoying to me as T-Pain, but Future on this track is going to ensure that it gets bumped in the clubs.

What I’m not understanding is that someone African-American female artist are abandoning R&B for Pop and other 5 cent bubble gum, citing that “its not selling” so on and so forth. Yet, Tamar Braxton has found away stay true to her R&B roots, make music that sounds radio worthy,  and b!tch The People like it. Some of these other female R&B singers need to step up their song selection game, including ALL THE R&B DIVAS. I think these days and times, so many people get hung up on writing their own music in an effort to capture all the publishing. Forget that, some of these hoes need to look on the back of Tamar & Beyonce’s cd and call some of these writers that they are hi-jacking music from. Y’all Beyonce & Tamar them be adding a ooh and an ahhh here and there and be tallmbout they wrote the song. Girl bye! It’s ok though. They don’t have to write em, just as long as they can sang em!

Get into Tamar’s latest hit:


A Ringless Ciara Jet Sets To Spain with Baby Future

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Ciara joined Diddy, Cassie, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian-West and a slew of other celebs in Ibiza, Spain over the weekend to celebrate Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday. The Body Party singer made the trip a family affair by bringing her son Future Zahir Wilburn and her mom for the exotic journey.

Ciara posted the pic of her and her son soaking up the sun near a pool at her vacation home that overlooked the seaside.

Kinda Like Everything…J #baabyFuturesFirstTravels #Ibiza- the singer took to her Instagram and post.

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Ciara Confirms on The View What We Already Knew. She’s Pregnant With Future’s Future

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These celebrities wear me out trying to hide pregnancy and hold out on pregnancy announcements. Ciara, we are not buying your albums, yet alone your pregnancy pictures, OKAY! Anyway, I don’t know who moved mountains to get Ciara booked on The View this morning, but she was there. Clearly the women had been advised to toss the pregnancy question to her so she could answer it all cute and Beyonce like. Non the less the heffa is pregnant. As if she needed any more distractions to deter her from the music that she isn’t making. Chile cheese. Check out the video.

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NEW MUSIC: Ciara Samples Ghost Town Dj’s ‘My Boo’ With New Single ‘BODY PARTY’

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Back during her Goodies days and her 1,2, Step days I was madly in love with Ciara. Then somewhere along the way, the Ciara train got derailed. I don’t know, but from the sound of her latest single, ‘Body Party’, I think CiCi might have found her stride. If this first single from her upcoming album is any indication of what the quality of the album is going to be like, we might be in for a major treat. Ciara spoke highly of Future and his influence on her upcoming project. Check out the song and see what all she had to say.

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2012 BET HipHop Awards Performances + Chris Lighty Tribute – Who Did The Best? (VIDEO)

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So if you missed the 2012 BET awards or wants a rewind of some of your favorite performances, here they are. Personally I think the Rick Ross & Omarion performance was THE BEST. I was sitting in the audience during the taping of the awards and i remember getting real crunk, especially when Omarion started dancing. My 2nd Favorite performance was the opening number by Wiz Khalifa, and 3rd would be the Chris Lighty tribute. Here are all the performances. Let The Doll know which performances you thought were the best. Continue reading