Scandal Is Baaackkkkk. What To Expect. Plus 10 Spoilers And Sneak Peek Video

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About damn time!!! Quiet as its kept, Scandal has been gone for so damn long, I half forgot about it. My feelings of anticipation subsided weeks ago. I think I’m going to to have to watch a Scandal marathon to get me back in the mood. Nonetheless, in a true Scandal fashion, season 3.2 is sure to deliver. Is it me, or is Scandal kind of like Beyonce? Each time it returns, it finds a way to reinvent itself. Just when you think they can’t outdo themselves, they go to higher heights… Work out Shonda Rhimes! We see you.

When we last left the Gladiators in Suits, Washington’s top fixer, Olivia Pope, had just been burned by her mother (Khandi Alexander), who it turns out was the real terrorist of the family and was last seen talking to her daughter while standing in front of the White House. Meanwhile, papa Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) is out of a job after Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) — whose re-election will be a major theme in the remainder of season three — tapped Jake (Scott Foley) to head B613.

Over at OPA, the fixers are down one Gladiator after Huck (Guillermo Diaz) tortures and removes Quinn (Katie Lowes) from the family, with the newest recruit running back into Charlie’s (George Newbern) arms.

So that’s what we KNOW. What can we look forward to on the 2nd part of season 3?? It get’s DARKER and we delve DEEPER into the PSYCHE of ‘Olivia Pope’! What makes her TICK? We’ll get a better UNDERSTANDING this time around. ~The Hollywood Reporter

Ready For the sneak peek video and the 10 spoilers? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Khandi Alexander Joins The Cast Of Scandal As Olivia Pope’s MOTHER. She’s Alive?

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Chile, Scandal is giving the children what they need. Actress Khandi Alexander joins the cast of Scandal in a recurring role as Olivia Pope’s Mother Maya Lewis. The Hollywood Reporter learned that we will be introduced to Liv’s mother this Thursday 11/07/13 as things unfold regarding operation Remington. So is Liv’s mom alive or isn’t she? Catch these T’s Continue reading

SCANDAL: Olivia Pope is Pregnant!!!! Kerry Washington Is Expecting

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No Gawd Olivia Pope, I know Shonda Rhymes must be feeling some kind of way about this news hunty. Who the hell went off and told Kerry Washington to get knocked up? Hunty we needs our Scandal. Y’all know them girls over at Scandal are good for taking a hiatus. Kerry Washington, I’m hear to let you know now that all the people are giving you is 2 weeks off! NO MATERNITY LEAVE. lol. I’m just playing!  Catch all these T’s about Kerry Washington being pregnant Continue reading

The Cast Of Scandal Speak On What To Expect On The Premiere Of Season 3 TONIGHT

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tumblr_mu3th4LT0f1sqqq6go5_250Chile are y’all ready for tonight’s season 3 premier of ABC’s Scandal? Yes Gawd, lord knows I am. I’m on my way down to the wig shop in just a bit to pick out the nastiest piece of presidential white woman hair I can find. Lol

When season two left off, Olivia Pope was named as Fitz’s Monica Lewenski. Only difference is Oliva was getting hunched in any broom closet she could find while Monica Lewinski was suckinf d!ck down to da desk. That’s neither here nor there. What is pressing is the fact that the members of Oliva Pope & Associates are now left having to take on their fearless leader as a client. This sets the stage for all that Scandal like drama that we have come to know and love.

Over time, we have gotten so caught up in Olive & Fitz’s love affair that we have paid very little attention to the fact that we really do not know much about Olivia Pope’s background. Well season 3 is here and all of that is about to change. TV Guide sat down with the cast of Scandal and asked them a few questions about season 3. Check out what all they had to say Continue reading

Was Kerry Washington Snubbed Out Of An Emmy? Why Do We (Still) Need White Validation?

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

Why is White validation more important than Black appreciation and recognition? This was the question on my mind after many Black people voiced their disappointment at Kerry Washington not winning an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series at the 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Personally, I am over Black people being “making history” by being the first Black person to get recognition from a White organization. However, I think it is useful to examine the reason(s) why we (still) need White validation for our work.

When it was announced Kerry Washington had been nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, I braced myself for the inevitable racial ruckus that would esue with her win or loss. I wondered whether a win by Kerry Washington would result in the all too predictable goo-goo, ga-ga reaction over a “Black First” that always seems to come when we receive White validation for our work.  It seems that no matter how many times we are recognized and awarded by our own award shows–The NAACP Image Awards, The BET Awards, The Soul Train Awards–the “real” recognition, we are to understand, can only come from White award shows like The Grammy’s, The Emmy’s, The Golden Globes, and The Oscars.  Never mind that Kerry Washington has already been recognized as an Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series by the NAACP Image Awards, the real recognition for her work can only come from a White award show like the Emmy’s, apparently. Continue reading

Lisa Kudrow Joins The Cast Of Scandal As A Nassssty Politician Baby…

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Yes Gawd Miss Shonda! Give us what we need hunty! As the fall television season rapidly approaches, details about some of our favorite shows are strategically starting to make their way to the press. Shonda has already let it be known that we will get 10 uninterrupted weeks of Scandal. This is good considering the fact that every 2 episodes during season 2 we had to go a week or so without a new episode. It seemed as if every time Scandal was supposed to come on, the real president had to make a speech or there was some world event that took place during our Scandal time. I guess Judy Smith called the white house for real and told those aids to schedule those presidential speeches on Wednesday, hell!

For those who watched Friends and the faithful fans of Lisa Kudrow alike, you will be pleased to know that she is joining the cast of Scandal. Little details surrounding her character are know at the moment. The only thing we know is that she is playing a politician. One thing about it, I know she will be playing an ole nasty peace of Hillary Clinton / Nancy Pelosi fish because mama can act. Gawd I just hope she is on our side.  Catch these T’s Continue reading