Why Are Reality Stars So Hellbent On Using Homosexuality As An Insult? Being Gay Is Not An Insult!!!

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What is it about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that makes the cast so hellbent on using homosexuality an insult? The past few months have seen at least five members of the cast using the possibility that another cast member might be gay to attack and insult them. This form of homophobia is quite common in our society that all too often treats being gay as something negative, something to be ashamed of, and something that is degrading.

Twitter has most often been the location where these homophobic arguments among the members of the cast have played out. Earlier this year, Mimi and Benzino got into an argument on Twitter which saw them both using the prospect of the other being gay to attack and insult one another. Mimi threw out that Benzino is “suppose to be a heterosexual” and that they should “talk about the dicks in his ass.” Benzino accused Mimi of having had a threesome with another woman, and having performed oral sex with another woman. Both of the are examples of straight people using the specter of homosexuality as something to attack and/or insult another person with. The idea being that not being straight is something one needs to be ashamed of. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Gay College Football Player, Kicked Off Team For Kissing Boyfriend

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“If I could hear one thing, I would love to hear the school say they were wrong.”

That’s how former North Dakota State College of Science student Jamie Kuntz describes his feelings on the media firestorm he’s endured since gettingbooted off his school’s football team after being spotted kissing his boyfriend in the press box during a game in a poignant new interview with SB Nation.Amy K. Nelson spoke not just with Kuntz, but also with his family, former teammates and school officials who stood by the decision to kick the 18-year-old off the team. Continue reading