Rapper Kendrick Lamar Buys Modest House Instead of a Big Ole Nasty Mansion

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Man o man, y’all don’t know how much it excites me to be able to write about this. FINALLY, someone GET’S IT!  The simple stress-free life is where it is at. Ensuring you have a place to stay for all of your days is what I’m all about. In a time where EVERYONE on Instagram is rich and acting like they are living like the Kardashians, Kendrick Lamar is sending a loud message to our youth that it ain’t about all of that.

CLEARLY this brother can afford to live just about anywhere he would like to. However, Kendrick Lamar opted to live in a modest 4 bedroom house in Eastvale, CA. for $523,500. Quiet as its kept, he is still living better than most, but its the principle of the matter. Less is more. More does not always equate to better. I try to preach to people all the time that their is a certain level of peace that comes along with knowing you don’t have to work to meet some outrageous monthly overhead. Kudos to Kendrick Lamar. I just hope other young celebrities begin to take note.


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So y’all know I am an R&B head to the death, but I am going up for this new song, Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar featuring Drake. I don’t even know who Kendrick Lamar is or where he comes from, but I will be doing my homework on him. What’s so hot about this song is that it is called Poetic Justice but set to Janet Jackson’s 1994  hit  Anytime Anyplace. This track is a smooth rap groove about the a “special lady” in the Compton and Canadian rapper’s lives.  Check it out. Continue reading

2012 BET HipHop Awards Performances + Chris Lighty Tribute – Who Did The Best? (VIDEO)

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So if you missed the 2012 BET awards or wants a rewind of some of your favorite performances, here they are. Personally I think the Rick Ross & Omarion performance was THE BEST. I was sitting in the audience during the taping of the awards and i remember getting real crunk, especially when Omarion started dancing. My 2nd Favorite performance was the opening number by Wiz Khalifa, and 3rd would be the Chris Lighty tribute. Here are all the performances. Let The Doll know which performances you thought were the best. Continue reading