Why Are Reality Stars So Hellbent On Using Homosexuality As An Insult? Being Gay Is Not An Insult!!!

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What is it about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that makes the cast so hellbent on using homosexuality an insult? The past few months have seen at least five members of the cast using the possibility that another cast member might be gay to attack and insult them. This form of homophobia is quite common in our society that all too often treats being gay as something negative, something to be ashamed of, and something that is degrading.

Twitter has most often been the location where these homophobic arguments among the members of the cast have played out. Earlier this year, Mimi and Benzino got into an argument on Twitter which saw them both using the prospect of the other being gay to attack and insult one another. Mimi threw out that Benzino is “suppose to be a heterosexual” and that they should “talk about the dicks in his ass.” Benzino accused Mimi of having had a threesome with another woman, and having performed oral sex with another woman. Both of the are examples of straight people using the specter of homosexuality as something to attack and/or insult another person with. The idea being that not being straight is something one needs to be ashamed of. Continue reading

Jesus Says No To Flowers. Florist Refuses Washington Gay Wedding Job Because Of Religion

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

I don’t know whether to laugh or be upset about this story. I’m over here chuckling because the whole thing is kind of silly to me. This guy in Richland, Washington has had a 9 year standing relationship with his lover and his florist. This same guy would order bouquets of flowers from the florist addressed to his lover. The florist would fill the order, and knowingly deliver the flowers to the lover. Yet, when the couple got engaged and wanted the florist to serve as the flower vendor for the wedding , she grabbed the gentleman’s hand and politely said ” I’m sorry, I can’t do your wedding because of my relationship with Jesus Christ”

Chile, I would have cussed her a** out an told her ” you could do my courtship, but you can’t do my wedding? B!tch it’s because of you and these damn flowers that we fell in love and are getting married in the first place.” LOL Catch these T’s Continue reading