Kandi Burruss Says Todd WILL Sign A Prenup – We’re Sure Mama Joyce Is Pleased (video)

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are keeping all the lawyers in Atlanta paid. Mr. Lawyer man, please draw up the paperwork. Ohh and can you please add a line that says If Mama Joyce chokes on a chicken bone that Todd can not put her out on the street. I know good and dog on well that non of you remotely thought Kandi was going to enter a situation with any human being and leave herself wide open? Chile, my girl did not amass her fortunes being dumb! At any rate, Kandi swung by The Breakfast club to dish on RHOA, “The Prenup”, and her upcoming wedding special on Bravo. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Her Name Ain’t On Sh!t. Mynique Is A Guest In Chuck Smith’s House. He Wont Put Her Name On The Deed.

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Chile, while Mynique was at the table in Savannah trying to read Porsha, she should have been worried about if she was going to be able to get in the house when she got back home. The folks over at hip hop daily press have done something I don’t have time to do, dig up peoples property records, and chile Mynique’s name is nowhere to be found. That’s right, miss thing is a visitor in her own house. Let me tell you something, you got me all the way f&cked up if you think I’m going to be laid up with anyone and my name not be on sh!t. ‘One thang about it’, I can guarantee you Kandi & Phaedra wouldn’t be laid up with Chuck’s a$$ and their name not be on the house. Chile Cheese! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Kandi Burruss Clears The Air on Chuck Smith Drama on Big Tigger Show ” I Had Keys To His House” (video)

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Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for ole Chuck Smith, Kandi decides to have a sit down with Big Tigger on Atlanta’s V-103 to clear up a few of the lame a$$ lies Chuck told on this weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Lord, no tea no shade, I really feel bad for Mynique. Chuck armed that poor woman with inaccurate information, which gave her a false sense of confidence, which lead her to speak boldly and erroneously, which now has her looking stupid. Not to mention, I know she must feel some kind of way considering that Chuck down played these relationships he had with other women, and now the truth is coming to the forefront. Chuck truly through his wife in the Lions Den with no armor.

“He said he was taking advantage of a young girl…he really went out of his way to take advantage.  That was deep.”

“I’ve moved on, but I would appreciate it if he’d stop…On one hand, he tried to make it sound like I was dating all these people, but on the other hand, he felt the need to make me feel special. Can you get your story together? Stop lying.”

Check out the full interview!!! Continue reading

Let’s Face It, Straight Men Are Messy, Just Ask Chuck Smith!!!

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

tumblr_myzicjN6FL1rqs3gco1_250For some strange (patriarchal) reason, our society has a hard time believing that straight men can be messy. We have no problem believing that women are messy, we have no problem believing that gay men are messy, but when it comes to straight men we seem convinced that they are somehow, always, “above it.”

The latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta provided more proof of just how messy straight men can be. In the episode, former NFL player Chuck Smith got into it with Phaedra Parks over their romantic and sexual past. Like the many straight men before him, Chuck got very messy, very fast. He quickly broke the “honor code” most straight men think they live by and proceeded to tell all (positioning himself as the victor) regarding his relations with Phaedra and Kandi. He was the “Big Homie” and they were simply jump-offs on his “team” and he had no problem telling all about it in an attempt to put them in their place. Continue reading

My Hair Is Layed Like Ghetto Athens Fish (Real Housewives Season 6 Episode 10 Review) – VIDEO

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nene chuck ohaedra

Chile if last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was not the most uncomfortable and awkward episode ever, I don’t know what was. The tension in the car with Nene, Phaedra, and Chuck could be felt through the television. Myself and viewers alike have lost a lot of respect for Chuck for the way he attempted to ho shame Phaedra and Kandi. In an obvious attempt to vindicate Mynique, who had been read, embarrassed, and made a fool of two episodes prior, Chuck put on his crunk girl panties and showed out to the max. It’s obvious Chuck & Mynique are interested in becoming staples on the show. It’s also obvious that the producers were semi interested in them because they allowed them to film. However, after this stunt that Chuck pulled, and his personality constantly overshadowing Mynique’s, we don’t have to worry about them being around long. Oh well. No tea no shade, all the grandstanding that chuck did made for good tv. The real gag is, the word on the street is that Chuck also broke Nene off with some of that high yellow loving. Chile…..

Anyway, get into my video review of this infamous episode and get your life on how I got Miss Chuck Smith together.

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Kandi Burruss Brings In The New Year With Phaedra, Rasheeda, Toya, Chef Roble & More… (Pics)

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kandi nye

#FamilyFirst. I know that’s right. Kandi Burrus brought in the new year with close family and friends. All the usual suspects were there. Phaedra & Appollo, Toya & Memphitz, Rasheeda & Kirk, and a slew of others. I was surprised to see that Chef Roble’ was in the house. Get into a few flicks from Kandi’s extravaganza Continue reading

Danity Kane Conspires With Media To Make D. Woods Look Bad In order To Get Booked As Group Of 4

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It is so hard not to form opinions about people based on what we see in the media. Honestly, I think it is only human to form opinions and conclusions about people with the limited information we are presented with. What I’ve learned since joining the entertainment industry and meeting countless celebrities is that what you see is NOT what you get. Information is purposely twisted and disseminate in an effort to paint pictures that otherwise would not exist. Hence the entire public relations industry. We often say “it is what it is”, but the reality of the situation is that it most cases “it is what it ain’t”.

Reunited and if feels so good. There’s been a whole lot of hoopla surrounding the reuniting of Danity Kane. By now, we all know that D. Woods has not been a part of this reunion. Some would have you to believe that D. Woods simply chose not to participate. Others will go further as to paint the the picture that Woods then and now has had a superiority complex and thought she was bigger than the group itself, lending to the demise of the group and her absence from the reunion. TMZ would have you believe whatever is in the best interest of the people who pay them to slant stories. So what really did happen? Why did the group really break up? Why isn’t D. Woods apart of this reunion that fans are so eager for? Catch these T’s in her own words. Continue reading

Real Housewives Porsha Williams Parties It Up In Miami For Christmas. Yes Gawd For Divorce Money

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Porsha Christmas

I’m going to tell you one thing I learned from Miss Kandi Burruss, get the hell away from your everyday environment for Christmas. Following Kandi’s lead, i got the hell up out of Atlanta and Porsha did too, Lo and behold, we are both in Miami. I was actually born & raised here and is visiting friends and family, Porsha on the other hand is vacationing. I guess since she is living with her mother she has a designer purse full of extra money. No tea no shade, but Porsha makes divorce looks so nice. Work out miss divorce settlement money and spousal support. Catch these T’s Continue reading