Is Todd An Opportunist, Are We happy Marlo’s Back, Is Kenya Messy, Was Cynthia Wrong? – RHOA Video Review

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Chile this last episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta was uncharacteristically messy. Here are some of the highlights to be discussed:

  • Christopher Williams looks like he moved to Atlanta from New Jack City
  • Marlo Hampton returns, but are we really featuring her
  • Cynthia adds fuel to the fire by sharing Natalie’s comments about Todd being an opportunist
  • Kenya reveals that Natalie is Christopher’s common law wife “according to Christopher”
  • Kandi throws a dig at Cynthia implying Peter had a scandalous past

Here what all The Doll had to say about it when you check out the video…

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Detroit Has A White Mayor For The First Time In 40 Years

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Detroit Holds Mayoral Election

Chile Kwame Killpatrick done messed it up for errebody. I’m guessing the natives of downtrodden Detroit figured they would try something new. Meet Mike Duggans. He is Detroit’s first mayor in 40 years. Duggans was elected back in November but took office yesterday. He was sworn in with a very small informal ceremony. No tea no shade, but it is public knowledge that the city of Detroit is broke bootz. Funny thing is, majority of the mayoral roles have been taken over by an emergency city manager appointed by the government. With that, at this point, the mayors job is more so ornamental than functional.

Duggans is taking the place of Dave Bing, who did not seek reelection. Mayor Bing expressed how difficult it was for him to do his job with very little power seeing as thought the emergency city manager has control of everything. Many speculate this is why he chose not to run again. I’m of the mindset that from a political perspective, it may not be such a bad thing for Detroit that their Mayor is White. Let us not pretend in areas such as politics, White men tend to have a little more favor.  Hopefully Mike Duggans can leverage his skill sets and his skin color to get Detroit back on track. Ohhh I hope Duggans can also get Kenya Moore to return to Detroit. We don’t want her here in Atlanta.

Kenya Moore Visits Access Hollywood, Shades Nene Leakes and Talks How She Charmed Kanye West

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By: Brian Rayfield

Bravo is gearing up for its Season 6 premiere of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and you know what that means. Yes, some of our favorite, and not so favorite Georgia Peaches are making their rounds in the media circuit. And we all know, wherever there is attention to be given, Kenya Moore is sure to be close.

Miss Kenya appeared earlier this week on Access Hollywood Live to rehash some of last seasons “old-ass drama,” and to spill some tea on the hell she is expected to raise season 6. We all know tension has been brewing between the former Miss Biloxi USA and the “Very Rich” Nene Leakes.  Chile, let’s just say, she was throwing subtle shade toward Nene for a good portion of the interview. Kenya basically told Access Hollywood Live that her and Nene’s drama is due to the fact that Nene is no longer in Hollywood, and wants to have a problem, for the sake of having a problem. “People make a problem with you because they want to have a problem with you.”  Catch that. Continue reading

Kenya Moore Selling Her Base Model California Home For 699k. Take A Look Inside. Would You Buy It?

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Y’all know I don’t have the best of luck when it comes to reporting on these Real Housewives of Atlanta and their residences. I actually have Kim’s address and was thinking about reporting from her front yard, but I don’t have time for Kroy to be trying to shoot me. Anyway, back to Kenya. The lying ass nutcase is selling her California home. I’ve gotta give Miss Flea Market USA her credit. Her base model ass home actually looks pretty nice. It could use some upgrades, but hell, its a hell of a lot nicer than were I live. Take a look inside Continue reading

Kordell Stewart a NO SHOW At The RHOA Reunion. Walter Jackson Not Even Invited

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So the T is starting to slowly make its way to The Doll on all the happenings and goings ons at The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion show taping that took place this past Wednesday. First order of business, Kordell Stewart was a NO SHOW. Some folks tried to package his absence in a nice box with a pretty bow by saying he had a “prior engagement”. No one is really buying that. We all know why he didn’t attend. Oh and if anyone remembers Walter Jackson or even cares, he wasn’t even invited to attend. Walter is pretty salty about it and took to Twitter to let the world know. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Former Miss America Ericka Dunlap Says Her Seat At Pageant Was Moved Because She’s Black + Her Thoughts On Kenya Moore

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile I was shocked when Ericka Dunlap, a former Miss America contacted me last night to share with me a disturbing chain of events that took place last week at the Miss America Pageant. Ericka informed me that she was cursed at very harshly by a pageant producer and then two producers attempted to physically move her from her seat after she refused to move. This sounds like some real Rosa Parks / We Shall Overcome kind of mess. WTF? You know The Doll had to get Ericka on the phone. While speaking with Ericka about this alleged racist ordeal, I also used the opportunity to get her thoughts on fellow African American history maker Kenya Moore. Check out what all Ericka had to say. Continue reading

Kenya Moore Threatens To Sue Blogger Funky Dineva For Exposing Her – Ohhh You Mad Huh?

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Up until now, I think I have really refrained from going in on Kenya Moore they way I really could as a courtesy to her freshman status to the show. Now that she wants to sling idle threats in The Doll’s direction, it is time to go in and let have.

We all know that this has been a tough week for Kenya Moore. First Walter Jackson got on the radio and gut punched that ass with his confession of their conspiracy to fraud BRAVO and the viewing public with their make believe romance. The Doll broke that story and provided the world with the audio. Then Wendy Williams publicly admonished Kenya for her Stunt Queen ways. Yesterday, Kenya once again found egg on her face after her LIES about buying a home in Atlanta were exposed when The Doll got her hands on PROOF that she is renting.

Kenya, burdened with the stress of her uncertain fate with BRAVO after ruining the lead storyline of their hit show The RealHousewives Of Atlanta season 5 is now threatening to sue The Doll for “Criminal Invasion of Privacy.” Chile Cheese Kenya! The only thing The Doll is guilty of is being smart and resourceful. Jealous? Catch These T’s Continue reading

Kenya Moore Issues official statement. Tries To clear Up “Fake Relationship SCANDAL By Spreading More LIES

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Honestly Kenya, give it a rest. No one believes anything you have to say at this point. Even if you are telling the truth, you have done such a good job of establishing yourself as an unstable nutcase in peoples minds, that people can’t take you serious. In an effort to avoid further embarrassment and moreover being sued by BRAVO, Kenya Moore has issued the below statement:  Continue reading