Kandi’s Wedding: Fantasia Drunk Bootz, Mama Joyce Had An Attitude, Dinner Served At Midnight

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Y’all work with me here. I have not had the motivation to blog as of lately, so some of my T’s are delayed. Anyway, I was a wedding guest at Kandi’s wedding and overall, it was a phenomenal wedding. I’m late at this point, but I’m sure by now you guys know who all was in attendance. I’ll skip all of that and speak on some of the stuff you guys have been hearing about as it relates to Fantasia and Mama Joyce.

First off, let me take a moment to go the hell off. Never again will I attend a wedding that is being produced for television. The wedding invitation said the wedding started at 5pm. Chile when I was walking up the stairs at 5:20pm, Fantasia was just getting out of the car all dry faced, with no makeup on and a sweat suit. I thought to myself “awwww sh!t, this is going to be a long day.” Continue reading

The Atlanta Housewives May Be Holding A Standoff To Help Porsha Keep Her Peach

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I was on vacation when all hell broke loose at the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion taping. By now, I’m sure every one knows that Porsha knocked the sh!t out of Kenya. Quiet as its kept, Phaedra’s a$$ should have jumped up off the couch and hit the b!sh too, but that another story. Anyway, what some of you may not know is that Porsha was immediately asked to leave the premises. Porsha hit Kenya within the first hour of taping. That being said, don’t expect to see much of Porsha on the reunion show.

Fast forward to today, after the dust has settle, those close to the situation are saying Porsha may have f&cked herself. BRAVO does not play that. The contracts for each of the housewives is written pretty tightly and spells out to the letter what they can and cannot do. BRAVO has had no hesitation in the past on acting on breaches of contract. Remember Adrienne Maloof from Beverly Hills? Well her contract stated she had to do the reunion show. Mama chose not to show up, and they fired her a$$. With that, the housewives contracts stipulate in some fashion that they are not to get violent with one another, not allowed to take out restraining orders against one another or bring forth any other legal action that will hinder production, etc. I’m sure we can all agree that diving on a b!tch constitutes getting violent.

Porsha’s job is in jeopardy, however many people close to the situation feel like her actions were very much justified. Kenya has been antagonizing this woman for the last two years and taking unwarranted jabs at her whenever she got the opportunity. To top things off, Kenya brought a wack a$$ crown and staff (bedazzled stick) to the taping of the reunion and was waving it around in Porsha’s face. I would have beat that b!tches ass too.

The entire cast is really feeling for Porsha right now and not featuring Kenya at all. So much so, that they are wiling to work as a collective to try and protect Porsha’s peach and get rid of Kenya’s a$$. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Mama Joyce Is Out Control. If You Were Kandi, How Would You Deal With Mama Joyce?

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Let me tell y’all something, Carmen is a better friend than I even know how to pretend to be. No tea no shade, I would have cussed Mama Joyce out back at David’s Bridal when she took her shoe off and acted as if she wanted to throw it at me. I’m not going to promise you that Mama Joyce would have been able to leave the type of voice mail that she left on Carmen’s phone on my voice mail and not have caught a verbal lashing.

From fear of my reaction, my mother would never do some of the things that we have witnessed Mama Joyce doing. That being said is Kandi’s lack of action empowering Mama Joyce to drive wedges between the people Kandi loves? I may stepping out on a limb, but I think so. There is a certain amount of slack that you allot older people. You may even give a little extra slack due to family ties, but got damn Kandi, at what point does enough become enough. It aggravated me to no end when Kandi started crying in front of Todd & Carmen as if they were the problem. Then my blood started to boil when Kandi pointed out that the difference between a mother and a fiance & friend is that a mother will always be there. Newsflash, A husband will always be there too Kandi if you can get his ass to the alter.

So what is the answer to Kandi’s dilemma? Catch these T’s Continue reading

RHOA… Was Mal Wrong? Did KandI Overreact? Is Kenya To Blame? Was Cynthia Tripping? More…

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Bae-Bae last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta had it going on. There are so many unanswered questions and mixed reviews as to who’s to blame. The Doll most certainly has her opinions and I’ve consolidated them all in my latest video ‘My Hair Is Layed Like Obama Care.’ Get into theĀ  video, check out the poll questions, and let The Doll know your thoughts. Continue reading

Nene Leakes: Whenever Kenya’s Around “We Have The Worst Times. Blames Kenya For The Fight

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So chile last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was explosive to say the least. Of course that bumb bish Kenya was at the center of all the foolishness. I’m not going waste time rehashing what happen. I’m sure by now, everyone has seen it. What I will point out though is the fact that the fight seen we saw on tv was heavily edited to tell a certain story. hmmmm I had already known that, but Nene Leakes has confirmed it with her latest blog:

I created this game called “Pillow Talk” it all started from Gregg & I basically discussing our day once we got in bed at nite! Obviously this party is for adults only with adult topics and content. I was the hostess with the mostess! The guest were invited along with a dress code and everyone knew what they were walking into. My intentions were to build couple unity within the group but as you can see, things got turnt all the way up! You ask why? Everybody in the room were asked questions that were touchy because that was the bases of the game! We all answered including me and Gregg.

We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress “what you thought you saw” there are always intentions for these parties or group gatherings which is totally out of my control! Let’s get to the good stuff: Continue reading

Kandi Burruss Says Todd WILL Sign A Prenup – We’re Sure Mama Joyce Is Pleased (video)

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are keeping all the lawyers in Atlanta paid. Mr. Lawyer man, please draw up the paperwork. Ohh and can you please add a line that says If Mama Joyce chokes on a chicken bone that Todd can not put her out on the street. I know good and dog on well that non of you remotely thought Kandi was going to enter a situation with any human being and leave herself wide open? Chile, my girl did not amass her fortunes being dumb! At any rate, Kandi swung by The Breakfast club to dish on RHOA, “The Prenup”, and her upcoming wedding special on Bravo. Catch these T’s Continue reading