K. Michelle Reads Tamar Braxton’s Edges, Or Lack Thereof…

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Instead of worrying about who is signed where, Tamar needs to be worried about all those outstanding balances she and Vince owe all over L.A., and her sisters telling all her business to the whole Atlanta. As talented as Tamar Braxton is, she’s beginning to sound real Lil Kim like. What I mean by that is, whenever you hear Tamar’s name, it is in conjunction with K. Michelle. The whole Kim Nicki thing needs no explanation. Oh well, Tamar has the melted milkshake face thing in common with Lil Kim too. I guess those two are more alike than I thought. Nonetheless, Tamar was being petty, and the Queen of the Read, Miss K. Michelle got her ass right together.

Tamar must have been bored and thought it was a good idea to try and shade K. Michelle by tweeting “Anyone signed to Atomfactory?…” Atomfactory is were K. Michelle is now signed. The gag is though, Tamar’s former tour mate, John Legend is/was signed to Atomfactory. So clearly they are reputable. All jokes aside. I ain’t never heard of Atomfactory, but the point remains…

As much as I shade the sh!t out of Tamar, I really love her music, and I just want her to stick to that. K. Michelle really is a gay man named Laquan Monroe Balenciaga, and there is no winning when it comes to tongue wrestling with a gay man. In my Michael Jackson from The Wiz voice “you can’t win”. No tea no shade, Tamar’s edges look like the lace part on lace front wigs. Maybe Tamar can be a spokes person for Bosley Hair Institute????

Oh well…

Photo credit goes to BallerAlert.com – I was being lazy chile and they had the pictures layed out so nicely. Thanks Baller Alert. I love you guys…


Twitter Beef: Perez Hilton Gives K. Michelle THE BUSINESS Over K Dissing Iggy Azalea

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Up until now, K. Michelle has been the undisputed Queen of The Read. Bay-Bay, she done met her match because Perez Hilton got Miss K. Michelle ALL THE WAY TOGETHER. K. Michelle and I have a friendly relationship and I love her music, but y’all know it is my job to report the truth, and baby today Perez Hilton is not what K, Michelle wanted. Perhaps K was distracted or something, because ordinarily her read game is much tighter.

Here is what K. Michelle Tweeted that set the whole thing in motion:

k michelle

What Perez told that woman after was the shocker. Catch these T’s Continue reading

GIRL FIGHT! K. Michelle Records One Of Tamar Braxton’s Songs On New Mix Tape. Who Sang It Best?

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In all honesty, I was blogging from Starbucks yesterday while listening to K. Michelle’s new mix-tape. I tend to passively listen to music I don’t know, and wait for a song to grab my attention. My fingers came to a pause when “She Can Have You” rang out through my ear buds. I played the song over and over again until finally I had to stop the post I was working on and do a quick write-up on K.Michelle’s mix-tape. I made it a point to highlight the fact that I particularly loved the song “She Can Have You’. What I liked about the song is that it sounds like something Aretha Franklin would have sang, and her sister Carolyn would have wrote. The song puts me in the spirit of ‘Ain’t No Way.’

Nonetheless, I was blogging on about my business when my Twitter timeline started lighting up about how Tamar Braxton recorded the song first. No tea no shade, I was not being messy at all when I highlighted K. Michelle’s rendition of the song.  Unbeknownst to me before I wrote my initial post, Tamar recorded the song. Now I’ll be the first person to admit, I am messy. That being said, I’m a bold bish that has no problem owning hers. In this instance, I genuinely was not trying to throw shade at Tamar. No tea no shade, I didn’t have to throw any shade Tamar’s way, because K. Michelle handled that by just recording the song. No GAWD hunty!!

In all honesty, this I how I like to see things fought out. Take it to the booth, not to Twitter and television interviews. You got beef, sing! You don’t like me, sing! Got something to say, SING! That being said, now we have to perfectly mastered versions of essentially the same song. Who ran it?

NOTE: K. Michelle says she recorded this song 3 years ago with TC. Meaning before Tamar…

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K. Michelle’s In The Studio Working On NEW MIX TAPE – Remixes Songs We Know & Love. (video)

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Turn down for what? K. Michelle is busy in the studio working on a mixtape and is just about ready to be released. She released a few snippets of what she has been working on via social media, and the tracks sound hot. I got a feeling Miss Girl will a mainstay on your radio this spring & summer. We all love The August Alsina song ‘I love this’. Well K has put her spin on it and it sounds dope. Check it out. Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Supertrailer – Don’t Expect Much K.Michelle (video)

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The time is upon us. Love & Hip Hop New York season 4 is almost here. I’m almost a little embarrassed to say this, but I’m actually looking forward to the premiere. With the new cast, it seems as if they finally got it right. All of you Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans are most definitely excited to see what K. Michelle is going to bring to New York. I hate to burst your bubble, but don’t expect too much. K. Michelle has already let it be known that she was on the road traveling majority of the time.


For those of you who can’t wait until Monday to get a little piece of Love & Hip Hop, you can get your life as VH1 counts down the 40 greatest moments of Love & Hip Hop tomorrow at 8pm. The show is a 2 hour countdown and The Doll Miss Funky Dineva Ross is all up an through there. That’s right, you can catch me on your television screen tomorrow night as I tell the world how I really feel about some of the goings ons from past seasons.

Check out the super trailer and catch these T’s Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 ft K. Michelle Teaser (video)

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Love & hip Hop season 4 is amongst us and Mona & company have trimmed all the fat! Hunty all we are left with is Joe & Tahairy, Rich & Erika, and Yandy. Added to the bunch are Peter Gunz and his wife, and K. Michelle. No tea no shade, I like the smaller cast. This provides for less distractions and a more story development with the characters. K. Michelle is positioned as the anchor of the marketing, but throughout the season, don’t expect a whole lot from her on the show. K. Michelle let it be known that she was traveling throughout majority of the filming and all we really can expect to see is her doing her music thing. Catch these T’s

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