Stevie J and Joseline have broken up for the 69th time. She reads him for FILTH on Twitter

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It is 12:30 pm on 3/8/13. I was about to step away from my computer to go to Subway and get some lunch. Somehow I ended up on Joseline Hernandez’s Twitter page, and from the looks of things, about 30 minutes ago, her and Stevie J broke up, AGAIN. In the typical Joseline fashion, she’s reverted back to calling him a down low brutha and broke. I’m not going to lie. The ish is funny each time I hear it. I think their breakups on twitter are funnier than their interactions on the TV. Check out Joseline’s tweets. PURE COMEDY! Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Dirty Little Secrets [Full Episode] + The Fight Viewers STILL Didn’t See

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I honestly forgot how the theme music and intro to Love & HipHop Atlanta got my adrenaline running until last night. Monday nights on television definitely have not been the same since LHHATL disappeared from the Monday night line up. As much as some folks would hate to admit, week after week, LHHATL united a large portion of the pop culture demographic as we over indulged in the antics of the cast. It felt good to take a brief trip down memory lane last night, not to mention, The Doll was a part of the show this time, so that added to the hype. If you missed last nights viewing, you can check out the full episode here. Catch these T’s Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes photos of Joseline Hernandez sexy photo shoot with Derek Blanks

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Joseline is layed out dead-to-da-floor bish. Get you a piece. Yesterday (12/5/12) The Love & HipHop Atlanta breakout star had a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks here in Atlanta and The Doll was able to get her hands on a few pics from the shoot. From the looks of some of these poses, I am not sure if modeling is or should be in Joseline’s future. Check out the pics and you be the judge. Continue reading

Vh1 To air Love & HipHop Dirty Little Secrets Year End Special + Funky Dineva Joins The Cast

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Yes Gawd Hunty! For those of you who just can’t get enough of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you  will be able to get you a lil piece of your favorite characters on December 16. Love and Hip Hop Dirty Little Secrets will be a special show devoted to showing you guys a lot of out takes, behind the scenes and never before scene footage, as well as give you a bit of an update woith wahts going on with the cast. For an added bonus, The Doll, Miss Funky Dineva Ross joined the cast for this special on behalf of The People to say the ish everyone was really thinking. Get into it! Continue reading

[VIDEO] Mimi Faust Love & Hip-Hop ATL Talks To Funky Dineva About Being Dumb, Sex With Stevie J, And More…

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While working backstage at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, The Doll got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Mimi Faust. This was not my first time meeting Mimi, but it was the first time we got an opportunity to talk about the show a little bit. I must say Mimi is one beautiful chick. If you think she photographs well, you MUST see her in person. You know I had to let Mimi know that the whole world thinks she dumb for putting up with Stevie J and his mess. Check out what she had to say. Catch these T’s. GET INTO IT. Continue reading