K. Michelle and Kirk Frost Read Each Other For Filth On Twitter. Fake a$$, Molestation, Gay, Piss & MORE

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile, they might as well go on ahead and cancel Love & Hip Hop New York now because all eyes and ears are on Atlanta. The Atlanta cast stays at the forefront of everyone’s mind with a little help from Twitter. I’ve been saying it for the longest, celebrities should not be allowed to have Twitter accounts. Today’s celebs are very emotional Tweeters, and their rants often times write checks that their asses are not prepared to cash.

Today is “Throw Back Thursday” on Twitter. The throw back that Kirk selected and the caption that accompanied it may have started a fire storm between he and K.Michelle. By the end of their Twitter tango, they both called each other everything but a child of GAWD. I’m so glad that I’ve got copies of the tweets because some of what was said is too deep for me to ever want to type out. Catch these T’s Continue reading