Syleena Johnson Appears On Iyanla Fix My Life Saturday, July 27

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Chile Syleena Johnson better go on ahead and milk this new life that R&B Divas has given her. I ain’t mad with you sister! Get it girl, and when its got, get some more. The real gag is, the wrong R&B diva is getting her life fixed. Syleena Johnson just needs a lil brown liquor and a nasty slow jam so she can get her life! It is Nicci GilBIRD’S a$$ that need to fix her life. I’m not even going to start on her. Check out the promo video for this next go around of Fix My Life. Continue reading

Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life With The ‘Pace Sisters ‘Exposes Ignorant ‘Church Folk’ (video)

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The closer I become acquainted with “devout Christians” and those who represent leadership in the Christian community, the more I begin to feel like religion truly was created as a mechanism to control the masses. In watching the sneak peak of the pace sisters on fix my life, one sister said she doesn’t like how all the other sisters go to the movies, she doesn’t agree with it, and how she was taught the going to the movies was sin. Hmmmm but you watch tv…

The same things that play on the big screen plays on television. Does this make any kind of sense to anyone? Yet, the pace sisters are viewed as pillars in in the Christian community?

Someone who believes and further perpetuates a trivial act like going to the movies is a sin, solely because that’s what they were taught, couldn’t lead me to the mailbox.  OKAY ! They couldn’t even tell me the time!  At what point do you challenge some of these nonsensical doctrines and guidelines that have been transferred from generation to generation  and perpetuated by ignorance? Continue reading

Sheree’ Whitfield Invites Witch Doctor Iyanla Vanzant To Sit Outside In The Cold At Chateau Sheree [video]

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Chile I’m gagging because Sheree Whitfield has voodoo priestess Inyanla Vanzant sitting outside on the Neverland compound. Chile, why didn’t someone tell Sheree that voodoo doesn’t work in the cold. Chatuea Sheree Tierra Fuller’s property isn’t habitable, so Sheree and Iyanla had to sit outside in the yard and chat. Mind you, this not habitable construction zone is the same place that I visited a time or two that now has Sheree’ fearing for her safety. YEA RIGHT.

For those of you who honestly thought that Sheree Whitfield filed restraining orders on 3 bloggers because she was fed up and annoyed, you were wrong! All the court papers filed were all a ploy leading up to THIS. Yes Gawd! At first I was annoyed by Sheree’s shenanigans, but now I must some what thank her. Hell, she filed papers on The Doll in an effort to garner press. Inadvertently, I gave it to her. The gag is, I’m being payed for it. Sheree and Iyanla have created a win win situation for all parties involved. I’m more than sure that on this special, Sheree will make mention of how the media, in particular the bloggers have stood in front of her house and made a mockery of her.  Certainly she must make mention that the bloggers have even made videos in front of her Tierra Fuller’s property. At said moment, thousands and thousands of people will flock to the internet searching for all things Chateau Sheree. All I can say is CHA CHING $$$$$ THANKS B!TCH.

Check out the OWN Network teaser of Sheree’s upcoming appearance on Iyanla Vanzant’s ‘Fix My Finances Life.’ Continue reading

DMX Cusses Out Voodoo Priestess Iyanla Vanzant – He FIXED Her Life!

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Yes Gawd Hunty! Jobe said he may not come when you want him, but he’ll be there right on time. I guess I no longer have to cuss out Rotwilder Gums Vanzant anymore because DMX did it for me in advance. In case y’all don’t know, I am feeling some kind of way about Serpent and the Ranbow Vanzant right now for having Sheree Whitfield on Fix My Life. In an effort to drum up press for her upcoming appearance on the OWN network show, Sheree’ has filed all kinds of papers on 2 other bloggers and myself. I’m over it! I guess DMX was too. Check out what all he had to say to Gingivitis Vanzant!

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Did Iyanla Vanzant Advise Sheree’ Whitfield To Get Restraining Orders? Sheree’ On Next Season Of Fix My Life

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Chile, Sh!t is hitting the fan now and it is all starting to make sense. If you sit still long enough, often times the universe will reveal things to you. I could not understand for the life of me why almost a year after the very first Chatuea Sheree’ video and after being hugged up with Sheree on Super Bowl Sunday why she would file a restraining order against me and file an application for a criminal trespassing warrant. Well, my underlining suspicions were right. Sheree & company are trying to drum up some press because she will be featured on the April 20th episode of Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life.

Instead of fixing her life, she needs to go get her life and leave me the hell alone. No tea no shade, Sheree’ needs to be prosecuted by the law in some capacity for tying up the court system with this nonsense when there are people out there with REAL issues that need the court’s help. You are going to gag when you find out who else is in cahoots with Sheree’ and how all this this restraining order foolishness ties in to one big master plan. Catch these T’s Continue reading

[Full Video] Usher Lies to Oprah For An Hour Straight In Interview + Funky Dineva Review

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Chile, Oprah, in her constant pursuit of higher ratings gave Usher a platform to spread lies, fantasies, and fairytales and thats exactly what he did. Usher sat down with the Queen of Talk for an hour and avoided directly answering questions and clouding the truth. The sad part about it is that Oprah seemed to be in on the PR stunt as well. I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories, and i damn sure ain’t on Team Tameka, but something is real fishy about this interview. It just didn’t feel genuine. Perhaps Usher should have sat down with Iyanla Vanzant. Get Into It…
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