What’s Beef? K. Michelle & Lil Kim At It Again. K. Michelle Closes LIl Kim With Quick One Liner

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All tea all shade, I am sick and tired of both K. Michelle’s ass and melted milkshake face ass Lil Kim when it comes to beefing with people publicly. Give it a rest already. In the latest installment of ‘who’s got the slickest mouth’, Lil Kim addressed some things that K. Michelle had to say about her on The Breakfast Club with some long ass soliloquy. K. Michelle came through with one of her quick one liners and rendered Lil Kim’s thoughts obsolete, just like her current musical career.

For those of you who don’t get the PayPal joke, when Lil Kim dropped her last highly non anticipated mix tape, her atomic bomb that she was supposed to be dropping on Nicki Minaj, she claims she sold 113,000 in 28 hours on PayPal

“Thanks to you guys!! #lilkimblackfridaymixtape sold 113,000 copies in 28 hours which made me the #1 seller on paypal ever =) !!! THANK U!” wrote Kim to her followers, saying that she crashed the money transfer site. “Sorry 4 the link issue too many hits shut the paypal system DOWN! LOL.” ~ Lil Kim

K.Michelle Strolls With Her Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta at FAMU – ooooopp

Girl bye! Wasn’t nobody believing that sh!t then, and ain’t nobody believe it now. I’m so not hating on Kim, but if she was pushing units like that, every label, distribution house, promoter, and Jehovah’s Witness would be knocking at her door.

I don’t feel like regurgitating the story surrounding this beef from start to finish. The sh!t is too exhausting. Go look it up elsewhere. See the rant from Lil Kim below that prompted K. Michelle’s cha cha cha. Continue reading

Why Is K. Michelle Jookin’ In The Wash House In A Bathing Suit? Rick Ross – If They Knew (video)

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Listen, I just fell out all over this here dinning room table looking at Rick Ross’s new video for the song ‘If They Knew’ featuring K. Michelle. There is a scene in the video where the duo is inside the laundromat doing their thing. At one point, K. Michelle turns around and just starts swinging all that ass from left to right and I was so tickled by it. I don’t know if I’m more amused by the fact that she is dancing in the laundromat, or because she is wearing a majorette uniform while doing it. I know we all put on whatever we can find that is clean on laundry day, but really K. Michelle? lol

Y’all know I’m from Miami, FL, so I’m going to represent hard for Rick Ross. If y’all didn’t know, Rick Ross and I both attended Miami Carol City Senior High as well. He’s much older than me though. We were not there at the same time. Anyway, check out the video. I hope you find it as strangely humorous as I did.

K. Michelle ‘My Life’ Episode 2. Why Does K. Michelle Have All Those Damn People Living With Her? [Full Video]

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Nessa Girl, these reality TV shows do a very good job on confusing the hell out of me these days. It is very hard for me that K. Michelle’s friend Tracie flew from Memphis to New York to return K’s dog, with zero intentions of flying back home. Especially considering the fact that K had been avoiding her calls and texts. Sh!t like this only happens in the land of reality tv.

On episode 2 of K. Michelle’s ‘My Life’, K goes from being an R&B Singer to a boarding house operator. Nema, a bish K hardly knows needs a place to live, and K’s other friend Tracie, a proven thief also needs to a place to lay her head. If you think this a recipe for disaster, trust me it is.

If you missed Episode 2 of k. Michell’s ‘My Life’, get into it down below

K. Michelle: My Life Episode 1. [Full Video] Are The People Here For It?

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Alright, I just got through watching the 1st episode of K. Michelle’s new show, and I must say that The Doll is here for it. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised. The show is pretty much comprised of K. Michelle and her three friends Paris, Jonathon, and Nema. Let the record officially reflect that I’m not too sure If I am here for Paris. I personally just think she is too big to be as loud as she is. You can’t have a big body, a big mouth, and a big ass personality. Look all that shit can’t fit in the room. Paris does have her funny moments. Maybe she’ll  grow on me. I will say that snatching K.Michelle out of the cluster f&ck of an ensemble cast will give us an opportunity to get a better glimpse of who she is at her core, and not just a one dimensional view of her not so favorable moments.

Anyway, check out Episode 1 of ‘K. Michelle: My Life’ and let me know what you think?


Is this show a hit? Will you be watching?

So Damn Petty. Tamar Braxton Tries To Convince K. Michelle’s Management Not To Work With K. Michelle

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Chile Tamar Braxton knows she is just as petty as she wants to be. Just recently, Tamar tweeted “Who’s signed to Atomfactory”. [Read K. Michelle Reads Tamar Braxton’s Edges, Or Lack Thereof…]This was a slight dig at K. Michelle because Atomfactory Is where K.Michelle is signed for management.  The Gag is, Atomfactory is owned by once of Vince’s business partners named Troy. Troy is a executive producer on Braxton Family Values and The Tamar & Vince show. It gets better… Troy also helped manage Lady Gaga in conjunction with Vince. With that, I’m surprised Tamar even tweeted what she did, because the implication is that Atomfactory is some little no named, rinky dink,  bubble gum management team.  If Troy is part of the family perse’, why would Tamar even go there? These old hoes ain’t loyal.

tamar tweet

Well, Tamar wanted to use the family card to her advantage when she gave K. Michelle’s management a phone call and tried to convince them not to work with her.  Word on the curb is that Tamar went all in and was doing her best to get Atomfactory / Troy to change their mind about handling K. Michelle. How petty right? Oh baby, but there is more.

Tamar allegedly fired on of her band members because they posted K. Michelle as their Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW on social media. How petty? Just as long as buddy plays the hell out of his instrument while on the clock, Tamar needs not be worried about anything else. Who he crushes on in his private life, on his private time should not spill over into his work relationship with Tamar.  Told y’all she was real petty like. Ohhh baby, but there is more. Continue reading

K. Michelle Tells Lil Kim ” You 2 Old 2 Keep Up Mess On Twitter Over A Title”

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Listen, y’all are going to get enough of messing with Laquan Monroe Balenciaga K. Michelle. This thang right here don’t mind talking to a bish crazy, and I’m here for all of it. Last night during the VMA’s, K. Michelle referred to Nicki Minaj as “the Queen of Rap” in a tweet, and LIl Kim stans weren’t having it. Subsequently, K. Michelle had some choice words for their ass that didn’t sit to well with Lil Kim. Kim jumped on twitter in an effort to tame K.Michelle, and what ended up happening was a nice nasty backhanded Twitter exchange. Catch..




While I’m thinking about it. You Lil Kim stans need to be pressed with Itunes and the LACK of Lil Kim music that is present there, and not people refereeing to Nicki as “The Queen of Rap”, which by the way she is!  Nicki Minaj is the CURRENT reining Queen of Rap!!!

Anyways, check out what Lil Kim had to say.

Continue reading