Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Supertrailer – Don’t Expect Much K.Michelle (video)

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The time is upon us. Love & Hip Hop New York season 4 is almost here. I’m almost a little embarrassed to say this, but I’m actually looking forward to the premiere. With the new cast, it seems as if they finally got it right. All of you Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans are most definitely excited to see what K. Michelle is going to bring to New York. I hate to burst your bubble, but don’t expect too much. K. Michelle has already let it be known that she was on the road traveling majority of the time.


For those of you who can’t wait until Monday to get a little piece of Love & Hip Hop, you can get your life as VH1 counts down the 40 greatest moments of Love & Hip Hop tomorrow at 8pm. The show is a 2 hour countdown and The Doll Miss Funky Dineva Ross is all up an through there. That’s right, you can catch me on your television screen tomorrow night as I tell the world how I really feel about some of the goings ons from past seasons.

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Love & Hip Hop Season 4 ft K. Michelle Teaser (video)

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Love & hip Hop season 4 is amongst us and Mona & company have trimmed all the fat! Hunty all we are left with is Joe & Tahairy, Rich & Erika, and Yandy. Added to the bunch are Peter Gunz and his wife, and K. Michelle. No tea no shade, I like the smaller cast. This provides for less distractions and a more story development with the characters. K. Michelle is positioned as the anchor of the marketing, but throughout the season, don’t expect a whole lot from her on the show. K. Michelle let it be known that she was traveling throughout majority of the filming and all we really can expect to see is her doing her music thing. Catch these T’s

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Uncle Sam Hits K. Michelle With Something “Very Special”, A $52,000 Tax Lien

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Singing “I don’t know what they want from me seems like the more money we come across the more problems we see…” Let me tell y’all something, Uncle Sam is not cutting anybody any slack these days. The damn girl cd ain’t even been out 3 months yet and the IRS is already standing in line with their hand out. Chile, i know we shaded the hell out of Lauryn Hill, but it looks like a whole lot of celebrities may be sitting right next to her ass in jail if they don’t get a handle on their accounting. Catch these T’s Continue reading

K. Michelle Covers Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Talks About Misconceptions And Her Move To New York

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I must say, K. Michelle has definitely been doing the damn thang lately. The new poster child for female R&B has been gracing stages, shows, and magazine covers that quite honestly I never thought she would have.  Not sure how many people consider The Wendy Williams Show to be a major stage, but no tea no shade, when I saw K. Michelle performing no Wendy, I thought to myself “this girl done f&cked around and made it”. yes Gawd K. Michelle.

The singer who’s album sold 72 thousand copies in its first week sat down to talk with Jaime Foster Brown over at Sister 2 Sister magazine and revealed some pretty interesting truths. One in particular is that K. Michelle feels she learned more as  stripper than she did in college. Hmmm OK. Hell, these days the strip clubs and the streets are the higher learning institutions. Anyway, the soulful songstress dishes on the biggest misconceptions about her as a person and her big move to New York. Catch these T’s Continue reading

K. Michelle’s 1st Week Record Sales Are In. Rebellious Soul SOLD. The Numbers May Or May Not Shock You.

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Chile go in and let have Miss K. Michelle. Mama’s first week record sales are pretty impressive.

First Week Figure: 71,853 units sold.

Billboard Urban #1

Billboard 200 position: #2

Not bad for the bish with the bad attitude. Do y’all remember when I emailed K. Michelle before season 1 of Love & Hip Hop premiered and she said that she just wanted to get her cd off the back shelves of Walgreens? Well She has succeeded! Just to put K. Michelles forst week sales into perspective , Ciara’s Ciara sold 58,000 in it’s first week, Kelly Rowland’s Talk A Good Game sold 68,000 and Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream sold 71,000 in its first week, despite having the huge radio single “Adorn” on the LP. It is important to note that she earns one of the highest first week figures in recent R&B history (no exaggeration) and does so without the benefit of a smash hit lead single. This is important because the lack of a smash hit lead single has oft been used to defend a number of unfortunate first week results recently.

K. Michelle dedicates a special song to Mimi entitled “A Mimi Story”. Mimi does not take to kind to it. Catch these T’s Continue reading

LISTEN: K. Michelle’s Album Sampler + K. Michelle On Wendy Williams. FIYA!

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Listen, K. Michelle is the prime example of what the hell you are supposed to do when you are given a reality tv platform. Bae-Bae this girl has masterfully executed a plan that has me looking at her not like some ratchet reality television star, but as a real artist. Like for real for real, the kind that come on MTV. LOL. I’m so proud of K.Michelle because she has come a long way. I’m glad that we the viewing audience got to witness first hand the process that K.Michelle went through over the first 2 seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Now we get to bask in the gift that is her album that finally came to fruition.

K. Michelle’s new album ‘Rebellious Soul‘, is set to be released August 13th. However, she has given us a sampler with some pretty lengthy snippets on it and i must say “that thang is fiya”. Yes gawd hunty! I will be pre-ordering her album as soon as i finish writing this post.

Another Major accomplishment, K. Michelle was the 1st member of Love & Hip Hop to appear on Wendy Williams. Shade, I know. She sang VSOP and did a pretty damn good job. She looked good too. Check it out! Continue reading

K. Michelle Releases Album Artwork + Newest Music Video “I Don’t Like Me”

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Some artist have R&B Divas and K.Michelle has Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but this is real proof that second chances do happen. We’ve watched K.Michelle’s struggle to launch a music career play out on camera, and now we will soon see if her hard work payed off. Quick side bar, is it me, but we’ve watched K.Michelle put together a whole damn album in one season, yet Joseline Hernandez has been going to dance practice and to the studio for damn near 2 years now and still we have NOTHING? Chile I guess! Get into K.Michelle’s album artwork, track list, and check out her newest video for “I don’t Like Me”. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: K. Michelle ‘V.S.O.P’

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Well, the time to put up or shut up has arrived. We have watched K. Michelle fall from grace and struggle to pick her self back up and get her career on track. Landing a new record deal and charged with the task of producing an album that will make a statement, her first single is here. It is no secret that K. Michelle can sing. Does she have the total package is the question? I think she just might. Y’all know The Doll loves a nasty old school r&b cut. In the spirit of r&b, K. Michelle has released something very special for our listening please. Check it out and let me know what you think. Continue reading