Kim Zolciak Now Pregnant With Twins. 6 Kids and Counting.

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Chile i don’t know if I should be congratulating Kim, or giving her a ride down to the welfare office to sign up for assistance. They say babies are blessing, but Kim & Kroy can y’all save some of the blessings for someone else? LOL I’m just playing. I have no issue with folks have swarms of kids when they can afford them. Kim Zolciak announced to E news that her and Kroy are expecting twins. She says she was completely taken by surprise considering that the babies were conceived natural. However, she did admit that twins do run in her family.

For those of you who did not know, Kim Zolciak is done with The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. We will not be seeing her this season. No tea no shade, of all the Housewives from the Atlanta franchise, Kim Zolciak has show the most growth. Truthfully, I feel like she has outgrown the entire situation. I think kim is the only one who kept RHOA in perspective. It was fun while it was fun, but when sh!t got bad she bounced. Moreover, unlike the other ladies, Kim did not make RHOA her life. I guess you can do that when you’ve got money! Bloop catch those T’s. Kim has a billionaire baby daddy, she had big poppa, and now she has Kroy. Trust & believe mamma has coins. Congrats to kim and Kroy. I hope Kandi did not mention any other baby names around her…

Kim had 2 daughters from previous relationships, 2 sons from Kroy, and the sex of the babies in her belly is unknown at this time…

Kim Zolzciak May Be Having A Fifth Child [video]

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In a true trailer park fashion, Kim Zolciak may be packing out her house with a whole bunch of kids. Ever since Dionne Warrick and Ms. Cleo gooped the kids out of all their coins, I have not had too much faith in these here psychics. However, Kim has had a pretty high batting average with her Little House On The Prairie fortune teller Miss Rose. Well, Rose has predicted a 5th child in Kim’s future. This one a little girl. Check it out. Continue reading

Kim Zolciak Claims She Does Not See Color, NOT THE SAME AS BEING ANTI-RACIST

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Kim Zolzciak has been taken to task about being racist since The Real Housewives Of Atlanta started 5 years ago. Is she racist, or is she bi-product of 1 white woman being thrust amongst a cast of 5 other black women? Last night on pt.2 of the RHOA reunion, Nene Leakes opened up the color door again by semi accusing Kim of being racist. Nene later cleaned up her remarks by saying if kim was not racist that she was ignorant. Again feeling the pressure of being the minority, Kim replied by letting the world know she does not see color.

My favorite socially conscious blogger and friend of the site @Anti_Intellect of the Anti Intellect Blog says not seeing color is not the same as not being anti racist. Check out what all he had to say. Continue reading

Kandi Confronts Kim & Nene Reads The F*ck out of Phaedra – RHOA Reunion PART 2 [watch]

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nene phaedra

If you thought part 1 of the reunion was good, then part 2 is really going to give you something to talk about. Sneak Peaks  from part 2 of the reunion have been released, and from what I can see Nene Leakes is not what you want. Hot & Heated, Nene Leakes looks damn near ready to rip Phaedra Parks a new a** hole. No tea no shade, Phaedra looks all choked up and caught up in the rapture. Kandi takes her time and tries to delicately explain why the cast was frustrated with her as a whole. Wiggy wasn’t buying it though. Catch these T’s Continue reading

RHOA Kim Zolciak Singing For Her Life, Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing UNEDITED – Worse Than Aretha At Inauguration

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Listen, whatever you do, NEVER throw shade to the b!tch holding the umbrella. Bae-Bae, I will be the first person to tell you that I never really quite understood all this lawsuit stuff between Kandi Burruss & Kim Zolciak. Publishing, royalties, contracts, all that stuff was just too technical and too confusing for me. I didn’t understand why they just couldn’t split the monies down the middle. HOWEVER, after hearing this unedited version of Kim singing The Ring Doesn’t Mean A Thing, Kandi deserves 100% of the money from Tardy For The Party and should have paid Kim for her time with a fruit basket.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! ~Kim Zolciak

“See what’s going on here is you kind of don’t know what you’re doing with your voice” ~Jan Smith, vocal Coach

Remember when the vocal coach told that to Kim? Boy was she right. Chile get ready to holler. This unedited version of Kim singing is proof that Kandi Burrus just might know what she’s doing in the studio. If Kandi was able to make anything out of Kim’s mouth profitable, then I imagine the contestants on her up coming show just may have a chance in hell at stardom. Check it out… Continue reading

NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolzciak Make Up At Reunion. Now Friends AGAIN!

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Yes Gawd Hunty!! This is news that I have been dying to hear. This reconciliation honestly brings joy to my heart. I have loved the antics of Nene & Kim ever since Sheree did not put Nene’s name on the guest list for the party and Nene and Kim left and went to the restaurant and talked sh!t about Sheree the whole night. The way the both of these ladies repeatedly brought up each others names and threw jabs at one another in their confessionals led me to believe that a future reconciliation was possible. The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference. When you truly are over someone, you don’t think about them, and you damn sure don’t have anything to say about them. Personal growth, career success, and acclimation to stardom has finally yielded a space where Thelma & Louise could reunite. Catch these T’s Continue reading

FIRST Picture of Kim & Kroy’s New Foreclosure Dream Home By Default

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Chile after Kim & Kroy had to move out of Kendra Davis’s home expeditiously for whatever reason, their “dream home” quickly became a nightmare. Not to mention, in effort to spite Kendra, Kim dug up all 40k of the flowers and trees she installed in the yard and sold them off on Bufford Highway. Non the less, the last part of 2012 brought about a lot of change for Kim. A move, a new baby, leaving RHOA are just same of the changes Kim was going through. Well we’ve been hearing her through various media outlets boast about this new “dream home”, check out the first glimpse of the home she has given us Continue reading

Kim Zolciak Going Broke. First Eviction, NOW 200k UNPAID Wedding Bill To Celebrity Wedding Planner Collin Cowie

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“I guess being a Mrs, doesn’t pay as much as being a mistress.” ~Funky Dineva

Has Kim Zolziak gone broke? We’ve watched Kim’s eviction/move play out on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Twitter, and various other media outlets. All along I felt like that whole situation was a media stunt to mask the fact that the recession hit her and Kroy’s a** just like everyone else in America and they had to make some budgetary modifications aka DOWNSIZE. Ain’t no shame in, hell, we’ve all had to downsize at sometime another. Now reports stemming from unpaid vendors and sources close to the couple are stating that Kim has left Celebrity Wedding Planner Collin Cowie unpaid and owes 200k plus…

Continue reading